by nekojita


Inhaling deeply on the filter of his cigarette, Yohji settled himself a little more comfortable on the windowsill as he waited for any sign of Aya’s Porsche. His lover and Omi had left several hours ago, and should have been home by now. He didn’t have any bad feelings about their lateness, and knew that the nature of this mission meant that they couldn’t exactly follow a strict schedule. That section of town always had a hellish amount of traffic on Sundays, after all….

He’d just flicked the cigarette butt out the window and was contemplating lighting another one – as well as Aya yelling at him over stinking up their room with the scent of burnt tobacco – when he saw a pair of headlights and heard the familiar purr of Aya’s expensive as hell car. Smiling in anticipation, he got up from the window but left it open in an attempt to air out the room. He even picked up a can of deodorizer and spritzed it about a few times. Ah, what he wouldn’t do for love, he thought while snickering. However, it was more than worth it this time to do his best to appease Aya’s notorious temper.

Ken’s voice carried through the building, most likely saying something to Omi, so Yohji sat on the bed and waited for his lover to appear. Despite the fact that Aya was a damn good assassin, he could hear and feel his lover’s furious footsteps and braced himself. Two seconds later, the bedroom door was flung open, revealing Aya in all his glory.

Dammit, but Yohji owed Birman one hell of a present the next time he saw her for setting Aya up for this mission. If he had a little more courage and a hell of a lot less common sense he’d have his camera out right now, but Aya had already used a threat much more powerful than probably death. But oh hell, would it so be worth it right now.

Cheeks flushed with what probably was a mix of embarrassment and anger, it was very understandable why Aya had been picked for this mission. His natural coloring appeared even more unusual with all that black lace and velvet, his pale skin glowing almost as much as the pearls wrapped around his neck. He’d shed the hat Yohji had seen him wearing at some point, and wobbled slightly on the high heels of his granny boots. Yohji knew that to be more from anger than a lack of balance, especially since Aya had been stuck wearing similar outfits for the last two weeks. Since he’d run out of the pants that Birman had given him when she’d brought over the outfits, he’d had to worn an ankle-length skirt made out of what had to be dozens of layers of lace. Yohji would give five years of his life to get his hands beneath all those frilly layers in the next few minutes.

Using his brain for once, Yohji leaned back against the headboard and didn’t make any comments on how pretty Aya looked right now. "So, any luck on the mission?"

"No." Just the one word, snarled with enough fury that Yohji felt very happy over Aya’s katana being across the room. "There’s been no sign at all of the target," Aya continued after a moment’s pause, hands busy undoing the laces of his right boot while he balanced on his left leg.

Seeing one hell of an opportunity, Yohji motioned for his boyfriend to approach the bed. "Come here." He waved his right hand a few more times while Aya struggled with the boot’s laces before the stubborn bastard gave in. His face settled in a perpetual scowl, Aya stomped over to the bed and put his right foot between Yohji’s knees.

Scooting forward a little, Yohji worked to undo the knots in the laces. "I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time, Ayan," he soothed, well aware that the target couldn’t resist such tempting bait as Aya and Omi parading around in the latest loligoth fashion. Despite both of their insistence that Birman had picked them out of some perverse amusement, they really were the best choice for this assignment. If Yohji didn’t know both of them, he wouldn’t be able to tell if they were male or female when they were dressed up in all the frills and make-up, yet they were still unique enough to stand out in the crowd of young adults dressing to the nines in some of the most outrageous costumes he’d ever seen. No, the target would go after either Aya and Omi soon, so he’d have to think quick to come up with some reason for Aya to keep part of the wardrobe from this mission.

As it was, he finally got the shoelaces untied, and waited for Aya to switch feet. He felt a moment’s sympathy for his boyfriend after a close look at the very pointed toes of those boots and the thin heels, but mostly he was turned on like mad over the way Aya’s legs looked in the boots and with the lace stockings. Once the left boot was untied, he slid his hands up Aya’s leg.

"Yohji…," Aya warned, a familiar growl in his voice that Yohji easily ignored.

"Aya," he mimicked, voice deepening with desire at the feel of tense muscles beneath lace. His fingers brushed against the top of the stockings and then loose silk. "Only you would wear boxers with this get-up." His arms deep beneath all that lace, he slid them a little further, this time beneath the boxers.

