by nekojita


Yohji did his best to shift about in bed without disturbing any of the various aches and pains that had him flat on his back in the first place. His bruised ribs twinged in warning and his sprained right ankle actually hurt enough to make him suck in his breath, but what made him go still again was the hand lightly smacking into his right hip.

Aya was curled up in bed beside him, his head resting next to Yohji’s left shoulder and his left arm draped over Yohji’s hips. "Stop it," he hissed, a sleepy, grumpy presence that made being stuck in bed more than bearable.

"Sorry." Yohji smiled even as he disobeyed his lover and sore body so he could turn around enough to look at Aya. Doing his best to keep his right ankle on the pillow Ken had placed beneath it, he shifted about the same time that Aya grumbled under his breath and lifted up enough to face Yohji.

The bruises on the left side of Aya’s face were not pretty and he’d suffered a thankfully not too deep graze along his cheekbone, but nothing was broken and the concussion wasn’t too bad. While Aya had rather groggily picked himself off the ground after the explosion speaking German and seeing two of everything, his thick leather coat and gloves had kept him from getting too dinged up. Yohji couldn’t say the same, not when he’d been on the fire escape at the time, but he’d just missed out on some broken bones, too. His bruises were mostly from the chest down, as he’d been thrown off balance when the bomb went off and slid down the last flight or two.

"If only the fangirls could see us now," he teased, a tired smile on his face as he very gently tucked back the bangs that mostly obscured his lover’s gorgeous eyes. The left one was still partially swollen shut, but the restored clarity in those eyes made Yohji feel a lot better – as did the thought that a certain German telepath had to be either suffering a good bit the last day or blocking Aya out to avoid the pain.

Aya snorted, the sound soft and amused rather than annoyed or disdainful. "*I* at least can run from them now," he pointed out with the tiniest of smiles on his face. "Just think of how happy they would be to have a captive ‘Yohji-kun’ to squeal over." The smile remained even as a hint of jealousy crept into his deep voice.

Hearing that jealous tone made Yohji feel better than the damn pain pills he’d taken an hour ago. "Too bad the bomb didn’t pop my eardrums or that might make the whole situation bearable." He took advantage of Aya’s raised upper body to slide his arm around his lover’s shoulders. "Since there’s no fangirls here, I guess you’ll just have to do the squealing, love."

"Kudoh, my head may have been slammed pretty hard against concrete, but there’s *no* way that my concussion is that bad." Aya bared his teeth in a manner that had very little to do with smiling, so Yohji got the hint that the love of his life wasn’t in a very teasing mood at the moment. Doing his best not to laugh at how easy it was to rile Aya up on some days, he did his best to pull his boyfriend a little closer.

"Oh well, I guess I better take what I can get." He brushed his lips against Aya’s, a soft caress that none the less made every nerve of his body tingle in anticipation and excitement. There were very few ways to better spend the day than in bed with someone who was gorgeous and who loved you, he thought with happiness, more than willing to forget the reasons why they were in bed in the first place.

As if to prove that maybe he’d hit his head harder than any of Weiss had thought, Aya actually chuckled for a moment before he pulled away. "If my presence displeases you so much, I can always leave and find you someone else."

Aya of all people was actually smiling and joking with him – Yohji had to wonder if maybe he wasn’t the one who’d hit his head and was now hallucinating. But doubts or not over both their mental conditions, far be it for him to miss out on this chance to banter with his usually reserved lover. "Yeah, so why don’t you go fetch Ken, okay? He didn’t get injured much, and maybe it’s time that I switch back to brunettes for a while," he said with a saucy wink. "Plus, I’ve seen him work out and he’s pretty damn flexible."

So of course Ken chose that minute to enter the room, his atrocious sense of timing kicking in and derailing the moment that Yohji had been building with Aya. Their friend let out a dramatic sigh as he walked through the door that Omi insisted remain open in case they needed anything. "Omi, Yohji’s planning on molesting me," Ken called out as he deliberately changed direction so he could set the tray he was carrying on Aya’s nightstand. The loud noise didn’t do much for Aya’s lingering headache, Yohji was willing to bet when he saw his boyfriend wince and close his eyes.

"Oh, good, he’s getting better, then," Omi yelled back from what sounded to be his room down the hallway. Fortunately, his voice wasn’t so loud since he wasn’t the idiot yelling from only a few feet away.

That answer was clearly not what Ken expected to hear, his put-upon frown helping to restore Yohji’s good mood. "I don’t think you’re leaving the best of impressions on the chibi," Yohji couldn’t help but remark with a devilish grin. "Need some pointers, Ken-ken?"

"Why couldn’t you sprain your mouth, Yohji?" Ken muttered as he stepped back from the nightstand, his fists settling on his hips as he gave Yohji and Aya an assessing look-over. "I don’t think any make-up’s gonna cover those bruises, Aya, so you luck out of working in the shop for at least a week. How’s the headache?"

"Much better now that people aren’t screaming," Aya snapped while he rubbed his right temple.

