Unexpected Revelations


 chapter 2


Yohji let out a sigh of frustration when he realized that he wasn’t able to drift back to sleep. Here he was, nice and comfy in bed with an armful of Aya, and all he wanted to do was get some more rest. But between a full bladder and the urge for a cigarette, it didn’t look as if it would happen any time soon.

He decided that there was nothing to do but to get up and take care of at least one of those urges. While he could kill for a cigarette, Aya had been on him and Schu to cut back in hopes of quitting. Yohji hadn’t ever thought that he’d give up such an ingrained habit – not after a couple of years of Kritiker and Omi doing their best to make him stop – but feeling Aya’s distaste for the smoke gave him some added incentive. Not to mention that he was doing better at cutting back than Schu was, which pleased Aya and pissed off the German bastard.

Snuggling closer to his lover for a few seconds, Yohji smiled and enjoyed the feel of Aya in his arms. A pleased Aya was a very good thing, especially now that his ribs were healed and Aya seemed to have gotten over the dreadful shock of him being wounded. They were back to the way things had been before the mission, in each other’s minds all the time and sleeping together every night. All in all, he was pretty happy at the way things had recovered.

His head tucked under Yohji’s chin, Aya moaned softly and grasped Yohji a little tighter. Regretful that Aya must be picking up on his active thoughts, Yohji made a hushing sound and pressed a kiss to the top of his lover’s head. /Go back to sleep,/ he sent over their link.

There was another soft moan from Aya but he did as he was told. Gently sliding away from his lover, Yohji left the bed and tucked the sheets around Aya. Standing up, he could now see Schu, who was pressed against Aya’s back. Schu opened on of his eyes and blinked blearily. /All right?/ he asked, his voice quiet and sleepy in Yohji’s mind.

/Yeah, everything’s fine. I’m gonna go take a piss./

Schu grunted in response and pulled Aya closer to his chest as he drifted back to sleep. Envious that the bastard could manage such a feat so easily, Yohji sighed and searched for his robe. He could feel his lovers’ exhaustion and wished he was sleeping as well, but knew it was best to get away from them for a few minutes. If he stayed, he would just wake them up again, maybe permanently. No, he’d do as he said and maybe get a drink of something as well, then try to go back to sleep. Hopefully by then, Schu and Aya’s mental state would help to put him to rest. While there were some disadvantages to sharing a mental link with two people, there were many benefits as well.

Once his robe was found, he pulled it on and went off to tend to the first of his needs. Bladder soon thankfully empty, he then made his way to the kitchen for something nice and cold to drink. Part of him was tempted to make it a beer but he’d probably sleep better after some water or juice. For a moment he had to shake his head at all the changes he’d gone through in the past several months. Having a psychic ability and sharing a telepathic link meant that it wasn’t a very good idea to get drunk very often, and now he was giving up his precious cigarettes as well. One thing was certain – he better keep getting lots and lots of sex in the way of recompense or there would be hell to pay.

Chuckling at his thoughts, he entered the kitchen – and was a bit surprised to find someone else there. It wasn’t much past six in the morning so he had counted on everyone still being in bed but it appeared that Crawford had a different idea. Already dressed in charcoal grey slacks and an ivory colored, long sleeved dress shirt, he leaned against the counter and sipped what smelled to be a cup of coffee. The wonderful aroma made Yohji’s mouth water but there would be no chance of him going back to sleep if he had any.

"Morning, Crawford. What the hell are you doing up so early?" he asked as he opened the fridge’s door.

Crawford took another sip before he answered. "This isn’t really isn’t that early for me. I always get up around this time so I can finish some work uninterrupted," he replied, his voice and demeanor perfectly calm, as usual. "I believe if anyone is entitled to ask questions now, it’s me." He lifted his mug for another sip and arched his eyebrow in inquiry.

Pulling out some orange juice, Yohji chuckled softly and opened a cabinet for a glass. "Couldn’t sleep. I’m hoping it’s just a temporary problem, though." He raised his glass in salute.

"Hmmm. Considering your activities with Aya and Schuldig, I’d think you’d have more of a problem staying awake than asleep." Crawford’s voice was so dry just then that Yohji spent a moment or two trying to figure out if he was being teased or not, then decided he was when he noticed the slight crinkles at the corners of Crawford’s eyes. The man was just as good at hiding his smiles as Aya, so Yohji had a fair amount of experience in looking for the telltale signs.

He finished off the juice and set the empty glass in the sink. "Yeah, you would think that, wouldn’t you?" He didn’t mind a little teasing from his teammates over his relationship. Hell, if he weren’t involved in it, he’d sure as hell tease the shit out of whoever was, just as he tormented poor Ken. When you stopped to consider his, Aya and Schu’s personalities, you had to be amazed at how well they all got along, never mind the fact that they stopped fighting long enough to have so much sex. "Maybe things have just been too peaceful lately and it has me on edge," he thought out loud.

The smile on Crawford’s face just then was a bit frightening – awfully smug and just a touch cruel. Things never boded well for whomever he was thinking about when he smiled like that, and Yohji prayed fervently that it wasn’t directed at him. "Peaceful? Yes, I guess they have been that since you healed." Crawford pushed his glasses further up his nose and then refilled his coffee mug. "I’m not sure how much longer things will remain that way, however. " He must have noticed Yohji’s wince as his smile became a bit more cruel. "Grau has a new mission."

This time Yohji didn’t bother to try and hide the wince, not when he felt a twinge of pain in his healed ribs. "Ah, and what would that be?" he forced himself to ask.

It was always a bit scary when Crawford laughed, and this time was no exception. "Something that will require a fair bit of effort from you, Schuldig and Aya."

Unhappy to hear that his lovers were about to be dragged into the mess, Yohji sighed and folded his arms over his chest. "You’re not pissed off at Aya, by any chance?" he asked, unwilling to let Crawford do anything to the man. Schu – well, he was on his own because most times, he deserved whatever punishment Crawford dished out.

Crawford’s smile faded and was replaced by a slightly worried frown, which was just a bad an expression in Yohji’s opinion. "No, I’m not angry at him." He stared off into the distance as if contemplating. "In the strictest of confidences, part of the mission’s appeal is its ability to teach him something, but it’s nothing negative." When Yohji took a threatening step toward him, he held his empty hands up. "Listen to me for a moment, Yohji. I don’t have any negative intentions toward Aya, I promise. But this mission will require something from him that I think will better serve Grau in the future."

Somewhat assured by his leader’s promise, Yohji stepped back and leaned against the fridge. "And that would be?" Even with Crawford’s promise, he still wasn’t completely at ease.