Aya practically bristled at the words, but didn’t pull away. "I refuse to wear anything else. I’m not a girl." His hands raised from his sides to put a stop to Yohji’s searching ones, just short of their goal. "If you dare for one second to treat me like one, then you’re about to lose your hands."

Well, that was an improvement over the other body part he’d threatened to chop off of Yohji two weeks ago…. Yohji gave his lover his most charming smile and rubbed his fingers against smooth flesh. "I *never* think of you as a girl." Stretching his fingers, he managed to just brush them against the left side of Aya’s cock. "Oh no, definitely not a girl."

That wasn’t one of his smoothest lines, but it had the desired effect of putting a stop to Aya’s indignation before it could build up much steam and probably end up with him getting hurt. The hands keeping his trapped relaxed their pressure, and Yohji slid his right hand a little more forward until he could wrap it around his lover’s cock.

"Don’t… don’t tell me this is a turn-on for you, Kudoh." Aya did his best to continue with the growl from before, but the hitch in his voice ruined the attempt, as did the way his cock twitched as a result of Yohji’s attention. The glare he directed at Yohji didn’t have that much luck, either, especially considering all the black eyeliner around his eyes.

Yohji’s smile became less charming and more deductive. "Everything about you is a turn-on for me." That was the honest truth, and he always adored it when he saw a different side of Aya. It wasn’t so much the dress as seeing Aya with make-up, appearing even more exotic than usual, the black coat with its long tails and buttoned front striking a stark contrast between his broad shoulders and trim waist. More than anything, Yohji wanted to tackle him to the floor and undo all those buttons at his leisure – and had the sense to know that would only end up with him in a world of agony and several days with ice packs on rather sensitive parts of the anatomy.

"Because you’re a sex addict." The growl was entirely gone now, replaced with a promising huskiness that made Yohji shiver. Yohji didn’t think it was so much good luck on his part as Aya being frustrated at hell at a lousy mission that dragged on long past the point when he’d wished it would end and in the mood for a serious distraction. As long as he played his cards right, he could have a few fantasies fulfilled. If he played his cards wrong… well, he didn’t need to think such depressing thoughts right now.

"And you love me for it." Yohji waggled his brows and actually got a smile for his troubles, followed by a gasp when he squeezed gently with his right hand. Just another minute or two and Aya would be as hard as he was. "Now, what do you say to us getting you out of most of those clothes, hmm?"

That made Aya pull back as much as Yohji’s grip on his cock would allow, the frown back on his face. "I’m not going to let you fuck me while I’m wearing a skirt." The amount that Aya’s voice had turned cold warned that there most likely wasn’t going to be any fucking at all, unless Yohji did some sweet-talking very, very soon.

Letting go so he could rise from the bed, Yohji reached for his lover’s hips to pull him forward. "No, not the skirt." Besides, he’d already satisfied that fantasy, as well as the stockings and the high heels. "I want you to wear the pearls this time." He made his voice sound as sexy as possible, his eyes heavy-lidded and his smile not too smug. In hopes of having something like this work out today, he’d left Aya alone as his lover prepared for the mission, not even bothering to try for a morning quickie.

So he was a bit surprised but not disappointed when he heard Aya snort in response, figuring if his lover was against the idea, he’d have been hit instead. "I’m getting out of these clothes now, no matter what you want." His hands moved to undo the many tiny buttons of his coat.

Yohji saw an opportunity and seized it. "Let me help with that." He brushed Aya’s hands aside and undid the buttons himself. As he did so, he stepped closer, his head tilted downward just enough so he could brush his lips against his boyfriend’s. "Has anyone ever told you how sexy you look in black?"

That got him a hint of a smile. "Says the man who think I look sexy in anything." Aya waited until the buttons were all undone and shrugged off the black velvet coat, but waited for Yohji to undo the buttons on the white silk shirt he wore behind that.

Oh, very promising indeed. "No, I think you look sexiest when you’re not wearing anything." Sliding his hands beneath the mostly undone shirt, Yohji rubbed his thumbs over Aya’s nipples. "Well, other than a choker of pearls." It was the little things that mattered, the sight of the ropes of pearls around Aya’s neck as if a collar, the way they would make the flush along pale skin stand out even more. And there was the fact that it was something that Aya would do for just him, would be something that only he could get away with asking. That alone was one hell of a thrill, and add it to having sex with Aya….