Ken’s expression instantly turned very contrite. "Ah, sorry about that." He shifted about from foot to foot and motioned to the tray. "I brought you something to eat and a couple of videos, if that’s all right."

Yohji’s stomach rumbled at the mention of food so he very carefully sat up, his left arm loosely hugging his ribs. His movements made Aya sit up, too, and help shift about the pillows so they both had something lean back on. "If you rented us highlights of the last World Cup tournament, Ken, I *will* manage to get out of this bed and kick your ass," Yohji warned. There were very good reasons why Omi was supposed to be the one to rent movies whenever the rest of them were laid up with injuries.

Rolling his eyes, Ken reached for the movies in question and held them up for Yohji to see. "Far be it for me to rent you your porn, Yohji, but I thought you and Aya might like these." The movies were historical dramas that would appeal to Aya while filled with enough violence that Yohji wouldn’t be too bored. To his chagrin, Yohji had to admit that Ken had done a good job for once… until something occurred to him.

"Omi told you what to rent, didn’t he?" Yohji grinned when Ken seemed to deflate a little.

"Well, I was gonna get the just released film that’s based on the one Sega yakuza game, but Omi said ‘no’." For a young man who’d killed several drug traffickers last night in a spectacularly bloody fashion, Ken looked so much like a kid who’d been caught about to do something naughty.

"Save it for a night when I’m not a captive audience." Aya fussed with the pillows a bit more, his lips pressed together in a thin line that meant the painkillers were wearing off. Yohji waited for his lover to fix the pillows to his liking then draped his arm over Aya’s shoulders again and urged Aya to lean against him.

Ken laughed a little at the comment and went over to the television set and the newly bought DVD player so he could put in one of the movies. "I’ll be back in a couple of hours to switch movies," he said as he hit ‘play’.

Knowing that he was going to check up on Omi, who’d been knocked about and burned a little from the debris of the exploding building, Yohji nodded and waited for Aya to hand over what smelled to be a bowl of noodles. "Thanks, Ken." Aya moved slowly to do just that, his lips pressing together even tighter as he held the bowl out to Yohji.

"Take some pills," Yohji chided, not happy that his lover was in pain and frustrated that he couldn’t do something about it. Since he didn’t have to worry about a concussion, he was getting the good stuff and wouldn’t feel too much suffering for a while longer, but Aya wasn’t that lucky.

Aya grunted once and set his own lunch on his lap. "Once I get something to eat." He closed his eyes for a moment, took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, then began to eat. "Could you lower the volume a little?"

"Sure thing, love." Yohji fumbled about for the remote until he could lower the sound of the movie’s opening credits. "Do you want my tofu?" Ken, funny guy that he was, had ordered kitsune soba for them, something that Yohji would take great relish in getting back at the moron for when it was Ken’s turn to be injured. Just because Ken had been far enough away when the bomb went off to escape with only a few scrapes and bruises didn’t mean that he could pull shit like this and not regret it. Oh no, Yohji thought in annoyance, even if him giving all of his fried tofu to Aya meant that his lover would eat a little more than usual. There was definitely going to be lots of sea urchin in Ken’s future the next time he was hurt and stuck in bed.

At least Ken had brought a bottle of soda for Yohji and one of green tea for Aya, which they sipped while eating their lunch and making comments about the movie. Because of his head injury, Aya had trouble reading so the movie was a good distraction for him, and for once Yohji didn’t mind not watching his foreign film noir. Despite what most people would think, he had paid attention to history classes while in school, intrigued by all the bloodshed and changing alliances that defined the Shogun era. That meant he actually had a clue what was going on and who was who, and trying to point out historical inaccuracies before Aya did turned into a fun game.

The bowls were soon emptied and set aside, Aya dosed up and curled against Yohji with his head on Yohji’s shoulder while they watched the movie. Thanks to the open door, Yohji heard the occasional bout of laughter and gunfire that made him wonder if Ken hadn’t rented the game movie after all and was watching it with Omi. That meant all of them were relaxing for once and having a good time, enjoying the chance to be with their loved ones instead of working in the shop or on a mission. While Yohji would have preferred to not be so bruised from last night, he was pretty damn content at the moment.

Aya stirred beside him and gave the side of his neck a quick nuzzle. "It’s raining."

"Hmm?" Yohji stopped paying attention to the movie and looked at the window. "Yeah, it is." He hugged Aya closer and pressed a kiss against the top of his lover’s forehead. "Sorry, don’t think I’m up to playing ‘tag’ in the rain today, Kitten."

"Sure, it’s always some excuse with you," Aya snorted as his left hand slowly crept along Yohji’s lower abdomen. "You just don’t want to end up face down in a puddle."

"Now the face down part sounds really nice, but not in a puddle of muddy, freezing water." Yohji smiled in regret and did his best to lift his sprained ankle off the pillow. "Don’t think I’m in the best shape for that right now." Actually, between Aya curled against him and his lover’s hand stroking his hip again, he’d be willing to give a bit of ‘fun’ a go, but he wasn’t sure how amorous Aya could feel with a bad headache.