The answer he received took him by surprise. "Submission." Crawford’s smile returned at his startlement, this time with no hint of cruelty. "While you weren’t conscious at the time, I’m sure Schuldig has shared with you what happened after you were wounded." When Yohji nodded, Crawford continued. "When a talent is as powerful as Aya or Nagi, steps must be taken to assure that they will follow orders. Aya… he’s too used to acting on his own, on doing whatever he feels is right at the moment. While that usually is a benefit to Grau, there are times when it would be best if he paused, if even for just a second. That would be all we would need to… rein him in a little, if the situation calls for it."

Right, as if anyone other than Nagi had a chance of putting a stop to Aya when he was really dead set on doing something. Unsure if he was making sense out of what Crawford said, Yohji sighed and scratched his head. "Okay, just what the heck are you thinking of doing? Aya doesn’t really do ‘submission’ very well." There was a hint of warning in his voice.

"You’ll find out soon, along with your teammates. Rest assured, you will enjoy Aya’s lesson very much, as will Aya himself." The wickedness was back in Crawford’s smile now, not quite hidden by his mug as he took a sip of coffee.

Deciding that now wasn’t the best of times to pry an answer out of the enigmatic man, Yohji had to accept Crawford’s assurances and hope that he’d learn something more during the mission debriefing. But as he moved to leave the room, something occurred to him. "Ah, you haven’t said anything about Schuldig enjoying the lesson," he pointed out with some trepidation. While his idiot lover deserved it for the way he carried on (or tried to – Aya hadn’t let him get away with much) during Yohji’s convalescence, the fact was what one of them suffered, the other two tended to do so as well.

"No, I haven’t." This time there was no denying the evilness in Crawford’s demeanor. "Oh, it’s nothing that should cause you or Aya any grief," he said at Yohji’s worried frown. "In fact, his part in the mission is intended to teach him a necessary lesson about self-control." Removing his glasses to clean them with his handkerchief, he smiled in Yohji’s direction. "There’s nothing to worry about."

And the next thing Crawford would tell him was that the check was in the mail and that it wouldn’t hurt a bit, Yohji thought with some derision as he left the kitchen, but he wasn’t about to call his leader out on it. Things never ended well when a person went up against a powerful clairvoyant, he’d learned over the last few months. The best thing for him to do was to go back to bed and pretend that this conversation never took place. He had Crawford’s promise that nothing bad would happen to Aya, and Schu could indeed stand to suffer a little. As long as Yohji didn’t suffer as well, things would be fine.

Carefully placing all of the memories associated with his recent chat behind shields he knew his lovers would respect, he made his way back to the bedroom where they slumbered in obliviousness. If they had any idea of what awaited them when they woke up, they’d never want to get out of bed.


"Have a seat, gentlemen," Crawford told them, his lips twitching slightly at the last word.

Wanting just to get this over with, Yohji did as he was told. Aya settled against his right side and Schu next to Aya with his arm draped over the back of the couch. Yohji shivered a little when his lover’s fingers stroked along the back of his neck, which made Schu laugh softly in his head. He was about to reach over and get some payback by squeezing Schu’s thigh when Aya gave him a warning nudge in the ribs. Being quite smart, he instantly got the hint… and settled for squeezing Aya’s thigh instead. The mental slap he received for that action couldn’t wipe the smile from his face, not when he felt such a strong spark of lust from his lover over the touch. He’d just very wisely wait until after the debriefing to properly jump Aya.

/What a wonderful idea,/ Schu purred over their link. /And while you’re busy ‘jumping’ him, I – ouch!/

"We’re ready to listen now," Aya told Crawford, his voice and thoughts angry. Yohji and Schu decided it was in their best interests to behave for a few minutes. Not that they were happy about it, just more worried about the state of their poor brains than interested in acting up just then.

"Thank you, Aya." Crawford bowed his head in acknowledgement and continued. "Grau has a new mission. While the entire time will be required for it, the three of you will have the most critical roles." Putting the team’s light telepathic link to work, he lowered his shields just enough to share the mission’s details with them. Privately, Yohji felt that he did this just so he could feel their reactions to the details, and Schu agreed. Then those details began to sink in, and a huge grin broke out over his face while Aya went rigid with shock and Schu jumped to his feet.

"What the hell games are you playing now, Crawford? This… this mission…." Schu gave up on speaking out loud as a tirade of German insults flowed over the link.

Seemingly unaffected by the demeaning names, Crawford remained calmly seated behind his desk. "The question of the legitimacy of my birth aside, is there anything else you’d like to know?" he asked as he rather skillfully ignored Schu.

/Yes./ Aya’s mental voice was even colder than ice. Yohji winced and strengthened the shield around his private thoughts. If Aya ever found out that he had an inkling of what was going to happen today…. Fortunately, Aya was too focused on Crawford to pick up on that thought. /Why was I the one picked for the submissive role?/

To give him credit, Crawford remained unfazed by Aya’s chilly anger. "Because the target’s club, Ke Zhi, has very high standards and I feel that Yohji will stand a better chance of gaining admittance if he brings you along, rather than vice versa. You better fit the ideal of what the club’s clientele are interested in, to be perfectly honest."

When it hit him that Aya would be going undercover to a sex club as somebody’s slave, Yohji’s anger joined his lovers’. "What a minute," he spat out as he leaned forward, hands balled into fists. "There’s no way in hell that those assholes are ever going to do *anything* to Aya, so why does it matter?" Even though he knew why Crawford had really picked Aya for the role, he wasn’t about to share his lover with anyone other than Schu, mission or no.

"Blondie’s right," Schu added as he stalked over to Crawford’s desk and slapped his hands on its top. "So you want us to go stake out a sex club – there’s no way Aya’s going to be able to handle something like that. Yohji and I will put on a show so you can make Ken go undercover as the bartender."

While Yohji overall agreed with Schu, he wanted to smack the moron for making it sound as if Aya was too weak to participate in the mission. When Aya quickly rose to his feet, he was more than willing to bet that Crawford had counted on Schu to open his big mouth in such a manner. His lover no longer radiated fury but determination as well. "I accept," he said in a tone of voice that warned against any dissent. Not about to take his life into his own hands, Yohji just kept his mouth shut and wondered how the hell Crawford managed these things. There were times when he wished he could be a precog.

Schu, until then busy glaring at Crawford, whipped his head around in surprise. "What the hell are you talking about?" he demanded as he turned around all the way to face Aya. "There’s no way in hell that you can walk into a club like that as Yohji’s sex slave. What happens the first time someone touches you? Your shields have gotten better in the last month but-"

Aya cut him off with a vicious mental whap, and Schu had the audacity to actually look surprised that it happened. Hell, Yohji had put a minor block up against his link with the man in anticipation of the pain yet Schu had kept shoving his foot even further down his throat. The idiot.