His breath catching again, Aya ran his hands along Yohji’s arms and slid them past his shoulders, toying with the short strands of hair along Yohji’s nape. "Shut up and get me out of this ridiculous outfit." He gave Yohji’s hair a not so nice yank as if to emphasis his demand.

"Yes, sir." Figuring that he’d rather have sex without the pearls than be in trouble for a few days and have no sex at all, Yohji did as he was told. The white shirt ended up on the floor, followed by the black skirt. He fell to his knees to undo the stockings, hands stroking down Aya’s legs and his face a couple of inches away from Aya’s boxer-clad erection. Once the stockings were gone and tossed aside, he got to work on the boxers, carefully rolling them down past the erection. Aya’s cock bobbed free as if happy to no longer be restrained, and Aya’s hips jutted forward a little as if in an unspoken request.

Noticing that the pearls were still on and he’d just been given an offer of sorts, Yohji smiled and licked his lips. "Yep, you definitely look sexiest without any clothes." He had trouble swallowing for a moment and had to shift about on his knees to relieve some of the pressure against his own cock, then settled in to blow Aya’s… er… well, to make his lover very, very happy.

"And you’re definitely a pervert," was Aya’s retort, but his fingers were busy tangling in Yohji’s hair and not undoing the necklace, so all was good. Yohji flashed him a grin before getting down to business, and thought he saw a ghost of a smile in response. His right hand wrapped around the base of Aya’s cock again, holding it steady while he licked around its top. The low moan he got in response made his nerves tingle and his cock twitch, his mouth too busy to come up with some sort of smart remark at the moment. All he did was spare another look at Aya’s face, for a moment mesmerized by how dark his lover’s eyes looked surrounded by all that kohl, before taking the tip into his mouth.

Delighted by his lover’s soft moans and inarticulate words of encouragement, Yohji took as much of Aya’s cock into his mouth that he could, doing his best to drive the man straight to the end. By now he knew Aya’s body as well as his own, knew what a hard suck for a few seconds followed by a leisurely lick and squeeze to the balls would do, and better yet knew when to pause. He only wanted to take things so far, much preferring to being able to watch his lover come. When he felt Aya tremble just so in pleasure, he pulled back and gave the base of his cock a squeeze.

It took a minute, but Aya finally managed to choke out his name. Yohji grinned in response and tugged his dazed lover toward the bed.

"I think I deserve to have a bit of fun as well." He paused to rid himself of his sweatpants and tshirt, then sat down on the bed and pulled Aya onto his lap.

"Says the man who’s been sitting on his ass all day," Aya grumbled, a spark of his usual grumpiness showing through even as he straddled Yohji’s lap.

"What can I say? I guess I’m just too pretty to dress up in lace and frills. Birman’s too afraid that I’ll be an obvious plant or something.

That earned him another derisive snort, but it was an old joke between them now, ever since he hadn’t been asked to take part of this mission until it was time to take out the target. "You do enjoy your delusions, don’t you? I believe I said something about shutting up." He fixed Yohji with a stern look before leaning in for a kiss, and for once Yohji was very happy to do as he’d been told. After all, he had a naked and seemingly willing Aya on his lap, and his fingers brushed against the small, hard pearls warmed by Aya’s body heat. He skimmed his hands down his lover’s back, for a moment enjoying the feel of toned muscles and warm skin, the way Aya always shivered when his spine was lightly caressed.

The kiss was passionate enough to make his head spin, Aya appearing to put all the frustration of a day spent wandering around in ridiculous clothes and not being able to kill anyone to good use. Yohji never minded being an outlet for that temper – not when it usually led to fantastic sex, so he supposed that was another thing he owed to Birman.

He was so busy touching and kissing his lover that he didn’t realize that the tube of lubricant was being tapped against left shoulder until Aya grunted in annoyance and broke off the kiss. "Are we having sex or what?" he snapped, passion-darkened eyes flashing with impatience and swollen lips pressed together in a grim line.

"That has to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever said." Yohji laughed in the face of his lover’s glare and snatched up the lube. "When have I ever turned down sex?"

"It’s the one way that we’ll know if you’re ever brainwashed." Aya allowed himself to be scooted closer to the headboard, the two of them now settled on the middle of the bed. His glare weakened when Yohji’s slick fingers pressed against him.

