Unexpected Revelations


chapter 3


Yohji could only stare at Aya when his lover walked out of the bathroom. "Fuck, Aya…." His voice was hoarse, partially from shock and partially from an incredibly powerful wave of lust that washed through him at the sight. While he’d intentionally picked out his lover’s outfit to create just this effect, his imagination hadn’t lived up anywhere near to the reality.

Aya glared as he stood there, hands balled up in the full sleeves of the floor length coat he wore, one cut in the style of a Chinese jacket. The dark purple fabric, covered with a plum flower design in white, highlighted his pale skin and the waist-length black wig he wore. But beneath the coat….

They had to take into consideration Aya’s mental shields, which was part of the reason for the long coat. As the coat would be left open, Aya had to be careful with what he wore beneath it, yet it had to be something that would attract attention, something that would make him fit into Ke Zhi. Since he had to wear something to cover as much skin as possible, they had to go with outrageous to make up for the lack of flesh on display.

/You better not have picked out this outfit because of some twisted fantasy, Yohji./ Aya sounded absolutely furious, but underneath the anger-tinted thoughts was discomfort and uncertainty.

Quickly crossing the space between them, Yohji gently cupped Aya’s face between his hands and tilted it up slightly so he could look into his lover’s eyes. His heart skipped a beat when he noticed the black kohl that surrounded them and made their violet color even brighter than usual. "Aya, I swear I’m not doing this just for me. Yeah, you look fucking gorgeous but it really was the best that I could think up at the time." He stared back as Aya continued to glare, and when his lover’s anger seemed to waver a little, he leaned in for a kiss.

Normally, cross-dressing didn’t do much for him. He’d never thought nor wished that Aya were a woman so it wasn’t something he’d normally ask of his lover but the outfit would help Aya to blend in at the club. What he hadn’t taken into account was how incredibly sexy Aya would look while dressed up.

He moaned into the kiss and reluctantly pulled away so he could check out the outfit again. Aya wore an incredibly thin silk shirt that clung to his shoulders and arms, its simple collar buttoned up all the way yet still left exposed most of Aya’s neck. The bare flesh was covered with a black choker and numerous hickeys. Over the shirt was a black corset made of very thin leather and boning that actually lent shape to Aya’s waist because of how it was laced up. Beneath that was a very short, pleated skirt made of sheer black fabric.

To cover Aya’s lower body, he wore a pair of thick black tights held in place by garter belts, which could be glimpsed through the filmy fabric of the skirt – as well as everything else that Aya wore beneath it. That included a pair of black silk panties and the thin straps that held the butt plug in Aya’s ass firmly in place. A pair of dark purple slippers and gloves completed the outfit, and the only thing missing was the leather half mask shaped into a cat’s face that Aya would wear in the club.

"Fucking gorgeous," Yohji repeated as he reached again for his lover. Maybe it was the tiny hints of exposed flesh it revealed, or the fact that it was something that Aya would never willingly wear but the outfit made him incredibly horny. Already worked up by watching Aya insert the plug before he got dressed, Yohji wanted nothing more than to hike up the skirt, turn Aya around so he could remove the plug and fuck him until he screamed.

Aya groaned at the mental image and didn’t stop him as he pressed forward. Yohji’s right hand crept beneath the skirt and slid up the panties to pump his lover’s hardening cock. /I want to make you scream so much you won’t be able to talk for days,/ he sent as he backed Aya against the wall. /Pound into you so hard for so long that you won’t be able to stand when I’m done./ As he began to grind against Aya’s hip, he fastened his mouth to Aya’s neck, at the spot right below his left ear. /And when I’m done, you’ll beg for more,/ he promised, turned on even more by the thought of Aya’s pleadings.

"Yes, Yohji," Aya moaned and wrapped his right leg around Yohji’s waist while his fingers cleverly undid the buttons of Yohji’s tight, leather pants.

His fingers fumbling with the harness’ tiny buckles, Yohji gasped at the feel of Aya’s hand sliding into his pants. /Beg for it now, Aya. Do it. I want you to be a needy little slut./

The command was instantly obeyed. "Yotan… please." Aya grabbed him by the hair and tugged until his mouth was against Yohji’s ear. "Fuck me. I want you in me all the way, want you to do it so hard that I won’t feel anything else but your cock deep inside of me. Please. I’m- ah!" He moaned when Yohji tugged on the straps, the sound turning into a needy whine when Yohji tugged again in an attempt to break the leather.

Cursing over the damn buckles on the straps, Yohji was about to go fetch Aya’s katana. "I don’t think that was enough begging, Aya. You can do so much-"

/Vortex and Munin./

The stern voice that intruded in their minds made them to go completely still. Crawford, his mind an icy, demanding presence that cut through the passion-induced fog, continued once he sensed that he had their attention. /Gentlemen, you should be leaving for the club in the next five minutes. The limousine will be here shortly. If you’re not ready to leave by then, Farfarello will assist you in your departure./ The determination behind the message warned them that Crawford was not exaggerating in the slightest.

Taking a deep breath, Yohji forced his hands from his lover, just as Aya did the same with his hands and leg. They stood pressed against each other for a moment, eyes intent on each other’s and breathing still ragged, then Aya shivered and adjusted himself beneath the panties. "I should change-"

"No." Yohji cupped Aya’s erection through the damp fabric. "I want you to remain like this." He gave in for a moment and nuzzled Aya’s neck. "You’re my slave for the night, don’t forget. Maybe I can’t fuck you right now but there’s no reason for it to look like we didn’t have any fun." He gave Aya’s cock a possessive squeeze. "I told you, I want them to see a well-fucked toy, want to make them drool and then know that they can only look and not touch."

They’d spent the last few days preparing for tonight, into making sure that Aya could pass as a slave and Yohji his master so Aya merely nodded his head, still caught up in the role. "Yes, Yohji," he said, his voice meek but his thoughts turbulent. While Aya did derive a lot of pleasure from being so submissive during sex – more than either of them had expected – he still had his pride and his own sense of will. Yohji knew that after tonight he probably wasn’t going to see this side of Aya for a while… but that it wouldn’t go away forever. Not when they both enjoyed the roles so much. They would just have to find a proper balance, especially when Schu would be back with them.

The thought of his other lover reminded Yohji about the club and how they were supposed to be heading there now, so he forced his hands from Aya once more. /I don’t want you to act like this forever, Aya, honestly I don’t. But I do enjoy it,/ he tried to explain as he went to the bathroom to straighten up his appearance. /And I don’t always want to be the one in charge./

Aya’s thoughts gradually calmed down. /I’ll repeat myself, Yohji. You’re not making me do anything against my will. It’s just…./ Tangled thoughts and emotions poured into Yohji, made him pause in buttoning up his pants. He groaned as he tried to make sense of them.

The week spent indulging in their kinks had provided many revelations to them both. Between reveling in the new roles and toys, in being able to spend so much time together there was also the ache left by Schu’s absence. As near as they could tell, things got… too imbalanced when the three of them weren’t together. Part of what had driven Yohji and Aya so deep into each other the last few days was an attempt to fill that void.

"I know, Ayan," he said when he stepped back into the bedroom. They would indeed have to seek a true balance once the mission was over and Schu was back in their minds and bed. Most likely things would change then so there was little sense in assuming that they’d go on just the way they had this past week. For himself, Yohji would miss this time spent with Aya a little bit. He’d come into the relationship when Aya and Schu were an established couple so he hadn’t the chance to be with only one of them for very long.