/The mission parameters are that I go to the club to help Yohji… create a scene so as to attract the telepathic target’s attention, not for me to come in contact with any strangers./ The emotion in Aya’s eyes was as cold as his voice, both in stark contrast to the burning fury that poured from him. Yohji was about ready to block Aya as well because the emotion was almost overwhelming in its intensity. Instead, he decided to try and help Schu get himself out of trouble. He better get one hell of a backrub out of this for his trouble.

/Psst, Schu. Shut the fuck up, okay?/ He saw Schu stiffen and turn to look at him so he barreled on before the stubborn idiot became too ticked off to listen. /What’s pissing him off so much now is the fact that you’re making it sound like he’s too weak to take part of the mission. Stop it./

"And why the hell should you care if I’m pissing him off?" Schu asked as he stepped toward Yohji. "Seems to me you should be pretty happy right now – you get to pretend that Aya’s your little sex toy and show him off while *I* get stuck tending bar for at least a week."

Seemed like it was too late to help Schu out, not that Yohji minded the fact that much at the moment. If the stubborn fool wasn’t going to accept any help, so be it. "You’re right, I could care less about your part of the assignment." Just as Schu had cared less that Aya had refused to have sex with him for a couple of days last month, he reminded himself which helped to strengthen his anger against his lover. "And I’m not too happy about Aya’s role in this mission but *I* trust that he’s able to pull it off." He leaned back on the couch, his arms folded over his chest.

Aya’s fury softened a little bit with gratitude and affection upon hearing that Yohji did trust him. "What it comes down to, Schuldig, is that whatever your doubts, I’ve been offered the mission and I accept." Aya gave Schu a look that suggested if the dumb German continued to loudly voice his doubts, he’d be sleeping by himself for the next few decades. "I highly doubt that Crawford would suggest such a thing unless he felt that I could handle the situation."

"Yeah, well he did such a good job foreseeing Yohji getting his- ACH!" Schu hunched over, his head held between his hands. Even with the block on their link, Yohji could feel a bit of pain and winced in sympathy. Schu might be behaving like a prime jackass right now but that whap had been particularly strong. The man should have known better to bring up that mission and what had happened. Aya was still the tiniest bit pissed off at them for Yohji’s injury.

While Schu whimpered in pain and Aya stared down at him, Crawford cleared his throat and reminded them that there were four people in the room, not three. Yohji jumped a little at the sound and berated himself for getting so caught up in his lovers’ argument and emotions.

Crawford cleared his throat again, and this time he had all three of their attentions. "May I just point out that Aya is correct? A lot of careful thought went into this mission. Schuldig, there is a very good reason why you were picked to infiltrate the club beforehand." He paused to adjust his glasses a certain way, now the overhead light reflected off the glass surface and created a glare to hide his eyes. "Thanks to your years at Rosenkreuz, you’ll have no trouble hiding the fact that your talent from Oh’s pet telepath. You’ll pass the mindscan that all new employees are subjected to, a feat that neither Ken nor Yohji would be able to duplicate. Once inside, you can then use your link with your lovers to send the necessary information."

Schu appeared ready to argue but a quick glance aside to Aya made him snap his mouth shut and nod his head. Yohji didn’t think that he’d hear the end of Schu’s complaints just yet, but his lover seemed to realize that he couldn’t fight both Crawford and Aya.

"Aya, as you stated, your talent will be able to draw the telepath’s attention to you. Schuldig will spend the next two days before he leaves teaching you how to mask your thoughts well enough against a quick scan." Aya and Crawford stared at each other, the impression given that they were having a private conversation, and then Aya nodded once. As much as Yohji really didn’t care for the idea of Aya on display for a bunch of perverts or the risk presented with Aya being in what was sure to be a packed club filled with said perverts, he realized that there was no chance of talking his lover out of the mission. And that was why he wasn’t nursing a nasty headache like Schu was, he thought with some sympathy.

Resigning himself to the fact that both of his lovers were stubborn idiots at time and trying to think of the best way to ensure their safety, he jumped when he heard his own name mention. Feeling a little guilty for being distracted, he glanced nervously at Crawford and chuckled. "Yeah? What about me?"

The slightest hint of a smile curved Crawford’s lips. "You will undergo the same training as Aya, but my sources assure me that Oh’s telepath doesn’t scan any of the club’s clientele. Your part in the mission is two-fold: you’ll assist Aya in drawing out the telepath while at the same time protecting Aya. Once the telepath is snared in Aya’s thoughts, you will put your talent to use and break through his shields. He shouldn’t even realize that you’re scanning his mind and relaying the information to Schuldig." Crawford fell quiet for a moment, his brow furrowed as if he was thinking heavily on an important matter. "He will then inform Grau of what we need to know and take out both the telepath and Oh, wherever he’s hidden himself inside the club. While that happens, Grau will make sure that his associates suffer the same fate and we’ll have crippled one of Hong Kong’s most virulent slavery rings."

Yohji thought the comment about the slavery ring was Crawford laying it on a bit thick, but it was the truth. Now if Schu dared to speak out against the mission any more, it would just make Aya that much more furious. None of Grau thought much of slavers, not after having been forced to work for Esset, but Aya had a special hatred for that breed of criminals. The thought of innocent young women being forced into prostitution or worse always made him remember his sister, to imagine Aya-chan in a similar situation. And since Yohji also had a weakness for damsels in distress, he was willing to back the mission a hundred percent.

Schu must have finally realized that he was outnumbered and heaved a very loud, aggrieved sigh. "If anything goes wrong, I’m holding you responsible, Crawford."

For his part, their leader didn’t seem to be bothered by the threat. "As long as everyone remains focused on their part of the mission, nothing should go wrong." He fixed Schu with a cold, heavy stare. "Just keep in mind that you must limit contact with Aya and Yohji to mission matters *only*. I don’t intend to cause your relationship any undue stress but you should be able to handle a week of limited contact while you live in the club’s employee dorm and prove to your new employers that you’re harmless. I won’t allow you to risk having Oh’s telepath discover your talent just because you feel lonely or bored."

