Turks Night Out


Girls’ Night Out… Sorta


Reno swung his locker door closed and turned to face his partner, hands tucked into the front pockets of his favorite pair of worn, comfortable jeans. Rude was having a bit more trouble changing out of his uniform, thanks to his injured left arm which sported enough nasty bruises to stand out in stark relief to his dark skin. Reno winced as he watched and rocked forward on his toes, about to help his partner pull off the ruined shirt when Rude managed to finish the task.

"So, ya up to anything tonight?" he asked, hopeful even though he already had a good idea what the answer would be. Dammit, why did shit like this have to happen when he was desperate to burn off some energy?

For a moment, Rude actually seemed interested – until he moved his left arm and hissed quietly through his teeth. "I believe tonight’s agenda will be a nice long, hot shower followed by numerous ice packs. Sorry." He looked a bit down at rejecting the offer, and Reno could not find it in him to be too snarky since he knew his best friend was in pain. Too bad Rude had not been slammed a little harder against the building and so earn a potion for his trouble.

"You and your kinks," was all Reno said as he pulled on his leather jacket, figuring that he had an enjoyable ride home to look forward to, at least. Unfortunately, it would also probably the most he could look forward to, thanks to an obsessive blond bastard. "I think I’m making myself sick trying to figure out where Kali fits into all of that."

Rude’s left arm might be in bad shape, but there was nothing wrong with his right. Reno laughed as he just barely dodged a whap to the side of his head and flicked back his ponytail.

"Ha, ha. She already has plans for tonight, and I told her to not to cancel them." Rude flexed his left hand and appeared relieved that it did not hurt very much. "One of us should have fun, after all."

If he was not confident that Rude would be back to fine fighting form in another couple of days, Reno would go choke Alim until he got a potion. As it was, he had a feeling that his partner would actually enjoy a quiet evening or two at home; most likely, Kali would be the ‘perfect’ nurse once she had her fun, even down to the sexy uniform. That should make Rude forget all about his sore arm.

"Well, I’m off to see if I can find a bit of fun of my own." Reno sneered at Rude’s sudden panicked expression. "Oh please, there will be no explosions, mass homicides or experiments with gravity again, *Dad*." He waved ‘goodbye’ to the paranoid killjoy as he wandered over to the ‘girls’ side of the Turks locker room. Sheesh, break a few basic laws of physics one day and everyone labeled you as a threat to the world’s existence.

Kali was not too difficult to find, considering that she actually had an inch on Reno in height. People should stop asking her if her tits were real and ask if she had taken growth hormones as a brat instead. He guessed that was what came from enjoying regular meals while growing up and shrugged as he leaned against a row of lockers and waited for her to finish pulling on a lacy shirt that looked at least one size too small.

"Ya know, people might think you had a brain if your tits weren’t always in danger of busting out of your clothes," he teased as he mock-stared at her large chest.

Kali thrust out her chest the same time she gave him the finger. "As if you give a damn about what people think or any woman’s tits. Also, I find any comments on clothes coming from a man who almost never wears his own to be rather suspect." She smiled sweetly as her hand fell back to her side. "Shouldn’t you be locked up somewhere, like in Rufus’ bedroom?"

"It’s ‘our’ bedroom now." Reno rolled his eyes to show what he thought about that fact, which prompted a deep, sexy laugh from Kali. "And it’s damn boring there when Rufus is too busy working in his office here to even notice how one of his shirts got all tore up today. Which leads me to my next question – what’s going on tonight?"

"Nothing that should interest a docile little bottom like you." Kali laughed again and was not quite as successful as Reno at dodging whaps. "It’s a girls’ night out. We’re taking Elena to a strip club." Her grin went from slightly pained to very wicked in about two heartbeats.

Reno smiled as well. "Who’s doing the stripping, girls or guys?"

Kali made another rude gesture before reaching into her locker to retrieve a skirt short enough to give Rude a heart-attack. "Oh please, we’re going to watch other girls. At least that way we’ll actually see something other than a guy with too many muscles and not a small enough bathing suit."

"Yeah, never figured out why the guys can’t wear ‘nothing but a smile’ as well." Reno chewed on his right thumb nail while Kali finished getting dressed. "Wait – this doesn’t happen to have anything to do with the fact that Tseng’s spent almost as much time in Rufus’ office as Rufus has lately, eh?" He could not think of any other reason why the gang would drag Elena off to a club like that, especially after what had happened the last time they all went to one.