Aya regarded him intently for a moment, then smiled the tiniest bit and nodded. /We’ll see how things are afterward. The car is here./

"Then we better leave." After pulling on his gloves, Yohji wrapped his right arm around Aya’s waist and led him out of the bedroom. "I want you to be a proper little pet, Ayan."

Settling fully into the mission’s role, Aya meekly nodded, his gaze cast to the floor. He no longer felt uncomfortable in the costume, no longer felt any anger or annoyance – at least, not on the surface level of his thoughts. The shields he’d spent two days developing with Schu and then the last seven perfecting with Yohji clicked into place. Deep down he was still Aya, was Vortex but if Oh’s telepath scanned his thoughts, the woman would find nothing out of place.

For his part, Yohji settled into his role as well. It was an easy switch to make after the last few days. His possessiveness of Aya grew with each step, and part of him was grateful that the rest of Grau kept from the hallway as they made their way to the elevator that would take them to the building’s garage. He didn’t want to share this Aya with people he knew, not when it was bad enough to do the same with complete strangers.

As the elevator descended, he managed some sort of balance between the two mindsets. He was only getting away with ordering Aya around because of the mission, and he had more to do than pretend to be some asshole with a thing for showing off his slave. The false mindset was just a precaution in case Crawford’s information on Oh’s telepath was false and she did indeed scan his mind. After Schu had reported that the telepath was a woman and not a man, as previously assumed, it was decided that every precaution should be taken.

Aya held his coat closed while they went from elevator to limousine, and once inside of it he removed the mask tucked into his sleeve and tied it on. Entranced by the exotic creature beside him, Yohji pulled his lover onto his lap and commenced to kiss him breathless. Aya’s hand clutched at the loose, unbuttoned dark gold silk shirt he wore and uttered such soft, needy little moans that Yohji once more wanted to fuck him right then and there. His hands clenched into fists that settled into the small of Aya’s back as he had to content himself with just kissing his lover, with just grinding his hips against Aya’s as he thought about what they could do once they were back home.

The ride to the club was one of the most torturous ones he’d ever had to endure. By the time the car came to a stop they were both left panting for air and utterly frustrated. Yohji forced himself to take a few deep breaths while Aya slid from his lap and settled on the floorboards beside his feet. He ran his hands through his hair and fought for composure, straightened his shirt and adjusted himself as best he could with such tight pants.

When the door opened up, he realized they were in another underground garage and parked right in front of a huge steel door guarded by a guy dressed in a very expensive suit who was twice as wide as Yohji. Getting out of the car, he straightened his shirt a little more and held his hand out for Aya. Eyes once more downcast and demeanor entirely too meek to be real, Aya stood beside Yohji, the slightest bit back and held out his wrist to be grasped. As he did so, his coat billowed out to expose his costume. There was no hiding the fact that his cock was hard and wet beneath the skimpy panties. That, along with his tousled long hair, bruised, wet lips and marked neck really did make him appear as if he’d just been fucked and rather well at that.

Yohji caught the guard staring at Aya for a moment and cleared his throat as loud as he could. At the signal, Aya reached into his corset to pull out a small, golden token stamped with an intricate knot design. Without saying a word, Yohji took it from his lover and held it out to the guard. The man accepted it without a word uttered, examined it closely for a moment before he nodded and moved to open the door.

Yohji wasn’t sure he wanted to know how Crawford had managed to get him the token but was relieved that it had gotten them inside with very little fuss. Aya could have always mentally ordered the guard but the less they used their power against anyone other than the targets, the better. As they prepared to enter the club, they both mentally enforced the false personas and quieted their thoughts.

The door must be either very thick or well insulated because as soon as it was opened, sound rushed out. Instead of some silly techno music or something industrial, Yohji heard classical music over a mix of laughter, moans and indistinct voices. Smiling slightly to himself in anticipation, he led Aya into the club.

/Schu, we’re here,/ Aya said as quietly as possible over their link.

Relief, lust and affection flowed over it in response. /Great. Get to work so I can go home, all right?/ There was a sense of loneliness to Schu’s greeting, and the ache in Yohji and Aya’s heads eased a little bit. Feeling so much better now that he’d heard from Schu, Yohji took a deep breath and looked around the club.

Ke Zhi definitely had a thing for rope and knots. Curtains were formed out of braided ropes while chandeliers dangled from them, intricate knots formed patterns on the walls and lush fabric was draped everywhere. He got the impression of a very large chamber broken into smaller sections by fabric walls, shadowed alcoves alive with the sounds of pleasure and pain. And then there were the club’s inhabitants.

He earned several questioning looks as he entered, as well as appreciative and yearning ones. Knowing that he looked as good as sin, he smiled indulgently at the club patrons as he made his way through the crowd. It was pretty easy to spot the slaves from the masters here as some people apparently were really into the concept of leashes or other restraints. Also – but not always – the slaves wore a lot less clothes, if any, than their owners. Some of that group seemed to think that clothes were optional so, all together, there was a lot of flesh on display.

But there were a lot of elaborate costumes as well, so Aya didn’t stand out too much for the fact that he wasn’t practically naked. After they checked him out, Yohji noticed everyone’s attention settle on his lover, saw the expressions change from appreciative to downright lustful. He tightened his grip on Aya’s waist and came to a halt, pulled Aya into his arms and kissed him as ardently as he could. As Aya moaned and melted against him, he slid his hands down his lover’s sides, beneath the coat and bunched it over to the side. His hands squeezed Aya’s ass through the flimsy skirt, lifted it enough so he could push down the panties a bit.

/Yohji./ Aya’s voice was very quiet and deep inside of his mind, in the Munin part of his thoughts. There was a bit of a warning to it as well as some discomfort.

/Slaves don’t object like this, Aya,/ he explained as he continued to grope his lover in public. /Now drop your shields, as planned./ Neither of them were very happy with this part of the mission but it couldn’t be avoided, according to Crawford and Schu. In order to fool the telepath, to draw her into Aya’s mind he had to lower the shields enough to give her access. The new shield that he’d developed with Schu would mask his true thoughts and keep his mind from being overwhelmed by the people around him as long as he didn’t come in physical contact with them. But it would still cripple his talent somewhat, would lessen his ability to attack which was why Yohji was given the task of taking out the telepath. That and with his talent, he could slip past her shields instead of breaking them down like Schu or Aya would have to do if they took her on. While she wasn’t quite in their league, she was still powerful enough that she’d sense what was happening and cause some trouble.

There was a brief spark of anger and dislike from Aya and then he complied. He moaned deep in his throat and clutched at Yohji as the emotions of the club’s guests poured into him. Caught up in the onslaught through their link, Yohji swayed for a few seconds before he blocked it just enough to tamp down the flow. He could still feel Aya’s emotions and sense his thoughts, but not as much as usual.

/You better keep a close eye on him, Blondie./ Schu’s voice was very faint but still managed to convey worry and anger. /If he’s hurt…./ He tried for some false bluster but it just turned into worry.

/I won’t let anything bad happen to him, Schu, I promise. Now go away,/ Yohji snapped at the idiot, concerned that Schu would get caught.