/And neither will I,/ Aya seconded. It wasn’t so much his anger but the pain mostly hidden behind it that made Schu stare intently at him for a few seconds and then reluctantly nod his head. If Schu did anything to make the target’s telepath suspect him, it could mean his life. And if he did anything to place himself in such danger - even if he survived it unscathed - Aya would never forgive him. Both Schu and Yohji had been lucky enough to make Aya see sense after Yohji had been injured, but they’d both been warned and basically issued ultimatums. Any injuries that resulted from their own stupidity would only serve to drive Aya away from them. That was something neither of them would tolerate.

When there were no more complaints voiced, Crawford turned his attention to his computer. "Good. Schuldig, you now have two days to train Aya and Yohji as best you can, and then you must report to the club to begin work. I’ll have your cover identity prepared by then. Good day, gentlemen."

Recognizing a dismissal when they heard one, the three of them shuffled their way out the door. Aya was clearly still too angry to be approached just then, and Schu was suffering a pretty nasty headache from all those whaps so Yohji didn’t follow his lovers to their bedroom. Instead, he went to the kitchen to make a batch of strong coffee and find whatever snacks he could. He had the feeling it was going to be a very long two days, followed by an even longer seven. But a tiny part inside of him cheered at his role in the mission and what he’d be able to do with Aya.

Then he thought a little more about Aya in a S/M club. There was no doubt that his lover would easily attract everyone’s attention, with or without his gift. However, Aya would need to get by on more than his talent and his good looks. The club’s patrons would probably spot him as a fake within seconds of Aya’s entrance into Ke Zhi, which would be a very bad thing. So….

Grateful that he’d already poured the water into the coffee machine, Yohji set the empty pot down and tried not to burst out into laughter. No wonder Crawford had said that he’d enjoy this mission and had been so certain that Schu would suffer. Oh yes, Yohji would definitely get his revenge for what he’d gone through while injured. Schu would have to spend a week away from his lovers, from *Aya* while Yohji ensured that Aya could pass as a sex slave.

He still didn’t quite understand how all of this fit into Crawford’s plan to help rein in Aya’s talent, but he wasn’t about to complain just yet. Instead, as the coffee brewed, he began to make up a mental list of all the lovely little things he’d need to buy to ‘assist’ in Aya’s education. Which would take place right *after* Schu had left for the club, ensuring that the bastard wouldn’t be able to take any part of it. Right then and there, Yohji was giddy enough to give Crawford one hell of a kiss, tongue included. However, considering how much he loved life and now had something to look forward to, instead he searched through the cupboards for some snacks. If Crawford didn’t kill him for such an action, Aya and Schu would.


Yohji approached the bed and settled on it, right behind Aya. He slowly reached out and embraced Aya then pulled him to his chest. "How are you doing?" he asked as he nuzzled the back of his lover’s neck.

"Hmmm." Aya reached back and entangled his fingers in Yohji’s hair. /It’s so odd, blocking Schu out when I’m not angry at him./

/I know what you mean./ Yohji held Aya a little tighter and pushed deeper into his lover’s mind. /I… hell, I actually miss the bastard and he’s only been gone a few hours./ There was a distinctive void in their minds, the spot that Schu almost always occupied. It was easier to deal with when they were upset with each other, when they felt they had a perfectly good reason to not be linked together but to willingly cut off someone to this extent just for a mission… he shivered and kissed Aya’s nape. /At least we know that he got safely inside the club./ Schu had breeched the silence long enough to tell them that fact. Now they’d have to wait for the few reports he would be able to send.

Rolling over to face him, Aya grunted softly, his eyes downcast and a frown on his lips. /He better remember to watch out for himself./

/He will, Ayan. Schu may be a dumb bastard at times but he won’t risk hurting you again,/ Yohji soothed as he tipped his lover’s face upward for a kiss. If there was ever anyone who could turn Schu into an obedient little lapdog, it was Aya. Not so much with force or threats but just by the fact that, like Yohji, Schu would do anything to not cause him any pain. They both loved Aya that much, and the fact that they could feel any hurt they caused only made it that much worse when they did. /He’ll be fine./ To his surprise, Yohji needed the reassurance of those words just as much as Aya. If Schu did do something stupid and got caught, Aya would have to beat Yohji to the moron if he wanted to be the first one to kick his ass.

Amazingly enough, he felt Aya’s amusement at the thought instead of more anger or pain. But when he sent an inquiry over their link, all Aya did was pull away and shake his head. "Not now, Yohji. I doubt you’d like to hear what I have to say." When Yohji, in utter perplexity, just stared at his lover for a few seconds, Aya smiled and leaned in for another kiss. /Maybe someday I’ll point it out to the both of you./

/Great, Ayan. Guess I’ll just have to wait./ Not that Yohji minded it that much, not if it made Aya smile. Instead of pursuing the matter, he slid his hands beneath the thin sweater that Aya wore and groaned in happiness as their minds entwined even deeper. It always amazed him just how good such a simple contact could feel. On his part it was because of his talent but Aya enjoyed it just as much after years of being deprived such a little but necessary thing.

/Yotan,/ Aya purred in his mind, a delightfully eager and lustful presence that made his cock become even harder.

He broke off the kiss and opened his eyes so he could take in his lover’s flushed appearance. "Ayan," he breathed against Aya’s lips. "Wanna have some fun?" In response, Aya rocked his hips forward then draped his right leg over Yohji’s.

"What do you have in mind?" Aya asked, his voice made even deeper with passion. With his lover willing and eager in his arms, Yohji was about to propose a nice, long fuck when the question reminded him of his shopping trip the other day. "How about… we get a bit kinky," he asked in a drawl. At Aya’s confused look, he shared the thoughts that he’d kept hidden the last two days. /It would help out with the mission, though I think you’d have a lot of fun as well,/ he said as he began to nibble on his lover’s neck. /We really need to do something. You can always rely on my memories of the things but it’s best if you experience the toys firsthand before the mission./

He tried to keep his thoughts even and light, and he was prepared to drop the matter for now if Aya didn’t agree. They would have to work something out in the next few days but they still had a little bit of time. Schu and he hadn’t really exposed their lover to many kinks in the few months they’d been together – who needed toys when their minds could make them feel so much? – and had decided to take things slow but…. What had held them back - Aya’s inexperience in sex because of his ineffective shields - wasn’t as important as making sure that they weren’t exposed as assassins while in the target Oh’s club.

Aya picked up on those thoughts and his unwillingness to force the issue now, then mentally and physically pulled back a little. He stared at Yohji as he chewed on his lower lip, more than a bit indecisive but surprisingly open to the idea. Careful not to push Aya’s decision in one direction or another, Yohji slowly sat up in bed, a slight smile on his face.

"I… well, it’s a good idea," Aya said after a minute’s silence. "It would be bad for the mission to be compromised over something like that."