For someone barely wearing enough clothes to avoid being arrested for indecent exposure, Kali managed a rather impressive innocent expression. "Really? He’s been so busy that he’s ignored his girlfriend for the past six days? I did not realize that." She even batted her eyelashes for added effect.

"And to think I tried to convince Rude that you have more brains than tits."

Kali laughed again and adjusted her top. "That’s not really an insult, you know."

"Nah." Reno chuckled and pushed away from the lockers. "So why not include the boys? We can see how much trouble we can cause for Cyril and bet on how long he’ll spend groveling to get back in Midori’s good graces." The funniest part of that was the girl did not mind so much him going out with friends, it was Cyril who always felt so guilty and in need of making something up to her.

"Hmm, tempting… but we just want to have a bit of fun and an excuse to dress up." Kali stepped into a pair of high heels that made her several inches taller than Reno and smoothed her hands down her hips. "You know, something a bit more special. Also, we figured that Elena would have better luck provoking Tseng into a jealous and passionate fit that way, instead of a jealous and furious one."

Reno did not see why it mattered what type of mood Tseng was in as long as Elena got fucked in the end, but most people had given up by now on explaining why throwing punches at one’s lover was a bad thing. After all, they did not seem to be able to counter his answer of ‘yeah, but I’m fucking *Rufus Shinra*’. "So the rules are what, ya gotta be wearing a bra and skirt ta play?"

"Hmm, pretty much." Kali stopped fussing with her outfit long enough to notice his grin. At first she opened her mouth as if to object, then closed it and grinned in return.


Elena twisted about in her chair to look toward the front entrance, her frown deepening when she did not recognize the people entering the strip club. "She’s late." If Kali had cajoled her to come tonight and stood her up, she was going to put something really nasty in her partner’s bra or something. All it would take was a quick visit to R&D, really. She had *not* gotten dressed in nylons, a wrap-around dress and *heels* of all things just to be the butt-end of a joke.

"Maybe she checked on Rude before coming out," Cyn suggested as she settled back into her seat after giving one of the dancers some money, and played with a tendril of red hair that had been left out of the messy yet lovely bun she had pulled the rest up into. Not for the first time, Elena wanted to make some sort of joke about the Turk looking enough like Reno that they could be siblings thanks to their similar coloring, but didn’t. Besides, most of the Turks born Below-Plate appeared a bit ‘peaked’ thanks to the lack of direct sunlight and often nutritious meals and any sort of medical attention during their formative years.

Beside Cyn, Deirdre giggled and draped her left arm over her partner’s bare shoulders. "Wait a minute, was it his left or right arm that was injured? She might be a while if it’s the right."

Becca giggled as well and made a jerking motion with her right hand, most of her attention on the blonde dancer spinning around one of the stage’s poles. "If her throat’s sore when she finally shows up, we know she didn’t leave him after just a hand-job. I’ll be back in a sec." Her seat was far enough from the stage that she left it to give the rather limber blonde several bills of money.

"Oh please, if Rude were my boyfriend then no one would see either of us outside of work." Pamela, appearing almost unrecognizable with her new short hair cut, snorted in disgust and folded her arms over her chest. She was dressed in a tailored shirt and pleated skirt that was incredibly feminine yet suited her very well, much to Elena’s surprise. Everyone had dressed up tonight, which made her feel a bit guilty about being in a grumpy mood over wearing a dress and not being able to pout alone at home.

"Honey, if Rude were your boyfriend, no one would see you or him at all!" Everyone laughed at Cyn’s rather honest joke, only stopping when a waitress came over to take their drink order. Elena could tell the young woman was a bit confused about them being in a club usually frequented by businessmen with a lot of money to spend.

After requesting a couple of pitchers of margaritas, Deirdre leaned forward and looked straight at Elena, strands of her black and blue-streaked hair falling onto the table. "Kali put a lot of effort into tonight so she’ll be here." Her serious expression lasted all of ten seconds. "She’s just picking up the sheep that’s your present tonight."