Soft laughter filled his head. /I should be fine. Now that you and Aya are so close, I barely need to project at all to be heard. Besides, Oh’s little dog is too busy sniffing around all the guests tonight to worry about me. I’ve been a good boy all week – which can’t be said for you./ This time Schu did manage a rather nasty tone, but it was somewhat diminished by jealousy.

/Not now, Schu./ Content that he’d put on enough of a show, Yohji reluctantly broke off the kiss and wrapped his left arm around a thoroughly dazed Aya’s shoulders. Checking his afflicted lover’s thoughts, he found the surface ones heavily influenced by the lust and pleasure that Aya felt but deep down, Vortex was waiting. Even as the emotions in the club washed through him, Aya’s power reached out to all the minds to draw them in even more. Yohji doubted it was something that Aya could manage forever but hopefully it wouldn’t be too long before Oh’s telepath took the bait.

Smoothing his hand along Aya’s coat, he searched out someplace where they could sit down, someplace still public but that wasn’t as exposed as standing in the middle of a large room. People gathered around them, drawn by the display or Aya, interest and want plain on their faces. When one particularly daring gentleman stepped forward, Yohji tightened his arm around Aya’s shoulders and shook his head. "No," was all he said, but the starkness of his voice brooked no dissent.

The man, dressed in an Armani suit that looked an awful lot like one of Crawford’s, paused in his advance and arched an eyebrow. "But you haven’t even heard my offer yet," he said, his voice and demeanor perfectly civil.

Yohji matched it as he answered. "No, I haven’t but I’m not really interested. I’m here to see what Ke Zhi has to offer, not to share what I already have."

Silence met that statement, and then the man bowed his head and stepped back. No one else took his place, either convinced that Yohji was serious or willing to wait and see what developed as the night went on. From Aya’s thoughts he picked up the impression that, as someone unknown, they preferred to give him a bit of space tonight. He wasn’t about to be accepted with open arms into the club, which made sense, and any chance he had of returning would be determined by his actions tonight.

As he stood there, a young woman dressed in a sheer robe and little else walked past with a tray of what looked to be white wine. /Schu, are the drinks safe?/ Yohji asked as he grabbed a glass and smiled in the face of the anger he felt from Aya over the drink.

/Yes. The club doesn’t want to chance having its patrons receive a possibly bad mix of drugs so the drinks are fine. But just the drinks – you’ll probably get some offer soon for drugs and trust me, they’re real./ Schu was still worried about Aya but did his best to mask the emotion. There was also the impression that he was very busy, which Yohji didn’t doubt considering all the people inside of the club. While it wasn’t packed, between the patrons’, their companions and the staff there had to be over a hundred people here.

As he sipped the very good wine, Yohji led a very quiet Aya through the club. Everyone gave them a bit of distance, but once someone did trail their hand along Aya’s ass. When he felt the touch, Yohji was ready to toss the glass at the asshole before Aya sent him reassurance that he was fine. Pissed off at being treated like that by someone other than Schu and Yohji and perfectly willing to castrate the stranger, but unaffected by the contact. Very grateful for both the long coat and the fact that Aya’s rage was hidden deep down, Yohji managed to continue walking.

Off to the side of the room was a series of couches. They were set so the people seated could have as clear a view of the open area of the club as possible – and vice versa, Yohji realized as he noticed the groups of people scattered about the furniture. On one of the couches was a naked woman surrounded by two men who used their mouths and hands to make her scream in pleasure, and on another was a women bent over the back while a younger woman with a strap-on fucked her. As Yohji led Aya to the area, the girl with a strap-on stopped thrusting and moved aside for a guy with one of the biggest cocks Yohji had ever seen. The fucked woman’s scream just then wasn’t entirely full of pleasure but she didn’t try to get away from the man, in fact she pressed her hips back against him.

/Yohji.…/ A low moan escaped Aya and he stumbled against Yohji. Stopping to steady his lover, Yohji had to block a little more of their link as lust/pleasure/pain made Aya tremble and close his eyes. A few feet away, a young man in an even tighter pair of leather pants than Yohji’s and no shirt moaned in time with Aya, clearly affected by Aya’s talent. Wondering what the hell was going to happen if they stayed here too long, Yohji inwardly cursed the club’s telepath and wished she got her ass into gear.

/Are you all right?/ he asked with growing concern that was echoed by Schu.

Aya nodded and closed his eyes. /Too much emotion. It makes me…./ He shook his head as he fell silent, his private thoughts masked once more.

Growing even more about his lover, Yohji pulled a distracted Aya closer to the couches, and when two men who had been busy placing clamps along each other’s exposed arms and chests moved away, he sat down. Mindful of appearances, he motioned for his lover to kneel down beside his legs. Hunched over like that, Aya’s body was mostly hidden by the long coat and should keep him safe from any accidental – or not – touches as people pressed against the back of the couch. Yohji picked up their eagerness for a new display, for a chance to have the equivalent of front row seats and spared a dark thought for voyeurs. He’d always been more of a doer than a watcher.

Schu’s worried thoughts pushed into his mind. /Any luck yet?/

/No, dammit./ Yohji once more cursed the telepath. /Aya’s broadcasting pretty strongly, too./

/Yes, but there are a lot of minds here,/ Schu pointed out. /Even I’m having some trouble. Are you all right, Aya?/

Aya shifted closer to Yohji and rubbed his cheek against Yohji’s leg. /…Yes…./ He moaned again, the sound so decadent that Yohji’s cock twitched. /So many minds… but not hers. None of them are sharp enough./

Not quite sure what Aya meant by that but willing to take him at his word, Yohji stroked his hand through his lover’s hair and spared a thought about how good Aya would look if it were real. While not too crazy about the black color, he had to admit that Aya was even more gorgeous with it long. Schu agreed, and they spent a happy few seconds fantasizing about what they could do with all that long hair if it were real. There was a flash of annoyance from Aya but it was soon overwhelmed with more pleasure/pain. Looking around, Yohji saw that the woman on the couch had been arranged so that while the big guy, now lying on the couch, was still at it, the girl with the strap-on had joined in again and was fucking the woman in the ass at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, another guy just as well hung as the first approached them and grabbed the woman by her hair. Most of the people by the couches milled around the now foursome, eager for the show. A few sent hopeful glances his and Aya’s way but when all he did was sip the wine, looked aside.

Dammit, they were here to put on a show, to draw the telepath out and they weren’t doing a very good job of it. But Yohji – as desperate as he was to fuck Aya thanks to the car ride here and all the pleasure and lust he felt through the link – was not about to bend his dazed lover over the couch and go at it. There were limits to what Aya and Schu would let him get away with, limits to what he himself felt comfortable with as well. He wouldn’t risk and degrade someone he loved like that. They’d just have to wait for Aya’s talent to draw the telepath to him.

/But we have to do something now,/ Aya whispered deep within Yohji’s mind. He seemed to be thinking about something but before Yohji could figure out what, Aya shifted closer and urged Yohji’s knees apart. His intent became quite clear when he settled between Yohji’s legs and began to unbutton his pants.

/Ayan,/ Yohji projected as he gasped in surprise. /There are other ways-/ He was cut off by an intense wave of need, Aya’s eyes almost pleading as his fingers worked on the pants’ buttons. All of Yohji’s thoughts of what sort of display they could put on – a lot of kissing, even more groping and stroking and a bit of pinching, some exposed flesh on both of their parts but not too much – disappeared at the realization that Aya, *Aya* was going to give him a blowjob in public. What was even more shocking was that there was a part of Aya that didn’t mind what he was about to do.