Aya grunted again, his face pressed against the crook of Yohji’s neck so he could feel his lover’s smile. "Sure, tease me like that at a time like this." As he spoke, his hand slid beneath Yohji’s boxers to cup Yohji’s cock.

Inhaling sharply, Yohji moved to stop his lover, only to give up on that when his shoulder was nipped. "Aya, move closer," he said as he changed his mind and tried to return the favor, but he couldn’t get a good angle to reach beneath his lover’s boxers.

Letting out a deep sigh, Aya gingerly shook his head. "Not now, Yohji." He kissed the spot he’d just nipped and slowly stroked his loose fist up and down Yohji’s hardening cock. "Give me some lotion or lube."

Yohji didn’t move at first, debating how fair it was to get a handjob from the man he loved when he couldn’t reciprocate. However, tilting his head enough so he could see Aya, he noticed the signs of pain that meant that Aya’s headache was still pretty damn strong despite the medication and realized that Aya wasn’t in the mood. "You don’t have to do this," he whispered. "Especially if your head’s hurting that badly."

"I know." Aya gave him a very tender smile before his expression turned into one of resolve. When he looked like that, Yohji had learned to either listen or get the hell out of the way. "Lotion."

"Yes, sir." Since it was winter, Yohji had a bottle of the stuff on his nightstand, something that Omi or Ken couldn’t complain about whenever they came into the room. He snatched it up and flipped back the lid, his breathing starting to hasten from the pleasure of Aya’s touch. He hissed a little when Aya released his cock so some lotion could be squirted into Aya’s hand then sighed in pleasure when he was firmly grasped. Doing his best to pull his t-shirt up and his boxer shorts down since it would be such a bitch to change clothes afterwards, Yohji shifted about as much as his sore body would allow so he could watch his lover.

Like with many things, Aya faced the task with an obvious sense of determination. He leaned over Yohji, one hand on the headboard for support while his other stroked up and down Yohji’s cock, a little bit rough but not too much. Considering that their bedroom door was open and that Aya wasn’t getting much out of this, Yohji welcomed the roughness and quick pace, grateful to lose himself into pleasure rather than the various aches that threatened to make him miserable. Best of all was being able to see Aya, the way his lover’s teeth bit into his bottom lip, much like it did when Aya was working on a challenging arrangement. Yohji knew he had his lover’s attention focused solely on him, and that felt almost as good as the growing ecstasy that made him breath almost too heavy for his sore ribs to take. Aya seemed to know just when to speed up the strokes or slow them down, to twist his hand or swipe his thumb over the now-exposed tip of Yohji’s cock.

This was their second day in bed, yesterday spent mostly asleep and the three days before that consumed by surveillance for the mission so there had been little time for any ‘enjoyment’; Yohji didn’t try to hold back his release, not when he needed it so badly and his body wasn’t exactly up to this after all. Even with the searing rush of ecstasy there was a trace of pain, though he was left feeling so languid after coming that his body managed to completely relax and the aches fade away a bit.

The battle currently onscreen probably had covered whatever sounds he hadn’t been able to muffle during his orgasm, and Aya quickly and efficiently tidied him up with some tissues and put his clothes back in order. Yohji smiled in both gratitude of his lover’s generosity and the feeling of getting away with something naughty.

"Aya…." However, now that the pleasure was over, the guilt returned since Yohji really didn’t think it was fair that he’d basically done nothing in return for Aya. While he didn’t believe that sex was something that you kept score on, he didn’t like being the only one to enjoy himself.

"Yohji." Once he finished straightening out Yohji’s t-shirt, Aya grabbed a pillow from the bed and laid it over Yohji’s upper thighs before resting his head against it. "Could you give me a massage?" he asked, his voice quieter than normal and clearly tired.

Smiling that he’d be able to make his boyfriend feel a bit better, Yohji gladly obliged. "Sure, love." Pouring some lotion onto his hands, he began to gently massage Aya’s neck and shoulders, even rubbing his fingers in soothing circles on his lover’s nape. Aya sighed in pleasure and slowly relaxed, his breathing evening out after a few minutes.

Knowing that this was doing more good for Aya than a reciprocating handjob, Yohji continued to work out the knots of tension in his lover’s shoulders while he watched the rest of the movie. It wasn’t quite as interesting since he couldn’t play the game with Aya and his attention really wasn’t on it, but it was a decent way to pass half an hour or so. Besides, he had to admit it was a treat to look down and see Aya’s sleeping face, the strain of the headache gradually fading over time.

The movie finally coming to an end, Yohji switched the television back to cable and flipped through the stations to find something to watch while his lover slept. Ken should be back soon and he’d use his help to get to the bathroom, then look forward to the rest of the evening in bed with Aya. Hopefully in a day or two they’d be able to better enjoy their enforced bed rest, but Yohji wouldn’t complain about the opportunity to watch Aya sleep like this, or spend several hours critiquing movies or telling ridiculous stories about his past to make his lover laugh. They didn’t often get chances like this to be alone, and the longer they were together, he was finding out it was the quiet moments that he enjoyed the most.

That and the fact that Aya really did give great handjobs, he thought with smug satisfaction.


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