"What?" Elena did not know what was worse, that she actually believed the ridiculous lie for several seconds or that the time was spent wondering just *what* she was supposed to do with the animal. "Great, so I get dressed up to spend the night with a bunch of bitchy women." She tightened the bow that held her dress together and thought with some resentment that Tseng was not around to see her like this. Some old guy three tables over practically drooled each time she looked his way, but Tseng was more interested in work than his own lover.

"Well, I didn’t bring a sheep, but perhaps you’ll like the newest addition to our party anyway. Call… her ‘Rennie’." Kali’s voice sounding out behind her nearly made Elena jump in her seat. She turned around to complain to her partner when she caught sight of the person standing to Kali’s left.

"Oh, *fuck*," Elena whispered when she finally recognized who it was. Then her eyes narrowed and she stabbed her right forefinger in the bastard’s direction. "Don’t you ever bitch about me calling you ‘girly’ ever again!" Dammit, how was it fair when Reno in a skirt could look better than her?

Reno chuckled as he made his way to the table, having less trouble with his high heels than Elena did with hers, the girly, *girly* bastard. The black skirt he wore fitted around the hips then flared out in slit panels, and the grey corset added to the illusion that the scrawny redhead actually possessed some curves. She knew his hair was not fake, merely combed smooth and with most of the strands around his face pulled back. He wore a black velvet collar that hid his Adam’s apple, and just enough make-up to tilt his androgynous looks toward the feminine side. She had to buy an embarrassingly expense lipstick to make her lips look as full as his, and was ready to smack him just on the mere principle of it all.

While Pamela appeared utterly stunned, Cyn and Deirdre pleased as hell and Becca flat out admiring, Reno sat down across from Elena and smiled. "I would have thought that you’d clean up a bit better." He did something with his voice that made it sound husky in a sexy way, not quite deep enough to belong to a man.

"You sick girly bastard," Elena shot back, hoping to get over her shock and envy soon enough to think up a better insult than that. Reno did not even seem to mind the familiar taunt for once.

"Ya left out ‘pretty’," he teased while he played with a loose strand of his hair in a manner similar to Cyn’s. "What, pissed off that my chest is bigger than yours?"

Elena bristled over the insult and reached for her glass of water to throw it at the asshole, only to have Kali pin her hand to the table. "We’re supposed to be ladies tonight, remember?" She looked back and forth between Elena and Reno for a moment before grinning at the redhead. "What’s with your fascination with breasts tonight? Don’t tell me you’re about to give women another chance."

Reno scoffed as he leaned back in his chair. "Please, it takes more than a strap-on to make me happy."

Cyn laughed and gave Reno’s left shoulder a friendly pat. "And here I always thought you just stuck to men to avoid Scarlet’s attention."

"Nah, she was never interested in me as long as Rude was around." Reno fell quiet as the waitress set down two pitchers of margaritas and promised to be back with the third one and more glasses. "Now that I think about it, it’s funny how no one could figure out how she fell down four flights of stairs that one time." He stared pointedly at Kali, as did everyone else at the table.

She was the picture of perfect innocent as she began to fill everyone’s glasses. "Well, she did like those insanely high heels. I’m surprised that she didn’t fall down more often."

"Maybe because Veld and Tseng knew well enough to keep a lot of distance between you and her," Deirdre suggested.

"They knew well enough to keep most of us as far away from her as possible," Becca remarked, her usually cheerful demeanor slipping for a moment into something very dark and disturbing. "She’s one of my few regrets." Then she shook off the darkness and restored the usual mask that many Turks employed to lull people into forgetting just how dangerous they were. "I didn’t think cross-dressing was one of yours, even if I appreciate the results," she told Reno with an exaggerated wink. "Best of both worlds, sweetie."

Everyone but Elena laughed; she waited to see if Reno got pissed off at the odd compliment but he merely raised his glass in appreciation. "As if I don’t know you’d leave me soon enough for someone else, you fickle bitch." Becca blew him a kiss at the insult.

"You both have a point, but I thought that you were happy to give up dressing like that for missions." Cyn gave Reno’s corset an envious look. "Unless those rumors are true about what you and R get up to some nights."

"A lady never tells," was Reno’s snide comment, which prompted another round of laughter. "Nah, let’s just say that ‘Lena’s not the only one whose been ignored lately."

That comment made Elena sit up straighter in her chair. "They’ve important work to do, something which I don’t expect a lazy bastard like you to understand."

Reno rolled his eyes at the venomous reply. "Yeah, you definitely haven’t had any for a while."