/Aya! Stop it, dammit! What the hell did you do to him, Kudoh?/ Schu screamed in their minds. /That’s not- ow! Dammit, Aya!/

Amidst the confusion in Aya’s mind, Vortex made a quick appearance. /Ruin this mission and you’ll never get another blowjob from me in your life,/ he promised, and even Yohji shivered at the cold intent behind the threat. /This is the best possible means to get attention and as long as Yohji doesn’t object, I see no reason why you should./

Schu immediately began to sulk, his emotions a mix of shock, upset and anger. There was no doubt in his mind where the anger was directed. /If I wouldn’t have both Aya and Crawford after my ass, Blondie, I’d be right there kicking yours. Take care of that damn telepath soon so I can kill Oh and then you./ The threat was mostly empty as it lacked real menace, but Yohji could pick up on how truly upset and jealous Schu felt just then. He actually felt a little sorry for his lover – and then Aya’s hand was on his cock.

He hissed out loud as Aya carefully freed it from his pants, then actually whimpered when his lover pulled away a little. But all Aya did was shrug out of the coat before he leaned in closer once again, his right hand wrapped around Yohji’s cock as his left brushed back and forth against his own thighs, right beneath the skirt’s hem.

Picking up his lover’s intention, Yohji grasped Aya’s chin and held him still. "Bring me off, but not yourself. You haven’t been the best little slut you could be tonight, after all. And I want it to last, too," he loudly declared.

/Enjoy the role-playing while it lasts, Yohji. Next time, you’ll be the ‘little slut’./ There was a hint of a smile from Aya when his chin was released and then he ducked his head. Yohji reached out to tuck back the long hair so he could see Aya’s face, then leaned back against the couch in anticipation of what was to come.

Granted, the sight of one guy sucking off another probably wasn’t much of a show for this club, but it did attract a fair amount of attention. Then, as Yohji’s pleasure grew at the feel of Aya’s hand and tongue on his flesh, as Aya picked up on that emotion as well as everything else from the club, the web that Aya’s talent had spun grew stronger. More people became caught up in what they were doing, drawn toward their couch and Yohji had to smirk for a few seconds before he groaned in delight. He was enough of an exhibitionist to enjoy what was happening, to delight in seeing the naked want and envy on the people’s faces around him.

Then Aya put his mouth to good use and he was hard pressed to keep his thoughts even slightly rational. In the back of his mind Schu was swearing up a storm, unable to enjoy what he felt because of the partial block on their link and the fact that they were in the middle of a mission. There was an actual sense of pain from Schu, one that worried Yohji but that he couldn’t do anything about right now. Promising his lover that he and Aya would make this past week up to him somehow, Yohji mentally pushed himself as deep into Aya’s mind as he dared and waited for the sensation of another mind to join in.

Dammit, Aya was too good at blowjobs. Yohji’s eyes almost rolled into the back of his head as his cock was engulfed by his lover’s hot, moist mouth, when Aya’s throat muscles rippled around him. Faithfully obeying his orders, Aya purposely drew things out, would suck hard and long enough to drive Yohji right to the brink and then pull back a little, would spend the next minute licking all around Yohji’s cock and nipping with his lips at Yohji’s balls before he would take Yohji deep down his throat once more. He didn’t set up any strict pattern, would alter things just enough to drive Yohji mad with anticipation, and all the while Schu very quietly bitched up a storm. Oddly enough, Yohji was grateful for it as it helped to keep his thoughts mostly centered on the mission. But fuck, Aya made that so damn difficult.

For his part, Aya slowly stroked himself the entire while, languid pumps of his cock that didn’t threaten to push him over the edge but made him squirm between Yohji’s legs, made him wiggle his sexy ass. With his panties pushed down his thighs, the people behind him got quite the show, and more than a few talked rather longingly about removing the butt plug and replacing it with something they held much more dear. They held back, however, kept at bay by Yohji’s threatening glares and refusal to indicate that they could partake in the fun.

What seemed to be half the club eventually gathered near them, jostled each other to get the best view. All around were people falling to their knees to mimic what Aya did, so many examples of fellatio and cunnilingus that Yohji was half tempted to laugh at everyone caught up in Aya’s desires. Then he noticed a figure standing a little bit apart from everyone. At first he thought it was a man, a rather young, androgynous one at that dressed in a loose jacket of the same style as Aya’s coat. The man had chin-length black hair and a very focused look to his dark eyes.

As the stranger stood there, Yohji felt cold chills run through his body as something… something that didn’t belong slid into Aya’s mind. Befuddled with ecstasy as he was, it took him a moment to realize that the cold presence belonged to Oh’s telepath. Dragging his thoughts away from the pleasure Aya made him feel, he quieted them down and focused them as much as possible. He could feel Aya’s revulsion at having another talent in his mind but it was buried deep enough to not be perfectly clear on the surface. As the telepath frowned and probed deeper into Aya’s mind, Yohji wiggled the palm of his right hand out of his glove and pressed it against Aya’s jaw.

The contact of skin against skin kicked his power into gear and enabled him to sink into the telepath’s mind as well as his lover’s. He suffered for a terribly disconcerting few seconds while his talent struggled to fix on one of the two minds, and then Aya gave the underside of his cock a not too tender nip. The pain helped him to concentrate and he quickly flowed into the telepath’s mind.

In there, he realized that she mistook Aya’s disgust at her presence as his dislike for being forced to perform oral sex in public. He smiled in relief at that and then once assured that she wasn’t able to breach Aya’s new shields and discover his true persona, got busy with the task at hand. Since the telepath was so distracted by Aya, by his emotions and his talent that pulled her in, she didn’t even notice Yohji’s intrusion. Feeling a surge of pleasure from the fact that Aya was focusing on the blow job once more to mask his true thoughts, Yohji uttered a curse and then forced himself to look for the information Grau needed.

The main target, Oh, considered his telepath the most secure system of communication available. Inside her head was all the information Grau could usually find on computers or through phone taps or even riffling through various underlings’ minds and memories. Oh had done a very good job of covering his tracks by only relying on a telepath raised from childhood to serve him but he’d forgotten something very important. She was powerful, but not that powerful. He might consider himself something rare in having one of her talent as his personal slave but when compared to the organizations that really ran the world, he was just an oddity. The telepath – Xuimei – wasn’t even powerful enough to attract Esset or Kritiker’s attention. Yohji almost felt sorry for her before he went through her memories and found out how much she enjoyed putting her talent to use to hurt people or bend them to her – or Oh’s – will.

Wanting to get the mission over with so Aya could restore his shields, Yohji set about doing his job. Disassociating himself from both what his body felt and his link with Aya, he concentrated on collecting all the information that Grau needed. Thankfully, that didn’t take too long as Xuimei didn’t have much in the way of personal shields nor had she the inclination or training to hide the information from a mindscan. Both she and Oh had greatly overestimated her talent. Once the information was collected, he opened up his link with Schu and sent it. Now Grau could take down Oh and his empire.

/Thanks. Now finish the job and get Aya out of here. All these minds are really affecting him,/ Schu scolded. They shared a moment of worry and then Yohji wished his lover good luck in his assignment of tracking down and killing Oh.