Yohji felt his lover’s resolve and didn’t know if he should laugh or shake his head. Trust Aya to accept almost anything for the sake of a mission. "Listen, if you’re really not sure, I can just show off the stuff I got for you and explain what they’re supposed to do. The main thing is for you not to come off as inexperienced," he explained.

Sitting up, Aya pulled his shirt off and glared. /Stop worrying, Yohji. I never said I wasn’t interested in… such things, it’s just that I wasn’t ready when you and Schu first brought them up./

Memory washed through Yohji of that time and actually made him blush. It hadn’t been too long after they’d arrived in Hong Kong when he and Schu had decided to take the kink factor in their relationship with Aya beyond tying each other up. No wonder Aya had refused, considering the way they’d pushed the issue. They really had been over-sexed idiots back then.

/Not that you two are much better now./ Aya was still glaring but he bridged the distance between them and draped his arms over Yohji’s shoulders. /It wasn’t so much that I minded, it’s just that you two were about to buy up an entire adult toy store and use everything at once./

"Yeah, we were definitely idiots," Yohji laughed as he pulled Aya closer. "Sorry about that, you just drive us wild, you know." He laughed some more when Aya’s glare went up a notch. "I know, we should know better than to try and blame it on you."

"That’s right," Aya said right before he nipped Yohji’s chin. "It’s always your or Schu’s fault."

That wasn’t quite true but since he had a willing Aya once more back in his arm, Yohji decided he’d ignore that last comment for now. After a particularly thorough kiss that left his breath ragged and lips almost numb, he forced himself away from his lover. "I promise that we’ll start off slow. I just want to show you a few things for the club." That and Schu would kill him for doing just this much without him so it would be best if he left something for his other lover to help teach Aya. Oh, but he’d *definitely* enjoy rubbing Schu’s nose in these memories after the mission.

Hiding that thought from Aya, he hurried to the closet to fetch one of the bags of goodies. He’d gone out while Schu had focused on Aya’s shields to buy the items, and had been hard pressed indeed to not purchase one of everything the store had in stock. The few items he’d purchased could be used for the mission and many, many times afterward.

Once the goodies were in hand, he made a big production of placing them on the bed at the same time he let their purpose fill his thoughts. First was the thin, black leather strap, nice and thick and heavy. He imagined holding it in his hand with Aya stretched out over his lap and squirming, could feel the pleasure/pain that coursed through his lover with each carefully placed smack. When Aya took a deep breath at the image, he made sure to send one of their positions reversed. He’d always enjoyed a good spanking, how sensitive it made his ass and how great it felt to be fucked afterward. Judging from the way Aya’s eyes glazed over at the memories, he didn’t think his lover would have a problem with the toy.

Next were the clover nipple clamps, the silver metal bright against the bed’s dark duvet. Aya had pretty sensitive nipples so to clamp them in the metal and then give the connecting chain a slight tug…. They both gasped at the image, which made Aya’s nipples harden, along with both of their cocks. Yohji had put a lot of deliberate thought into each item, wanted to make sure that it would be something that Aya would delight to play with long after the mission.

"These next two might be a bit out there, but trust me, they feel *great*," he said in a husky whisper. They’d talked about vibrators in the past and had played with simple cock rings, but again, it was something they figured they’d get to ‘eventually’. Well, that time was now, he thought as he laid out the oblong silicon tube with its connecting controller on the bed. He hadn’t picked anything too big for Aya’s first time, but the Electrovibe should do just as impressive a job despite its relatively small size. "Not only does it vibrate but it also sends out electrical impulses. It’ll have you coming in just a few minutes, I promise.

"Which is where these two come in handy," he said as Aya looked at the vibrator with the same type of fascination he’d seen people stare at snakes with when at the zoo. After a few seconds, Aya glanced up and his eyes grew even wider. In Yohji’s right hand was a simple cock ring, similar to what they already owned but in his left was a special one, designed to fit right below the cock’s glans and not its base. There was a small device attached to the ring, which Yohji turned on. "This is if you’re *really* bad, Ayan," he teased. "You’ll want nothing more than to come with this thing buzzing on you but…." He winked at an utterly stunned Aya and decided to take pity on his overwhelmed lover. "I’ve a few more things that you can use when we go to the club but I’ll save them for later." He didn’t think that his lover would mind the butt plug or the thin leather harness to hold it in place, and he definitely didn’t think that now was a good time to bring up his idea for Aya’s costume. Crawford wanted them both to attract all the attention they could and what he had planned for his lover would cause quite the scene….

Aya crawled closer and picked up the leather strap. "You’ve really used all of these toys before?" he asked, his thoughts a little confused but mostly eager.

"Everything but the clamps since they’re not really my thing." Yohji knelt onto the bed and ran his fingers over the strap. "I would never use anything that would really hurt you," he promised. "And you can try anything you like on me first if it makes you feel better."

/Even the clamps?/ As he ‘spoke’, Aya ran the strap lightly over Yohji’s chest.

/Even them, but I bet that you’ll enjoy wearing them much more than I would./ Yohji echoed the strap’s movements on his lover’s chest with his right hand. /So, what do you think?/

Aya’s reply was instant and tinged with warm laughter. /That you’re wearing too many clothes./

It was almost always a good thing when his lover was in a teasing mood, Yohji thought as he quickly yanked off his shirt. Even if he did end up trying out everything first, he wouldn’t really mind, not when Aya was this happy and excited. Great sex was great sex, who cared how it came about? He didn’t have Schu’s stupid hang-up about wanting to be the one on top all the time, not when it all felt so good.

Very soon he was naked, and Aya had decided to get rid of his pants at the same time. When he reached for the toys, Aya grabbed his hand and yanked him down on the bed. About to complain, he stopped when his lover kissed him with a heartening amount of desire. Toys were fun and all that, but there was something to say for having Aya naked in his arms, their minds so entwined that each caress felt like a thousand, the pleasure so intense that he couldn’t even remember what sex felt like without telepathy. This was another reason why they hadn’t pressed to up the kink level in their relationship. Sometimes it seemed like too much to take when things were perfectly vanilla.

Of course his lover picked up on his thoughts. /But now we have to, so…./ His cheeks flushed, Aya ended the kiss and ducked his head. /Why don’t you show me how you use them?/ He glanced at the toys, at the clamps in particular. /Do you use them all at the same time?/ he asked with a slight bit of apprehension.