Elena was about to tell him that he was an over-sexed freak when the club’s music grew a little louder, signaling a new dancer. It was late enough in the evening that the place was becoming crowded, the majority of the audience middle-aged men in expensive business suits who were giving their table either odd or lecherous glances.

Kali noticed her looking around and nudged her in the side. "Want to place a bet on who they’ll give some money to first?"

"I don’t know, it’s a tie between you and Reno. You’ve got the cleavage and he has the whole ‘massive slut’ aura going on." She was *not* desperate for sex, dammit. It was not like she did not have toys she could use if she felt horny, she just missed spending time with Tseng outside of work.

Of course Reno heard the comment and found it funny. "A bit jealous there or what? You definitely haven’t had any good sex lately."

"Right, like I’d be jealous of a slut like you when you can’t even get your own boyfriend to screw you in his office lately," Elena snapped. She tensed when she noticed Reno’s eyes narrow and begin to glow faintly, and let out a breath she did not even realize that she was holding when Cyn defused the situation by laughing and patting Reno’s shoulder again.

"Ah, that’s why you’re dressed up. I think the bet tonight is how long it’ll take R to show up to drag you home." She appeared happy about that, probably hoping that Rufus did not wait until he got home to ‘reprimand’ his lover, and glanced around the club as if looking for the hidden cameras she could tap into later.

Great, so on top of all the late hours he was putting in lately, Tseng would have to deal with covering up one of Reno’s inane attempts to piss off Rufus. Elena glared at the cause of impending trouble and pointed in his direction again. "We’re out to have fun tonight, not to help you cause one hell of a scene! So go-"

"Now, now, Elena, drink your margarita," Kali urged her while catching her hand and putting a cold glass in it. "If R shows up, so will Tseng."

Elena stared at her friend for several seconds, things clicking into place in her mind until she realized just why Kali had insisted on coming here tonight. "If I wasn’t straight I would love you," she said with heartfelt gratitude.

"That’s what friends are for." Kali smiled, obviously proud of herself, then picked up her glass to raise it in a toast. "To looking out for each other."

Everyone echoed the toast and then downed their drinks, smiling in appreciation once the alcohol was consumed. Cyn turned to face Reno and asked him about where he had gotten the corset while Becca left the table several times to give more money to the dancers. One managed a very impressive spin on the bar that got Elena out of her seat to give some cash as well, and she returned to the table to find that Pamela had wandered off.

"As much as I hate to admit it, I never was very good at going undercover as a stripper," Kali confused once Pamela returned to the table with a huge grin on her face. "One time I almost fell on my ass while I tried to dance."

"Like anyone in the audience gave a damn once you took off your clothes," Reno replied as he rolled his eyes. "They say it’s never too late to learn, though."

Kali laughed and refilled his glass, the buttons on her blouse threatening to pop as she did so. "You offering to give me a few lessons?"

Reno’s smile just then was debauched enough to make Elena blush. "Oh yeah, I can just imagine how much R would appreciate me having a pole installed in the bedroom."

"So we both would benefit from it!" While Kali and Reno laughed, a very pretty dancer in blue bra and panties approached the table and smiled at Becca. Her intention became clear when she motioned for Becca to scoot her chair back, and soon the whole room was staring at their table as Pamela, Cyn and Deirdre cheered on the lap dance.

Her face partially covered by the stripper’s long light brown hair, Becca grinned in appreciation at Pamela. "I’ll beat up Tosh for you whenever you want."

"Please, like I can’t do that any time I want!" Pamela laughed as she watched the show, reaching over to give the stripper some more money as she writhed on the other Turk’s lap.

Kali nudged Elena in the side and pointed at a Wutian dancer up on the main stage. "Want a lap dance, too?"

Elena found herself tempted for a moment, before she remembered that the purpose of tonight was to get Tseng to show up and drag her back home. She knew she had a better chance of calming him down once that happened if she behaved herself tonight. "Thanks, but I’ll pass." She paused to sip her drink. "You do realize that he’ll make me promise to never come to a strip club again."

"It just means we’ll have to be a bit more inventive in the future," Kali said in a nonchalant manner as she shrugged. "I like a challenge."

That she did, and Rude was confident enough in himself and their relationship to never issue a similar ultimatum. Not for the first time, Elena wondered why she had not fallen for him instead, even if she would never had stood a chance while Kali was around.