/Be careful, okay? Aya won’t be happy if you get hurt,/ he sent in parting.

Schu laughed quietly and gave him a pale echo of one of Aya’s mental whaps. /You’re the one who gets injured on missions, Yohji, not me. Now kill the bitch, put your dick back into your pants and get Aya out of here. And don’t even think of being injured during this mission,/ Schu warned. /Because I’m the one with dibs on your ass for the shit you pulled this past week. I can’t believe you did all of that stuff when I wasn’t there./

Yohji got the mental image of a pouting Schu and had to chuckle. /Later, Schu./ Then he stifled the link once more and unblocked the one he shared with Aya.

The amount of ecstasy and need he felt literally shook him for a few seconds, made it so very difficult to think. But the sensation of Xuimei inside of Aya’s mind reminded him of the last thing he needed to do. Reaching for Aya’s talent, he managed to use it to send a vicious mental attack deep inside of her brain, utterly destroying it the same time he shoved her out of Aya’s mind. The ease of how Aya’s talent managed to do that left him more than a little frightened – and then his body took over and there went the ability to think.

He let out a loud cry as he came in Aya’s mouth, body trembling from bliss as his lover mentally forced the orgasm. All around them, people cried out as they came as well, overwhelmed by the emotions that poured into them via Aya’s talent. Aya hurriedly swallowed and pulled away, semen dribbling down his mouth as he let out a low, exhausted moan.

When he finally came back to his senses, Yohji realized that Aya had triggered his orgasm to mask Xuimei’s death. The people gathered around them were too dazed from what they had experienced to notice the body slumped on the floor over by the wall, and he had a feeling that they wouldn’t be able to see it for some time to come. Those who hadn’t been affected by his release were too busy screwing each other’s brains out to care the slightest about what was going on around them.

/Yohji./ Aya’s voice was strong and clear in his head, the link between them fully restored. All traces of Aya’s false personality were gone. /We need to get out of here./

Yohji groaned in response and covered his eyes with his hands. /Give me a few seconds, okay? It’s not every day you give me one hell of a blow job in public./ As he sent back the reply, he could feel Aya unblocking their link with Schu as well, and he gasped at the feel of being back in both of his lovers’ minds once more, no longer impeded by any blocks. With the telepath dead, there was no reason for them to hide their link or talents any longer.

/What did I say about putting your dick back in your pants, huh, Blondie?/ The sense of annoyance, envy and concentration from Schu made him smile. /I’ve almost tracked down Oh, you wouldn’t believe the set-up below the club. Once he’s dead, I’m out of here. You two better get out now./ There was more concentration from Schu as he killed a bodyguard unlucky enough to be in his way. /Oh, and Aya? You now owe me one blow job in my choice of a place./

Aya uttered a surprisingly savage growl as he reached for his coat and pulled it on. Yohji knew that more than anything his lover wanted to whap Schu but wouldn’t risk it while Schu handled Oh. The German idiot got a bit of a reprieve.

/Get ready, Yohji./ At least Aya’s anger was directed at Schu, but Yohji shivered a little in the face of his lover’s emotions and fierce glare. /The effect on the people here won’t last for long, and I’m not about to lower my shields again./ Not when he’d used his talent so much the past hour and was more than a little disturbed by what he’d felt during that time. He reached into the sleeve of his coat and pulled out a handkerchief to whip clean his face before he handed it to Yohji.

Smiling in gratitude, Yohji accepted it and quickly put himself to rights while Aya contacted Crawford to let him know they were done with their part of the mission. While he would have liked to enjoy the moment a little more, they did need to get out of here before the shit hit the fan. /All right, let’s go home./ He rose to his feet and gave Aya a hand up. His lover leaned against him for a moment, then Aya hugged his coat tightly around his body and headed for the door. No one seemed to notice either him or Yohji as they left.

Once they were out of the club, Aya pulled off the mask and the wig while he searched for the car that Crawford had left for them. Yohji missed the limousine but had to admit that the black Subaru sedan would attract less attention for the ride home.

"There it is," he told Aya as he pointed it out. Again reaching into his sleeves, Aya pulled out a set of keys. "Gods, Ayan, what’s next, a rabbit?" Yohji teased as he waited for his lover to unlock the doors.

He got an arched eyebrow in response. "I might be wearing a skirt but I draw the line at a purse, Yohji." Now that their part in the mission was over, Aya seemed to have picked up a bit of humor over his costume. But Yohji knew better than to expect Aya to ever wear that particular outfit again.

The shadows to the left of the car blurred and then Schu came to a stop, slightly out of breath from using his enhanced speed. "Yeah, I doubt you could find one big enough to carry your katana in it so why bother?" he joked as he approached Aya. "Though you look damn fine in a skirt, mein kleines Veilchen." He stroked the sleeve of Aya’s coat as he uttered the endearment, then used it to pull Aya close enough for a kiss.

Since the doors were unlocked, Yohji settled in the back of the car to give his lovers a moment together. There was some jealousy at the fact that he had to share Aya once more, but mostly he was glad just to have Schu back.

/I’ll remind you of that the next time you’re cursing me out,/ Schu teased as he sat up front, in the passenger’s seat. /Now come here./ While Aya started the car, Yohji found himself yanked forward for one hell of a kiss. /I’m still gonna kick your ass for what you did this week,/ he was warned while Schu did his best to suck out all the air in his lungs.

Threading his fingers through his lover’s hair, Yohji gave the strands a firm tug. /Hey, don’t blame me, blame Crawford. Aya needed to be prepared for tonight and Crawford was the one to send you away for a week. I keep telling you this but you never listen – you really need to stop pissing that man off so much./ He did his best to match Schu’s enthusiasm, and it wasn’t until the car went over a speed bump that they broke apart.

A little breathless after such an impassioned kiss, Yohji glanced at Aya and was surprised to see his other lover smiling as if he knew a secret. /Aya?/

/Sit back, Yohji. And keep your hands to yourself, Schu. I want to get us home in one piece,/ Aya warned. When a smirking Schu didn’t seem to get the hint and was determined to check out what was underneath Aya’s skirt, he got a mental whap.

"Dammit, I’m gone for a week and this is what I get when I come back," Schu sulked as he slunk down into the seat. "Do you have any idea how awful it was to be left out like that for so long?" He used the rearview mirror to send a glare Yohji’s way. "And don’t even get me started over what you two did the entire time I was gone."

/Good, then I won’t have to bring up the fact that it wasn’t much more than what you had hoped to do while Yohji was injured,/ Aya pointed out. And since he had brought up the taboo subject of that disastrous mission, neither Yohji nor Schu were willing to continue the conversation. Not when they could sense anger still simmering inside of their lover over the matter.

So all Schu did was sniff and sink further into the seat. "You two promised to make it up to me."

There was silence for a moment, and then Aya uttered an exasperated sigh. /Can it wait until we get home? Nothings happening before I get out of this outfit./ He squirmed in the seat, and they could feel his discomfort at how he was dressed, his desire to remove the butt plug. Since he wore it during a mission, it wasn’t the type that afforded him much pleasure but just kept him stretched.

Daring to lean over, Schu placed a kiss right below Aya’s left ear. /I get to be the one to remove it. You owe me that much./ There was an image of Schu cutting off the straps and pulling the plug out, only to fill Aya’s ass with his cock immediately afterward. Both Yohji and Aya responded with a wave of lust.