"That and me willingly showing up to a shift when you’re not working." Yohji laughed again at his boyfriend’s expression, one torn between annoyance and pleasure. Not about to let it settle on the first, Yohji curled his fingers just so, prompting a groan of ecstasy from Aya.


"I know, shut up and fuck you. With pleasure, Ayan." He waggled his brows again, feeling the urge to laugh until he found himself kissed even more passionately than before. Hmm, he really had to talk to Birman about sending more missions like the latest Weiss’ way.

Nipping at Aya’s bottom lip, he focused on preparing his lover, thrilled with the way Aya squirmed on his lap in pleasure. He was so hard that the little bit of friction from that movement was threatening to do him in, and he had to count to ten to calm down enough to not ruin things. Taking a deep breath, he pulled his fingers free, his left hand urging Aya to rise up on his knees while he quickly slicked himself.

"Oh yeah, we need to keep the pearls." Just that little bit of the unusual to spice things up, the gleam of white against flushed skin. Some of the black kohl around Aya’s eyes was smudged by sweat, his bangs darkened as well and clinging to his forehead. What Yohji wouldn’t give for a picture of this moment just then, but Omi had been careful to confiscate all cameras in the Koneko at the start of this mission. The damn brat had even managed to do something to Yohji and Ken’s phones, so he’d have to just relish the memory instead. Ah well, at least he still got to fuck Aya.

"Enough with the damn pearls." Aya somehow managed a scowl while looking sexy as hell, and any comebacks on Yohji’s part came to an abrupt halt when Aya lowered himself onto Yohji’s cock. Oh hell, did that always feel incredible.

Yohji gave his lover enough time to adjust, waiting until Aya began to move again to grab him by the hips and thrust upward. Intense pleasure, gripping tightness, the sight of Aya looking as he did… it made Aya being gone most of the time on this mission bearable, and Yohji was determined to enjoy this evening as much as possible. He forced his eyes to remain open to take it all in, the way Aya’s eartails clung to his face and neck, the sight of crimson tangled with creamy whiteness, the exoticness of Aya’s eyes.

The pace Aya set and that Yohji matched was fast and furious, definitely an attempt to burn off all that anger from before. The friction was so sharp, the pleasure so strong that Yohji had trouble breathing deeply enough for the air he needed, growing lightheaded from all the wonderful emotions. He stared intently at Aya’s face the entire time, his right hand moving along his lover’s cock while his left hand helped push Aya down onto each of his thrusts. Aya’s right hand joined his left, and for a moment Yohji wished he could reach out and drag the man in closer for a kiss. As if reading his thoughts, Aya bent forward, their lips pressing together for a lingering movement before Aya cried out in Yohji’s name. He felt his lover’s body clench even tighter around his own, the increased pressure overwhelming him with ecstasy as well. Body trembling with release, he hugged Aya closer as he came.

Now *that* was the best possible way to spend an evening, Yohji thought with a good bit of pleasurable haze. He could feel the press of the pearls against his left shoulder as Aya rested against him, body slick with sweat and muscles relaxed for what had to be the first time that day. To do his best to encourage his boyfriend’s good mood to linger as long as possible, he began to give Aya’s back and shoulders a gentle massage.

Aya rested against him for a couple of minutes, humming with pleasure during the massage. Then he had to go and ruin the moment. "This better not be so I get back into the skirt, Kudoh."

It was Yohji’s turn to snort. "How many times do I have to tell you, I don’t need the skirt." Well, not now when that was one fantasy that had already been crossed off the list he very safely kept in his head.

"Hmph." Aya pushed back on unsteady arms to look him in the face, appearing to search for something before he smiled, just a little. "I can never tell what you’re thinking when it comes to these things, except that it’s very perverse."

"What can I say, I like to keep you guessing." Yohji laughed in the face of his lover’s very impressive glare. Doing his best to catch Aya’s fists before they landed any blows, Yohji decided he’d might as well enjoy a feisty lover. "So, what do you think the chances are that your next mission will be working at an amusement park? I get all turned on at the thought of you dressing up as Kitty-chan."

The resulting punches hurt like hell, but he looked forward to turning that anger into passion once again – hopefully before any of his bones got broken.


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