Thinking of Rude made her remember Reno, who she had done her best to ignore the last several minutes. She turned in his direction and was surprised to find him gone from the table. "Oh hell, where did… she go?"

Cyn finished her drink and motioned toward the ladies room once the glass was set down on the table. "Rennie had to powder her nose."

"Oh don’t tell me that girly bas-" Elena fell silent when she saw Reno saunter out of the *ladies room*. Was nothing sacred? To make matters even worse, some dark-haired guy in a business suit that had to cost as much as her weekly paycheck approached the redhead in a manner that made it clear he was not asking for something innocuous such as where the bathrooms were. After a minute, Reno smiled in a highly seductive manner and allowed himself to be escorted to the bar, his right hand on the unsuspecting idiot’s arm.

"Maybe we should have set up that bet after all." Cyn looked away from Reno to stare at her partner, who was fiddling with something in her large purse. "Well?"

"You owe me dinner, but not an expensive one." Deirdre continued working on whatever it was, and some faint beeps could be heard over the dance music. "They have it set up on a wireless system so I’m tapping into it as we speak." She glanced up at the bar, where Reno was being bought a drink. "You better be right."

Cyn arched an eyebrow as if to ask when had she ever been wrong, only to be distracted a moment later by the stripper leaving the table with a nice amount of money tucked into her g-string and Becca’s phone number held in her hand.

"Oh, she is," Kali assured Deirdre, her left hand held up so she could check her watch. "Cyril was supposed to ‘let it slip’ over twenty minutes ago about seeing Reno dressed in drag leaving his apartment with me."

Dammit, Elena should not be so excited to hear about that, even if she had barely seen Tseng in three days. "You know he’s going to show up while ‘Rennie’ is hanging out with that guy," she pointed out with a touch of venom in her voice, a little jealous over how easy it was for Reno to get Rufus all worked up.

Kali grinned and then raised her glass as if in a toast. "Of course. You should go up to the bar yourself. I’m sure the guys will jump at the chance to buy you a drink!"

"How about I buy all of you a drink?"

Granted, the place was crowded and they all had their attention on other things, not to mention had gone through most of the margaritas already, but Elena flushed with embarrassment at how some stranger had approached their table unnoticed like that. Pamela was blushing as well, although Cyn’s grey eyes were narrowed and she did not seem surprised in the slightest.

The man might have been Rufus’ older brother or cousin thanks to a similar tall, broad-shouldered build even if his hair was a darker blond color. He gave Elena a passing look before settling in Reno’s vacant chair, which placed him beside Kali. It became very clear that the tall Turk was the reason why he was here. "I must say, it’s difficult to watch the stage when there are ladies as lovely as you here tonight."

Deirdre made a faint gagging sound as she continued to fiddle with whatever bit of electronics that she used to tap into the video system, while everyone else at the table took on what might appear to be relaxed postures to anyone who was not familiar with Turks on the edge. Elena knew she was not the only one bothered with the man’s assumption that he was welcome at their table.

Kali gave him a cold smile and motioned at the stage. "You do those ladies a grave disservice. I’m certain that they would appreciate your attention much more than we do." Her dark brown eyes narrowed as she spoke, her husky voice taking on the crisp edge that it always did whenever she was angry.

The man smiled and leaned forward, close to Kali. "I don’t really care about a bunch of whores who are too stupid to earn a living with their clothes on." He sounded almost bored, and the way he looked at Kali – at her chest in particular – was as insulting as his words.

Even Elena and Pamela, the two youngest Turks at the table, had spent missions dressed in what would be considered provocative manner to either blend in with their surroundings or to hide their true job. As people who routinely stole, lied and killed for a living, even in this era of a ‘gentler’ ShinRa, she knew that they all took offense at what the asshole had said about the dancers. Still, one could not tell that fact as Kali’s smile warmed and she shifted in her chair to be a little closer to the unsuspecting asshole.

"Perhaps if I was just as ‘stupid’, I’d be impressed by you. However, I’m not and I have someone waiting at home for me who puts you to shame in every way possible." The smile remained as she threw her drink in the stranger’s face, which caused Elena to hiss in disappointment since she wasted a good margarita instead of a glass of water.