"Gutt." Then Schu crawled into the backseat and poked Yohji in the ribs. "Until then, you can make it up to me. I think you owe me a blow job as well." He smirked as he unzipped the black pants that were part of his bartender uniform.

Well, it was hard to argue with that, Yohji thought with a wry smile as he leaned forward. While Aya partially blocked his end of the link to ensure that they got home in one piece, Yohji licked his lips and gently grasped Schu’s cock. An inexplicable wave of desire washed through him, a desperate need to touch more of his lover, to taste him after so long apart. All three of them moaned in unison as they shared the emotion, and Yohji could no longer hold himself back. He parted his lips to take the head of Schu’s cock between them, his tongue darting out to lap at the precum that leaked out of its tip.

/Holy fuck,/ Schu swore, his fingers buried in Yohji’s hair. /Don’t you dare make me come, all right? Just make me feel so good that I don’t want to kick your ass anymore./

Taking the cock deeper into his mouth, Yohji mentally smirked and sent an image of himself naked and on all fours. /Wouldn’t you rather do that with my ass?/

Schu groaned loudly and thrust his hips forward. /Oh hell, yes. You owe me a week’s worth of fucks, Blondie, you and Aya both. Don’t even expect to leave the bedroom for a few days because I’m gonna make up for that lost time and then some./ He continued to thrust into Yohji’s mouth, to drive his cock in deep and Yohji, the best of them at deep-throating, joyfully allowed him to do so. It just wasn’t out of guilt for the past few days but he imagined Schu thrusting into his ass instead and couldn’t hold back a moan. More than anything he wanted to touch himself just then but was afraid that if he did, he might come.

So instead he concentrated on what his lover was feeling and did many of the same things that Aya had done for him back in the club. He teased Schu with his tongue, lips and teeth, took him in deep only to let him go a few seconds later, to suck on his balls and lick all over his cock. All the while Schu swore in German and Japanese, sent him images of what he’d do once they were out of the car. It was a very enjoyable ride home, even if Yohji’s jaw was a bit sore at the end of it.

When the car came to a halt, Schu was a trembling, panting heap on the backseat and Yohji wasn’t much better. Aya unblocked their link as he turned off the engine, and they were whole once more, three minds and bodies desperate for each other. Aya was the first one to reach the elevator because he could at least walk normally while Yohji and Schu stumbled after him, and he held the elevator open for them.

Once the doors were closed, Aya’s coat hit the floor. He stood in the center of the elevator in *that* outfit, cock straining against wet panties, his shirt unbuttoned and partially pulled out of the corset enough to expose some of his chest.

Horny as hell and finally able to do something about it, Yohji surged forward and wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist while his mouth sought out one of Aya’s puckered nipples. He skipped the foreplay and clamped his teeth on it, not enough to break skin but enough to make Aya cry out his name and jerk against him. Not about to be left out now, Schu pressed against Aya’s back, his hands going beneath the skirt to grasp Aya’s cock.

/You let him spank you, let him play with you and get you off with toys,/ Schu growled in their minds as he stroked Aya. /I didn’t get a chance to play at all. You owe me, little ingrate, you *owe* me./ The words were possessive enough to raise Aya’s anger but he and Yohji could feel how much Schu had suffered to have been left out, how frustrated he’d been to only be able to share in their memories. So all Aya did was moan and send Schu an image of himself tied to the bed, naked and exposed for Schu to do whatever he pleased.

/Oh yes. Yeessss./ Practically purring, Schu kissed from one side of Aya’s shoulders to the other. /You were Yohji’s little slave all week, and now you’ll be mine./ He looked up to glare at Yohji. /You’ll *both* be my slaves./

"Whatever, Schu," Yohji mumbled as he reached up and behind Aya to pull the idiot closer for a kiss. But something inside fluttered with delight at the idea of being at Schu’s beck and call, at having to do whatever Schu ordered. Caught between them, Aya moaned deep in his throat and clutched him and Schu close, his hips moving to rub against them both.

/You owe me,/ Schu repeated once more, jealousy fading as he felt how much they enjoyed the idea, how they weren’t going to argue against it for the world. The part of him that always tried to be the dominant one cheered in joy and Yohji had to laugh just then, at Schu getting what he always wanted. "Damn straight I get what I want," the bastard muttered, just as the elevator door opened.

"This time you do," was Aya’s tart response, and he pushed Schu out of the elevator as he spoke. "If you ever want a similar opportunity again, you better make it good." Once they were out of the elevator, he pressed against Schu for an ardent kiss. /Missed you. Bastard./

/Missed you, too. Both of you./ At Yohji’s surprise at being included like that, Schu blindly reached out and pulled him close. /You’ve got one hell of a fuckable mouth, Blondie./ Yet the emotions Yohji felt seemed to imply that there was more of a reason than that, something along the lines of affection and need that made him shake his head to clear it before he began to nibble on Schu’s neck. Now wasn’t the time to think but to fuck.

/Exactly. Payback starts now,/ Schu crowed, his hands once more beneath Aya’s skirt.

"Bedroom," Aya managed to stutter out, his eyes tightly closed in reaction to the pleasure that coursed through him at Schu’s touch. "Let me get out of-"

/No. *Now*./ Schu pulled back with a frown and searched his pockets for something, which turned out to be a little knife. "You gave Yohji a blow job in front of an audience, you can let me fuck you here. I’m not waiting any longer." He didn’t care if the rest of Grau returned from the mission to find them screwing each other in the hallway, and Yohji had to admit that he wasn’t much concerned, either. Not after the last few hours.

Aya seemed about ready to argue – and then Schu sent a mental image of what he wasn’t willing to wait any longer to do. A needy whimper slipped free as Aya gave in, and both Yohji and Schu smirked in victory. While Yohji shed his shirt and worked in unbuttoning his pants, Schu flipped open the tiny knife.

"And you’re not changing. I want to play with you like this a little longer," he said as he deftly used the knife to cut the leather straps that held the butt plug in place and then tossed it aside. "Just get rid of the panties – they’re in the way," he ordered, his hands busy with the zipper on his pants.

Trembling with desire, Aya did as he was told. /I better get a turn at being in charge,/ he sent, the closest to a sulk that Yohji had ever heard from him. /You two like this a little too much./

/Yeah, but we make you feel so good./ Yohji pulled Aya in close for a kiss, his fingers seeking out his lover’s nipples to pinch. /Didn’t you have fun this past week? Gods, Aya, how many times did you get off, hmmm? I know I lost count./ He dug up memories of the last few days while Schu cursed and fought to get out of his uniform, all three of them turned on past the point of rational thought by how Aya had done whatever he had been told, how he had enjoyed the submissive role.

/Both of you are bastards./ Aya moaned into Yohji’s mouth as Schu pressed against his back, hands stroking along his thighs and ass. /You always take advantage of things. You- ah!/ He broke off the kiss with a gasp when Schu’s fingers touched the base of the plug. "Dammit," he choked out, eyes closed in ecstasy and legs spreading apart. "Not fair."

No, not fair but neither Yohji nor Schu gave a damn, really. Not when there was a part of Aya that was still afraid of their relationship, still ready to break things off if given an excuse. He suddenly realized that was why they pushed so much, why they did take thorough advantage of Aya’s weaknesses. As long as they were inside Aya’s mind, his body, then he couldn’t close his heart to them and walk away.