"Not today, love. How about… just the clamps and the paddle for now, okay?" Yohji tried not to drool at the idea of being able to do even that much. He’d show Aya how pleasurable a bit of pain could be, get him all hot and bothered and then fuck him hard. After that, he could put the vibrator to use. Just the thought of what they had to look forward to in the next few days made him groan in delight. He’d bought some proper restraints as well as a nice length of rope and a book on patterns to try. They could take turns binding each other-

/First things first, Yotan,/ Aya teased with such a lovely smile that Yohji felt his heart stutter for a moment. /You’re starting to get scary again./

/We don’t want that,/ he quickly reassured his lover. /Unlike a certain German, I can restrain myself when necessary./ Then he smiled in return and combed his fingers through Aya’s tousled hair. /Besides, we have a lot of time to play with everything./ The last was a promise.

Sensing his intentions, Aya grasped Yohji’s hand as it slid through his hair and placed a kiss on its palm. /We better or I’ll put the strap to use in a not so good way./

Yohji couldn’t resist pulling his lover close again so he could nibble on his pouting lips. /You’d definitely make a good dominant, Aya, but right now we need to work on your submissive side./ As the kiss deepened, he reached for the nipple clamps and held them in his left palm to warm the metal. When Aya gasped at the image in his thoughts, he trailed his mouth down his lover’s chin and neck, continued on until he could suck his lover’s left nipple into his mouth. /And a good master always offers his slave a safe word in case he needs to put a stop to things./ He thought about it for a few seconds while he gently grasped Aya’s nipple between his teeth and applied a bit of pressure. /How about ‘flowers’, hmmm?/

There was a feeling of assent from Aya but it barely registered through the pleasure. Yohji stopped long enough to repeat the question, and once he had a definite answer, he began to suck on Aya’s right nipple while he slowly attached the clamp to Aya’s left one. When the metal closed on flesh Aya let out a deep cry, and Yohji had to moan at the pleasure his lover felt. The clamps had *definitely* been a good idea, which assured him that Aya didn’t mind a bit of pain mixed in with sex. Not that he had expected differently, not when he considered how masochistic the idiot could be at times.

He almost got whapped for that thought, but he luckily got the other clamp on just in time. As he placed soft kisses along Aya’s neck and shoulders, he gave his lover a few minutes to get used to the devices. When he judged that Aya was ready, he gave the chain that connected the clamps a slight tug. As lust and pleasure washed through him, he chuckled against Aya’s damp skin. /Maybe we should look into getting your nipples pierced if you like it this much./ There was a mixture of denial and interest from Aya, who grabbed Yohji’s hair and pulled him in for a ardent kiss. Figuring that he could teach Aya a more submissive attitude the next time, Yohji just gave the chain another gentle tug and enjoyed himself.

He allowed himself to savor the kiss for a few minutes, the feel of Aya beneath him, of Aya’s arms and legs wrapped around him. The chain was cold at first but quickly warmed up from their body heat, and whenever he pulled on it Aya would utter this amazingly deep moan. Quickly growing addicted to that sound, Yohji had to remind himself that there was more fun to be had so it was time to move on.

Not breaking off the kiss, he slowly maneuvered them up into a sitting position. Right then he was so hard and eager enough to just have Aya straddle his lap and sink onto him, but he had to hold off on that for a little longer. Instead, he resent the image from earlier, of Aya stretched out over his lap. When his lover balked for a moment, he sent more memories and reassurances, along with a carefully timed tug on the chain. Both of them paused after that, bodies still as Aya tried to make up his mind. Just when Yohji was about to tell Aya they really didn’t have to use the strap, his lover gave him one more kiss and then stretched out over his lap.

"Aya, are you-"

/Yes. I know the safe word, Yohji,/ Aya told him with growing annoyance. /You’re not forcing me to do anything. It’s just…/ Aya shrugged his shoulders and wiggled his ass. /I feel a little bad that Schu isn’t here./

"Okay, just checking." No matter how many times he’d fantasized doing this, it wouldn’t be very fun if Aya weren’t willing. He made sure that fact was known before he picked up the strap. "As for Schu… well, I’m sure he’ll get his chance to play once the mission is over." He felt a little guilty as well, which surprised him but then he remembered that Schu had been Aya’s first lover so it was only fair that he was the first to spank Aya.

At first, all he did was gently stroke the strap along Aya’s ass until his lover squirmed at its touch. Then, carefully masking his thoughts, he quickly brought it down so it firmly hit flesh.

"Yotan!" Aya cried out, startled both by the smack and how good it actually felt after the first few painful seconds. Proud of himself for accurately guessing his lover’s kink, Yohji brought it down again, careful to hit the parts of Aya’s ass that would hurt the least. This was supposed to be an introduction, a teaser so he wouldn’t go anywhere near all out on the first time. Considering the way that Aya writhed against him, the way Aya cried out his name and the ecstasy that flowed over their link, he’d say that this definitely wouldn’t be the only time he got to spank his lover. There was a momentary thought on whether or not that Schu would react like this if Yohji ever got the chance to spank him and then he focused on the lover at hand. Soon enough, he would intersperse quick tugs on the nipple clamps between hits of the strap.

It didn’t take long to overwhelm Aya with the building sensations of pleasure/pain. As difficult as it was just then, Yohji forced himself to dampen their link just enough so as to not get drawn into his lover’s emotions too deeply. Spanking Aya until his ass and the top of his thighs were entirely red, mindful all the while to not let the pain grow too powerful, he didn’t want to stop until Aya came just from being spanked and clamped. Oh, he had every intention to put a halt to things if Aya wasn’t enjoying it, but that definitely didn’t seem like the case now.

Despite the block to their link and the fact that the only real physical stimulation he got was the way Aya rubbed against his cock as he squirmed, he was half afraid that he might come first. For Aya to allow him to do this, to hear his name called out in such a desperate, lust-filled voice was almost too much.

Fortunately, it was Aya’s body that gave in first. Yohji had just begun to alternate smacks of the strap between hits of his own hand when Aya shuddered, voice choked off as the ecstasy completely overwhelmed. Yohji had to close his eyes and fight against the bliss while Aya came, had to force his body to not do the same. Even if it wasn’t his own release, even with the block it still felt so damn *good* - only the thought of being able to come in Aya’s body stopped him from following. He took several deep breaths and wiped up the semen that dripped down his thigh, rubbed it over his fingers until they were slick and thought about how good it would be to share this memory with Schu later that night. Knowing that his other lover had probably caught the slightest hint of such potent emotion and would be left wondering for several hours what had brought it on made him smile with deep satisfaction. Oh, Schu was going to be furious, and the best part was that he’d not be able to try and get any type of revenge until *after* the mission.