Still, the alcohol and lime juice in the drink had to sting like hell, especially since she had caught the asshole with his eyes open. He swore as he staggered to his feet and attempted to lunge at Kali – only to be forced back into his seat.

All right, she knew she had been distracted by the asshole and how her partner handled him, but that was no excuse for Elena failing to notice that Tseng had finally arrived at the club. Her heart began to race as she took in his furious demeanor, not in fear for herself but pure lust and admiration at how he so masterly controlled any situation. He did something to the asshole’s shoulder that made the blond man cry out in pain and almost fall out of the chair. "One does not provoke ladies such as that," was all Tseng said as he let go of the asshole, who then did fall onto the floor.

Elena sucked in a deep breath as Tseng focused his attention on her, her face becoming flushed again yet not with embarrassment. Oh, she would owe Kali *big time* judging from the way passion mixed in with the anger in those almost black eyes as they took in her outfit, at the way the tension in Tseng’s body relaxed the slightest bit. He was not wearing his black suit tonight, probably having changed into a black vest and white coat that looked as if they belonged to Rufus so as to not make it obvious that he was a Turk.

As for their employer, Rufus stood off to the side, dressed in black pants and pale blue sweater, his eyes hidden by sunglasses and all the styling gel brushed from his hair. "Why am I not surprised?" he sighed as he stared in the direction of the bar, where a too oblivious to be true Reno stood sipping a drink that *no one* who knew him would assume he had paid for himself while the sucker who had bought it played with a strand of his hair. "I most likely will not be at work on time tomorrow, and there’s no chance of Reno showing up at all once I’m done with him." That said, Rufus went to fetch his lover.

Elena would have to borrow Cyn’s video to see how that went down, since Tseng took that opportunity to grasp her upper right arm and steer her toward the club’s entrance. She had to control her breathing as she was ‘dragged home’, and barely was able to look in Kali’s direction long enough to see her partner give her a wink and a pleased grin.


Reno hoped that Rufus got here soon as he was ready to tear off the idiot’s hand as it continued to play with his hair. Still, at least he had been bought a very nice glassful of whiskey and appeased himself by sipping it. He had spotted Rufus and Tseng as soon as they had walked through the door, their attention immediately caught by the ruckus at the table. There was no doubt that Rude would want to come to the club once he found out about how someone had dared to treat Kali, for as long as it took until he found out who the bastard was. Reno glanced at one of the video cameras and figured that Deirdre would know how to retrieve the footage if she had not done it already.

"I’ve an even better bottle of that at home," the idiot said as he breathed into Reno’s left ear.

"There’s about ten ‘better bottles’ of this stuff at my home," he shot back with a grin. "But no one to fuck me."

The idiot appeared confused for a moment, as if having trouble figuring out if that was a put-down or offer. A bit too slow to take advantage of the situation, he found whatever he was about to say cut short by Rufus stepping next to hit and snatching the drink from his hand before grabbing his wrist.

"Did it never occur to you to just ask?" Rufus’ deep voice was rough with anger, the hold he had on Reno’s left wrist almost savage

"Yeah, I tried that about four days ago. You said you were too busy and for me to use a vibrator if I was that bad off." Reno waved good-bye to the idiot and allowed himself to be pulled away from the bar. "I figured, why use artificial when I can get the real thing? Did you see the size of his hands? I bet he’s even bigger than you." He kept his voice pitched low, well aware of how much his bastard lover got off on him dressing up like this.

Rufus might have said his name just then, but the word was too snarled to make much sense out of it. Reno grinned some more. "Hey! This is no way to treat a lady!"

Rufus stopped long enough to look over his shoulder, and Reno seized the opportunity to give his lover a sultry look as he played with the long earring he had kept hidden behind his hair. He even shifted his left leg forward to make it obvious that he was wearing a garter belt beneath the skirt, knowing that he pretty much was hitting all of the bastard’s kinks.

He was yanked forward again, but this time Rufus was no longer heading toward the club’s nearest exit. Instead, they went into the ladies room, which was disappointingly empty – at least in Reno’s opinion. He just loved it when the anal-retentive, control-freak of a bastard lost it in front of witnesses, but a quick fuck in a bathroom was a quick fuck so he did not complain out loud. "People are gonna talk, ya know."