/We’re never letting go, little violet,/ Schu said for the both of them as he worked out the plug. /Part of you at least realizes that and isn’t afraid to give in to us, even if just as a game. And we’ll use it against you as many times as we have to until you give up,/ he promised, his and Yohji’s love for the stubborn idiot burning over the link. /But go ahead and struggle a little more, we like it./

"Bastards," Aya spat out, but his emotions told a different story. Instead of being furious he was uncertain yet grateful, part of him mollified by the promise. Yohji figured that he’d revert back to normal once the sex was done and give him and Schu one hell of a headache but the truth had been told.

/We’ll just have to keep fucking him until he’s too worn out to whap us,/ Schu sent privately. /And then we’ll tell him that he can’t have his turn in charge if he kills us, which should keep us alive a little longer./

/So shut up and fuck him already, you idiot,/ Yohji shot back as his fingers left Aya’s nipples to tangle in his hair. "Make me happy, Ayan, grow out your hair," he whispered against his lover’s lips, just as Schu pulled out the butt plug.

"Ah!" Aya didn’t fight being pulled down to his knees, in fact would have fallen down if Yohji and Schu hadn’t caught him and eased him down. As soon as he was on his knees, Schu thrust inside of him with a loud grunt, thoroughly filled the emptiness left from the toy.

/Both of us, Ayan. Show us how much you want us both./ Aya shivered at Schu’s image and eagerly bent forward to give Yohji his second blow job of the night. Not about to complain, not when he couldn’t really enjoy the first one, Yohji leaned back and propped his arms against the floor for support. Lost in the sensation of Schu thrusting inside of Aya, of Aya’s body clenching around Schu’s cock it was just one more intense burst of pleasure when Aya’s lips wrapped around his cock. Yohji groaned in happiness and ecstasy as his hips rocked forward, as one hand moved from the floor to Aya’s hair.

So desperate for this the last few days, Schu set a demanding pace, one they all welcomed after so much frustration that night. He pushed as deeply as possible inside of Aya, pushed him forward to take Yohji’s cock down his throat, then pulled him back to be pounded into again. All the while, Aya’s mind delved deeper inside of theirs as they thrust into his body, pulled them in so far that reality began to blur. Instead of three people they were one, the ecstasy became the same only more potent, more overwhelming with each second.

Yohji clenched his hand and felt the strands of hair against his skin, felt the skirt’s fabric bunch in his grasp. His cock was sucked, gripped and stroked at the same time, his body thrust into just as his cock was eagerly taken in, the pleasure so intense that he couldn’t stop moving, couldn’t stop feeling because there was no way he was going to let go of it while it felt this *fucking* good.

There were the other emotions, too, feelings that just made the ecstasy that much more sharper, that much more deeper. Love and need and want, desire and acceptance and possessiveness. Linked as tightly as they were, they felt it all, shared equally in the emotions and for once there was no fear, jealousy or envy. There was no hiding from the truth here – their deep need for each other, their affections and hopes. Mixed with the physical pleasure it dwarfed what they felt in the club tonight, the pallid emotions from poor people too untalented to experience something like this.

The physical and emotional merged together, sensations shared over and over until it became a pure, blinding bliss. It felt like an explosion of sorts, something so powerful that it tore them apart into a million pieces that instantly reformed, a jumbled mess of Yohji/Aya/Schu. For a short eternity there were no shields, no secrets as they were entirely left bare to each other. Yet instead of fear or shame all they felt was ecstasy and love.

Then reality slowly settled in, inexorably pulled them apart. As their minds once more returned to separate entities, certain truths were dulled, cloaked in shadows to be examined another time. There was only so much they could face at one time, so much they could admit to at once.

Yohji lay sprawled out on the floor, Aya’s face pressed against his stomach, his lower body pinned by his lovers’ weight. Schu groaned from his position, draped over Aya’s back but didn’t seem inclined to move. None of them did, really. So they just lay there for several minutes, content to not move any time soon.

/At least, not until the elevator starts to move or about ten minutes from now, whichever happens first./ Aya’s voice, even exhausted and a little shook up, was the clearest Yohji had ever ‘heard’ before in his mind. As he lay there, he realized that both Schu and Aya were firmly embedded in his mind, were in places they’d never been before outside of sex. The intense intimacy that usually faded after they came appeared to be permanent, now. Part of him was scared by that but it felt so *good*.

"Yeah, until one of us has a hangover or is… sick," Schu replied. "Fuck, I wonder if this is what Crawford meant about being a triumvirate." He sighed in exasperation and then placed a kiss on Aya’s right shoulder. "I knew he was up to something with this mission. It was too convenient that I had to go away for a week and be blocked from you two."

Flowing through Yohji’s mind, Aya found memories of the early morning conversation from over a week ago. Considering what they’d just shared, Yohji didn’t care that the truth was found out, though he gingerly removed his arms from Aya when his lover’s temper flared.

/Submissive? He wants me to be more submissive? That’s why I had to dress up like this tonight?/ Aya’s thoughts were so indignant just then that Yohji wondered if he’d be able to shake off his lovers and crawl a safe distance away.

However, Schu wasn’t scared off by Aya’s attitude. /He has a point, Aya. Not about the clothes, no!/ Schu was quick to backtrack when Aya looked over his shoulder and glared. /But about… well, you need to rein things in a little./ He shared his memories of the last mission, of Aya’s reaction to Yohji’s injury. /You’re so damn powerful already, and you keep getting stronger. How are we supposed to stop you?/ Schu asked, his thoughts plaintive and worried. He was concerned about Aya going too far, of burning out his talent by not knowing when to stop – or worse. His memories of time spent at Rosenkreuz made all three of them shiver in fear. He’d seen people less talented than Aya taken in and twisted, turned into monsters driven by their talents and he didn’t want that to happen to his lover. There came a point when the power could take over, when its wielder lived only to put it to use.

His glare fading, Aya sighed softly and lay back on Yohji’s stomach. /I only get like that when you two are in danger./ They could feel his fear – both at Schu’s memories and at the thought of losing them. /Stop being such idiots and it shouldn’t happen again./

Stroking his fingers through Aya’s hair, Yohji offered his lover a smile along with the caress. /We’ll do our best but it’s the nature of our work, Ayan. We won’t die on you but we’re gonna get wounded during a mission sooner or later. All we ask… is don’t shut us out. Allow us to be able to reach you if you threaten to go too far./ Which was easier said then done, they all knew, but necessary just the same.

Aya sighed again and rested his chin on Yohji. "I don’t think I can shut you out now if I really wanted to, not during something like that," he admitted, his deep voice hushed with emotion.

"Which just goes to prove my theory that Crawford made me suffer on purpose." Grunting as he moved, Schu managed to sit upright and ran his hands through his hair. "He probably knew what would happen after us spending so much time apart. How much you wanna bet he keeps doing things like this to us to make us more powerful?" None of them were very happy at the thought, least of all Schu who knew he’d be the one singled out most of the time because Crawford delighted in torturing him the most. "And don’t say anything, Blondie. He deserves all the grief I give him after the past week," Schu insisted, his arms folded over his chest and his expression resentful.