Thankfully, he noticed that Aya’s thoughts were becoming cohesive once more so he stopped thinking about Schu. While he enjoyed the fact that what he was doing would drive Schu crazy with anger and jealousy, that wasn’t the reason he was doing it. No, his main reason was to be able to show Aya something new and wonderful, to feel what Aya felt as he discovered the joys of bondage and kink and whatever else he was allowed to get away with this week. He didn’t try to deny that things would only get even better once the mission was complete.

/You’re… thinking too much./ There was a hint of a pout on Aya’s face that was so adorable that he had to gently tug his lover upward until Aya straddled his lap. There was a slight hiss of pain when Aya moved but he seemed otherwise all right, and their kiss was ardent enough to curl Yohji’s toes. Damn, but Aya had learned to kiss so damn good that it just shorted out his brain each and every time.

/It’s because you’re thinking too much,/ Aya repeated as he placed kisses along Yohji’s jaw. He gave Yohji’s ear a lick and then lightly bit his earlobe. /Didn’t… didn’t you enjoy it?/ His right hand rubbed along Yohji’s still hard cock.

Yohji groaned at the touch and had to count to ten in two different languages before he could talk. "Hell yeah, I enjoyed it. The reason I’m thinking so much is to make sure that I can enjoy a little more." As he leered at his lover, his left hand lightly settled on Aya’s ass. At Aya’s hitched breath, he tenderly rubbed the sore flesh.

/Even the slightest of touches feels pretty damn intense, doesn’t it?/ He already knew the answer, both from having been spanked in the past and being able to sense Aya’s emotions. /The actual spanking isn’t all there is to it, you see./ His slick right hand skimmed over his lover’s ass and made Aya tremble. /I could probably bring you off again just like this but I’ve a much better idea./ He claimed Aya’s mouth again for another kiss, one as forceful as he could make it while his fingers pressed inside.

/Yotan./ Aya’s voice practically purred inside his head at the same time Aya leaned backwards, his neck exposed in an extremely submissive pose. Taking it as an offer, Yohji sucked on the taut flesh with a savage intensity and wiggled his fingers deeper inside of Aya. "Oohhh…." His lover’s fingers tangled in his hair while Aya continued to moan.

Maybe it was in consideration of the upcoming mission, maybe it was the fact that for a week he had Aya all to himself or maybe it was something that had to do with himself, but Yohji felt a sudden, overpowering need to dominate Aya, to do more than just play a part. He’d been able to do more in the past hour than he’d thought possible and now he just wanted to keep pushing the limit, to get away with as much as he could. /I’m gonna spend the next several days fucking you,/ he told his lover, perfectly serious even in the face of Aya’s shock. /I’m gonna treat you like a toy, going to play with you inside and out and you’ll enjoy every minute of it./ At Aya’s frown, he curled his fingers until they brushed against that special spot, then did it again. /When we walk into that club, they’re not going to see Vortex but a slave that’s been well-fucked and desperate for more. *My* slave. And I won’t let them get anywhere near you,/ he promised.

As he waited for one hell of a mental whap in response to that declaration, Aya just panted and squirmed, tried to get the fingers to sink inside even deeper. All Yohji could pick up from him was a startling intense need and as powerful a sense of lust as he’d ever felt. /Prove it, then,/ Aya taunted, his eyes half closed and a teasing smile on his lips.

It was Yohji’s turn to be shocked for a few seconds, and then something kicked into gear and made him seize the opportunity before him. "You need to learn a bit more of a respectful attitude, sweetie," he informed his lover with delight. "I think… we’ll definitely break out the restraints tomorrow. That should help to put you in the proper mood." He pictured Aya naked, bound in the rope and blindfolded, unable to do anything but feel as Yohji tormented him with his hands and mouth, until he made Aya beg for release.

Aya shivered and uttered a soft moan, his eyes closed as he focused on the image. Yohji smiled at its acceptance and focused on the matter at hand, at doing whatever he wanted to the man on his lap. He resumed sucking and biting Aya’s neck, intent on leaving as many marks as possible so that everyone at Ke Zhi would know that he’d spent the last several days with his mouth and hands all over Aya’s body. It was such a great thing that Aya’s pale skin bruised pretty easily. Normally he would be whapped for doing this but after a brief spark of anger, Aya… gave in.

That sense of possessiveness and dominance roared back to life, made Yohji grab Aya’s hair and pull on it until Aya was arched in his lap, neck even further exposed and chest thrust out. He left a trail of hickeys down his lover’s neck as his fingers twisted and curled inside of Aya’s body enough times to make his lover’s cock hard once again and threaten to make Aya come a second time. That almost happened when he used his teeth to undo one of the clamps on Aya’s nipple, and he had to stop for a moment, had to let Aya catch his breath. Soon enough the other one was gone as well, and he gently sucked on the reddened, swollen nipples until Aya was practically sobbing out his name as he shivered and squirmed on Yohji’s lap.

Not wanting to lose the effect of the spanking, Yohji forced himself to pull away from Aya’s chest. Then he sent an image of how he wanted to take Aya. His lover blinked in surprise then quickly nodded, and a soft mewl of regret slipped past Aya’s lips when Yohji removed his fingers.

"It’ll get better, Ayan, I promise," he soothed as he stroked Aya’s sweaty face. "Now on your knees."

Without a word, Aya did as he was told, moved to the center of the bed and knelt with his back to Yohji. Moving quickly, eagerly, Yohji pressed against him, the fingers of his left hand once more entangled in his lover’s hair. "Face down, like a good little slut," he ordered with a slight shove. Expecting a spark of anger, all he felt was a sense of anticipation and hunger from Aya, who once more complied with his wishes.

Pausing a few seconds drink in the sight of Aya kneeling, the side of his flushed face pressed against the duvet and his ass in the air, Yohji reached for the tube of lubricant on the nightstand. A couple of quick pumps with his hurriedly slicked hand and he was ready and more than willing to fuck his lover as hard as he could.

As soon as his hands grabbed Aya’s ass he thrust forward, fast and as deep as he could go. Aya cried out as he was entered but there wasn’t any real pain so Yohji didn’t stop. His hands tightened on his lover’s hips and he didn’t care if he left any bruises, not when it felt so damn good to be inside of Aya, to feel the pleasure Aya derived from his thrusts. There was the slightest spark of pain each time Yohji slammed forward, against Aya’s spanked ass but it only made the ecstasy even brighter, stronger. It was the most delicious sort of contrast to what he could make Aya feel each time his cock sank in deep, every time it hit Aya’s sweet spot that Aya was pushing back against him, desperate for more.