Rufus shoved him in the direction of the sink’s counter. "Shut. Up." Rufus removed his sunglasses and set them on the counter in such a controlled way that Reno knew he had gotten to his lover. "Later you can do your best to argue your way out of this, but not another word or I’ll throttle you." Judging from how bright his blue eyes were, he was not exaggerating.

Anyone else just then would do whatever Rufus Shinra wanted, but Reno was still too on edge from the fight earlier and too pissed off at being ignored for almost a week. "Go ahead and try – you’ll lose at least one hand."

The defiant words had the desired effect; Reno found himself grabbed by the throat, but only to be pulled in for a savage kiss. He nearly choked on Rufus’ tongue, it pushed so fast and quick into his mouth, and could feel the bastard’s hard-on press against his own thanks to the additional inches from the heels.

He was left gasping for breath and horny as hell by the time Rufus let go of his throat and spun him around, almost slamming him into counter. He didn’t even have the time to chuckle before the back of his skirt was yanked up. Rufus paused for a moment, probably because he noticed how Reno had put on the black panties *before* the garter belt, and only pushed the lingerie aside the same time he undid the fly to his pants.

A little disappointed that they were not ripped off, Reno opened his mouth to complain about how he was not that ‘kind of lady’ when he yelled in pain instead. "Dammit!"

"Shut the hell up, I’m giving you what you wanted," Rufus grunted as he thrust in all the way with enough force to push Reno hard against the counter.

"Sadistic bastard." Reno wished that he had taken the time earlier to use a damn butt plug or something rather than just a precautionary amount of lube. His ass was going to hurt like hell after this – in fact, it already did – yet he soon found himself laughing. Rufus was fucking him rough enough to almost make him fall over due to the heels in the ladies room of a posh strip club. A sore ass and even a broken ankle were worth it, in his opinion.

The counter’s edge cut into his thighs as Rufus responded to the insult with an almost brutal thrust, his right hand rising to cover Reno’s mouth while his left was pressed hard against Reno’s cock. Between the pressure and the silk material rubbing against it, he was ready to squirm in pleasure if given half the chance. Considering that he could barely stay on his feet thanks to Rufus giving him the fuck of his life, he just held on to the counter and moved his hips to meet each hard and fast thrust.

Maybe it had been too long, maybe it was the fact that he was dressed like a woman, maybe it was thanks to being fucked by Rufus in a semi-public spot or maybe it was the fact that the pleasure and pain he felt just then were intense enough to make his vision blacken and body feel as if every nerve was left exposed, but he was not going to hold out much longer. Doing his best to keep pace with his lover even as his body trembled in ecstasy, he tightened his muscles as much as possible to drag the *wonderfully* sadistic bastard into climax along with him. His teeth snapped together, catching his bottom lip because of Rufus’ tight grip against his mouth, and that spark of pain as well as Rufus pounding into him at *just* the right spot did him the hell in.

At least he could take some satisfaction in the fact that Rufus came not long after that, while he wobbled on his high heels and realized that he had come in his pants, so to speak. He hissed in pain as Rufus pulled out just as roughly has he had shoved in, leaving him to wonder if it was just his lover’s spunk dripping down his thighs. "You should really be nice to a lady," he managed to gasp as he continued to keep himself upright by holding onto the counter.

Rufus pulled him back from the sink with his left hand, almost making Reno fall. "Then it’s a good thing I’m dating a smart-assed gutter rat instead. We’re going." The anger in his voice made it clear that he was not done with Reno just yet, which did not bode well for his sore ass. However, Reno was perfectly fine with that since the rest of him would be having a hell of a lot of fun.

"Wait, let me – wait!" He tried to grab at the folded paper towels on the counter to clean himself up, but did not move fast enough.

"You got what you wanted so don’t you dare complain," Rufus bitched as he hauled Reno out of the bathroom. Cyn, who must have been guarding the door, flashed him a grin and a victory sign as he was dragged past.

Ah well, at least the bastard had flipped back down his skirt so he was not flashing the place for free, and was in an obvious hurry to get them home. Since Reno had a pretty fair idea of what would happen once he got there, he made a show of blowing a kiss to the idiot who was still at the bar as they went past.

"I saw that," Rufus snapped, sounding much too uptight for someone who just had some incredible sex.

For once Reno kept quiet, since that had been his intent. Oh yeah, he had the feeling that he was not going to be ignored any time soon.


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