Some people never seemed to learn, Yohji thought, and smiled when Schu’s expression turned murderous when he picked up on it. Holding up his hands in surrender, Yohji merely smiled and shook his head. /Wasn’t gonna say a thing, I promise./

"Asshole. Always think you’re right, don’t you?" Schu taunted, looking just like a pouting child.

Yohji couldn’t resist a smart comeback. "I don’t think, I know. I’m always proven right in the end," he chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Aya’s shoulders.

"My ass-"

/Schu./ With just a name and a very serious tone, Aya cut off Schu’s latest tirade. /I’m not in the mood to listen to you two bicker all night. If you’re going to do that, you can stay out here while I go to sleep./ He yawned in emphasis and slowly sat up, his hands moving to undo the corset’s lacings.

Sitting still during the reprimand, Schu swiftly moved when Aya tried to remove his outfit. "Hey, I didn’t tell you that you could take it off, did I? What happened to me being in charge tonight, huh?" he demanded to know as he batted Aya’s hands aside. Then, as if to cut off his lover’s anger, he jutted out his lower lip while hurt and jealousy flowed through the link. "You promised. I didn’t get to have any fun all week long while you and Yohji did nothing but play."

Aya tried to answer with a fierce scowl but Schu’s emotions wore him down, as did the fact that he had indeed promised. As his anger wavered, Schu slid his hands beneath the skirt and stroked the tops of Aya’s thighs. /I adore the garter belt, Ayan. That and the corset. It looks so gorgeous against your skin, the way it frames your sexy ass./ He leaned forward to kiss Aya, and after a mental nudge, Yohji sat up and pressed against Aya’s back, began to suck on that special spot that always made Aya melt. /Just the sight of it makes me want to fuck you again, to feel the tights against my thighs as I thrust into you, the way your nipples peak out above the corset just begging to be pinched or… clamped. Hmmm, we definitely need to break out the toys, little violet. Yohji and I can take turns spanking your ass, all the skin left bare and then we’ll take turns again ramming into you, filling you so many times it’ll spill out. Oh, wouldn’t that make such a pretty picture?/ Semen dripping down Aya’s red ass and thighs, onto the black tights stark against his skin, Aya sprawled out on the bed utterly wanton and begging for more. All of them groaned at the image, their bodies beginning to react. And with the strengthened link the emotions were even more powerful, more difficult to avoid.

Aya squirmed between them, fighting a losing battle with both them and himself. /You… you… oh, bastards… doing… it again…. Not… fair…./

Yohji reached around to grasp his lover’s hardening cock. /Seems your body thinks it’s more than fair. But if you really don’t want it, just tell us ‘no’. Just get up and walk away./ Both he and Schu loosened their hold in their lover, which caused him to mewl out loud like a lost kitten and clutch at them. Pressing his smirking lips against Aya’s neck, Yohji resumed stroking him, his own hardening cock nestled between Aya’s butt cheeks. /See, you just like playing hard to get./

Maybe that was taking things a little too far, since Aya managed to pull away and send a weak mental whap. "Listen, you bastard- ohh…. Unnn… ahhh," he moaned as Schu fondled his nipples with his fingers and, when Aya moaned again and stopped trying to move away, fastened his mouth to the right one.

/Oh yes, we’ll break out the clamps tonight./ Schu bit down firmly as he flashed back on Yohji’s memories of the past week. /And the strap. What else, Yotan?/

Not needing to think about it for too long, Yohji was very quick with his answer. /The hand restraints, definitely, and the blindfold./ Aya, cuffed to the bed and blind, unable to do anything but feel what was being done to him all night long. The image made Yohji groan and rock his hips forward. Gods, he loved being able to bounce back quickly after sex, one of the many benefits of the link. All they had to do was feel enough lust and their cocks were up and ready for more.

/Which is good because I plan to put mine to a *lot* of use tonight. You promised to be a good boy, too, Yotan,/ Schu reminded him. /I think that while I spank Aya the first time, you should put one of the vibrators to use. That way you’ll be nice and ready for when it’s your turn to be fucked./ The eagerness he felt from his lover, Schu’s barely contained desire to be buried deep inside of him, to make him scream was more than enough lust to make Yohji’s cock rock hard and being to leak. Especially when Aya’s emotions joined in, just as eager to get a turn at Yohji’s ass as Schu.

/But first, we have to deal with Aya,/ Schu said with a surprising hint of regret that soon faded as wonderful images filled his head. /So he needs to be a little more ‘submissive, eh? Guess we’ll do it the old-fashion way and just wear him down until he can’t fight any more./ Schu glanced at Yohji over Aya’s shoulder so they could share smug grins. "Good thing you got all that rope."

Aya stiffened between them, angry and more than a little apprehensive because he knew they were more than up for the challenge. "Wait a minute, I promised to be good for some fun and games, for a little sex. You’re taking this too seriously." He once more tried to get away but Yohji and Schu held on tightly and took savage advantage of all his weak points. "You…. Ooohh….." He managed one last clear thought as his body slowly relaxed into their ministrations. /I better damn well get my turn soon, and you’ll obey *everything*. Bastards./

It was funny how that name had become an endearment, Yohji thought with some amusement as he and Schu rose from the floor, Aya trapped between them. They promised their put-upon lover as they hustled him to the bedroom that he would indeed get his turn – and then shared a private promise that it wouldn’t be anytime soon. They might have the upper hand when it came to sex, two horny bastards against one poor Aya, but that wasn’t the case for the rest of the time. If they had to jump when Aya said so when out of the bedroom – and sometimes even while in it – then they’d take advantage of the times when they had the power and didn’t live in fear of painful headaches and frightening glares.

/And since we just completed a mission, we should have plenty of time to play,/ Schu gloated as he used his teeth to tug off one of Aya’s gloves.

/How much you want to bet we’ve also got Crawford’s permission for this, hmmm?/ Yohji couldn’t help but point out as he turned Aya to face him. Someone was getting a little grumpy at being left out of the conversation and needed to be distracted before his temper got out of hand. There was a thought from Aya that he’d get his revenge once he felt that his promise was satisfied, which strengthened Yohji’s resolve to enjoy this as much as possible.

/You better because when it’s my turn, the first thing I’m going to do is tie the both of you bastards up, shove vibrators up your ass, put on cock rings and leave you like that while I get some sleep,/ Aya grumbled even as he leaned against Yohji and deepened the kiss.

"Ach, forgot about the cock rings!" Schu crowed in delight as he began to search through the closet for the bags of goodies. "Now we’ll be able to fuck him all night long, Yotan."

Aya actually whimpered and wondered if he could somehow escape and hide in Farfarello’s room. Already having a pretty good hold on him, Yohji cut short his dash for freedom and pushed him onto the bed. "Ah, ah, ah, sweetie. Didn’t you say you don’t care about what happens during sex as long as it feels good?" He grinned and accepted the wrist restraints that Schu handed him. "We promise this will all feel very, very good."

Summoning one last, ferocious glare, Aya used it to hold them at bay for a few more seconds. "I *will* get you back for this," he threatened, then in ill grace held out his hands to be cuffed. "So you better damn well enjoy it while it lasts."

"Oh, we certainly will," Yohji and Schu said in unison. Minds filled with all the things they could do to their lover and each other for the next few days, they set about cuffing Aya to the bed and then enjoying the treat before them.


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