/Touch yourself, Ayan./ He sent images of Aya stroking his own cock, of tugging in his over-sensitive nipples. With a choked-off moan Aya did just that and the pleasure grew even more intense. There were the physical sensations – from Yohji’s cock as it sunk deep into Aya’s hot, tight body, Aya’s cock as Aya’s hand pumped up and down it, Aya’s nipples as they were pulled and pinched – and the emotional as well. Yohji reveled in being able to order Aya to do whatever he wanted, that Aya actually did it and he adored him even more for it. From Aya was the same echo of love and trust and something utterly delightful, something that rejoiced each time Yohji sent him a new command or pushed him against the bed with a particularly forceful thrust.

Even without Schuldig there, the ecstasy continued to grow, to reach new heights and one of Yohji’s last rational thoughts was that maybe he should have used the cock rings this time to make it last a little longer…. Everything felt so *fucking* good that he forgot about the ache left behind by Schu’s absence, forgot about everything but the fact that they *had* to do this again. There was another flash of acceptance and want from Aya and then the pleasure took over and robbed them of the ability to do anything more than simply *feel* pure bliss.

That feeling threatened to permanently short-circuit Yohji’s poor brain. As he lay against Aya’s back and gasped for air, his entire body tingling from one of the most intensive orgasms he ever felt, he didn’t seem to be able to think of anything other than how great that had been and when it would happen next. As spent as he was, he definitely wanted more.

Aya’s exhausted yet wry voice filled his head. /… and you wonder why we didn’t do this before./ Groaning deep in his throat, Aya rolled his shoulders until Yohji got the hint to move. They both let out a slight hiss when his cock slipped from Aya’s body, and he made sure to rub Aya’s still pink ass as he stretched out onto the bed. /But you were right. That felt… incredible./ Aya turned his head to face Yohji and slowly unbent his knees until he was lying on the bed.

/’Incredible’ is one hell of an understatement,/ Yohji replied with a chuckle. Then he thought back on what had happened and offered an apologetic smile. /You… you don’t mind what I did, do you? I think I might have taken things a little too far./ He brushed his fingers over the bruises that begun to form on Aya’s left hip. "I’m sorry." As great as things had been, he truly was sorry if he’d pushed too far. He’d forgotten how tied up they could get in each other’s emotions and maybe Aya’s acceptance hadn’t been entirely genuine but a reflection of what he had wanted.

"And you call Schu an idiot," Aya grumbled as he slowly forced himself into a sitting position. He hissed again when his ass settled on the bed but it was more from an ache than real pain, Yohji was grateful to realize. "You didn’t do anything that I wasn’t willing to let happen, Yotan. I never once wanted to use the safe word." He actually smiled as he stretched his arms over his head. /It felt nice to let go. Sometimes I think you and Schu worry about me too much./ His smile faded into an annoyed frown. /I won’t break and I’m not as inhibited about sex as you two think. I just don’t like being rushed into things. That and as much as I miss Schu, I think I’m glad that it was just the two of us. Things tend to… get out of hand when it’s all three of us./

Understanding what his lover meant about that last part, Yohji nodded and traced his right index finger along Aya’s thighs. /Yeah, we definitely would have pushed things too far for a first time./ He and Schu would have begun some type of silly competition that would have left Aya gagged, blindfolded, tied up and clamped with at least two cock rings and one vibrator as they fought to be the first one to introduce him to each new thing. He winced at the thought and once more offered a smile in apology. /But I’m not sure if I did much better. I just wanted to teach you a few things, not go all… well, dominant on you./ That had never happened to him with the sex partners he’d had in the past.

Aya sighed and gave a rather painful tug on Yohji’s hair. /I let you fuck me, Yohji, both you and Schu./ In with the annoyance that Aya felt was a sense of truth, a hint of pain but mostly acceptance and love. /I let you *in*/ he continued, in such a way that Yohji knew he didn’t mean in a physical sense. /So why would it bother me to let you take control during sex, hmmm?/ Aya yawned then and curled up against him. /It doesn’t change who we are or what we can do, it just makes us feel better./ And deep down Aya enjoyed it, that loss of control. He liked the certainty it brought, in knowing that Yohji or Schu would make the decisions – which he could trust because he trusted them. Even deeper down was the thought that Aya couldn’t always express himself in the ways that Schu or Yohji could, with words or thoughts so he felt that actions were just as good. So he did indeed let them fuck him, and if they wanted to be aggressive or dominant during sex, he didn’t have a problem with it as long as it did feel good.

Yohji remained still for a moment and then slowly, tenderly, placed a lingering kiss on Aya’s forehead. The last few moments had been as great a revelation as the time when he’d realized that Aya loved him… in a way was even greater. It was one thing to love someone, but to trust them so much….

And he felt exactly the same. "I’d do anything for you, Aya," he whispered. "I’d let you do whatever you wanted to me, as well." The words were spoken in perfect honesty, were among the truest things he’d ever said. He’d kill whoever he had to if it kept Aya safe, would do whatever Aya asked of him.

/And that’s why it doesn’t matter who’s in charge or who isn’t,/ Aya continued. /Because sooner or later, it’ll be the other’s turn./ He rubbed his cheek against Yohji’s shoulder and sighed, the sound light and pleased.

Firmly squashing an urge for a cigarette, Yohji chuckled and tangled his fingers in Aya’s hair. /Oh, I’ve nothing against turns, but admit it, you really do like it when I’m the one in charge./

This time, Aya didn’t hold back on the mental whap. /Don’t be an idiot and ruin the mood, Yohji./ Aya could be described just then as more than a little peeved as he sat up to glare. His other hand moving to rub his sore forehead, Yohji decided that it would be a pretty smart thing just then to keep his mouth shut and all thoughts to himself. Aya continued to glare for a few more seconds and then, after a rather smug grunt, curled back up against him. /You better to learn to enjoy being in charge when you can./

There was no way in hell that Yohji was going to give any kind of response to that statement.


A few hours later, when they were even more exhausted and sore but too content to care, they felt Schu’s mind search for theirs. They forgot their exhaustion and let their lover into the link again, took in his memories and experiences of the day and shared theirs in return. As Aya mentally contacted Crawford to pass the information along, Yohji felt Schu delve even deeper into his mind for a bit of ‘privacy’. Schu had just three words to say, in the quietest of tones possible to make sure that Aya wouldn’t overhear.

/You. Fucking. Bastard./ Along with the words were the definite impressions of jealousy, envy, anger and regret.

Yohji merely smiled and hugged Aya. To himself, he carefully kept the thought that if Schu was this pissed off and jealous now, his poor, unlucky lover was going to be truly livid in a few more days.


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