violet eyes


Chapter 7


Yohji walked to the main bar inside the Velvet Room, shaking his head. He had always been of the opinion that it didnít matter what one did in oneís bedroom, as long as it was consensual and didnít involve children or animals, but he could just /not/ get over what some people were willing to do in public. Didnít those guys have any sense of shame at all? Yohji enjoyed being the center of attention, but not to the point of embarrassing himself. Well, at least not that much. Evidently, some of the fetish clubís customers didnít see it that way. The blond tried to keep his attention focused on getting to the bar. There were just some things he didnít want to know about, let alone see.

Finally arriving at his destination, the assassin settled onto the stool, waiting for his friend Joji to finish up with a customer. The blue haired man waved in acknowledgement, and set about mixing up some drinks. After a minute or two, he headed Yohjiís way.

"You got some nerve showing up here, you traitor."

"Nani?" Yohji quickly looked at his friend, trying to puzzle out that statement. Noticing how the other manís eyes were twinkling, he realized that Joji was teasing him about something.

"Hmph. Well, I havenít slept with any strange men lately, so I know I didnít bag your boyfriend." Oddly enough, that statement was actually true. Yohjiís Aya-fixation hadnít left him in the mood for any quick flings. "Care to fill me in on what Iíve done?"

"Youíre sleeping with the enemy, nervy bastard that you are. And after coming down here, looking for a favor." Taking in the blondís still puzzled expression, he decided to clue his friend in. "I heard that your boyfriend is working down at Bacchus. Quite a few of our regulars have headed down there to check him out. Iíve been told heís pretty hot stuff, but strictly a look-donít-touch type."

"Youíre right, on all accounts. Howíd you find out about him, heís only been there a couple of days? I know I didnít mention anything about that the other night."

"Yeah, well this is the type of place that word of a gorgeous guy whoíll nearly break your wrist off for touching him will spread quickly. I swear that a few of the regulars were comparing bruises last night, seeing whoís was worst, stuff like that. They were pretty excited by it."

Yohji decided that Aya really didnít need to find that disturbing fact out. The red head had managed to restrain himself from mass homicide so far, but if he found out that his Ďrefusalsí were turning some of his customers on, that would change.

"Anyway, I asked this guy I knew what the freaks were going on about, and he filled me in. Including the fact about the new boyís blond, green eyed, rather possessive boyfriend, and I put one and one together. You never did like it when anyone bothered your dates, I remember you starting more than one fight over the matter."

"Yeah, well I take care of whatís mine. So does this mean you didnít talk to that guy for me?"

"Relax. I owe you more than enough favors, Iím not going to let a little thing like you screwing the competition change that. He should be here soon. What can I get you while you wait?"

"A beer would be good, your pick. Things seem a little crazy in here tonight."

"Oh, you mean the Ďfloor showí? Stuff like that tends to happen a lot, especially the closer it gets to the weekend. Wait til Saturday night, youíll see some things that will either have you laughing your ass off or put you off sex for a few days." Joji shivered as he handed the blond his drink. "Please tell me that is /not/ what you have in mind for you and your boyfriend."

Yohji choked on his beer. Coughing, he had a mental picture of Ayaís response if he asked the kitten to act out a couple of the things heíd seen so far. It wouldnít be a matter of if Yohji died, but how. Most likely very painfully. Finally able to breathe again, the blond responded back. "Fuck no. Iím interested in fun games, not perverting household items and the like."

"Glad to hear it. I was beginning to wonder about you. Youíll be happy to know that the guy I mentioned you to isnít into that kind of stuff either. Heís one of the less colorful members here, and a nice guy to chat with. He was pretty interested in meeting you, especially after I told him where your boyfriend works. Heís been seeing a guy from Bacchus for a couple of months now."

"Uh-oh." Alarms started going off in Yohjiís head. He wondered what the chances were of his little story about why he was here would get back to Aya. Considering how much the red headís co-workers enjoyed messing around with his lovelife, Yohji had a sinking feeling that the odds were not in his favor.

Trying to distract himself from the feeling of impending doom, Yohji kept chatting with the bartender, catching up on mutual acquaintances. The other man would break away every now and then, serve a drink, and return.

After a bit, Joji gestured to someone at the end of the bar. "There he is."

Yohji looked in the direction his friend had waved to, and caught sight of a Eurasian man walking towards him. The man was an inch or two taller than the assassin, with light brown hair and startling blue eyes. He was casually dressed in khakis and a white jersey. The man looked rather out of place in the club, appearing way too normal to be there, let alone be a member.

Joji made with the introductions. "David, thanks for coming. This is Yohji Kudoh. Yohji, this is David Aso. Weíll talk more another time Yohji, I gotta get back to work."

David extended his hand, and Yohji shook it. "Joji told me you were interested in trying new things, and had come down here to maybe learn something."

Running his hand through his hair while trying to appear nonchalant, Yohji leaned back against the bar. "Iíve heard some pretty interesting stories about this place, figured that while I was in the area might as well check it out, see if I couldnít pick up a new trick or two to try out with my boyfriend. You know, to keep things interesting. He hasnít had much experience with stuff like this, and Iíve only dabbled a bit. I wanted to learn it right, make sure no one gets hurt. It was a bit of a letdown when I saw what was going on here. I donít think that half of the people in the club have a clue what they are doing. So when I ran across Joji, I thought maybe he could introduce me to someone who isnít just playing around." The blond thought that it was a pretty good cover, mixing some truth with a lot of lies. The other man looked as if he was buying it.

"Youíre right about some of the customers in here. Most of them are just posers, acting out some role on how they think a dominant or submissive should be. Or looking for an excuse to pull something outrageous in public." The man shook his head at this, and shot Yohji a Ďwhat can you doí look. "Most of the members donít bother to hang around up here at all, they find it too embarrassing. I come up here to drink and for the amusement. I always come away from here with an interesting story."

Finishing off his drink, Yohji muttered "Iíll bet." Putting the empty glass down on the bar, he asked, "So Joji told me youíre dating someone from Bacchus also. Anyone I might know?"

David stopped observing the crowd and graced the blond with a brilliant smile. "If youíve seen him, Iím sure you remember him. His name is Teddy Stout."

Yohji blinked. "You mean the kid in the skirt?" Oh this was not good. It was the guy who seemed to delight in teasing Aya.

The blue-eyed man was laughing. "Yep, you met him. And itís a kilt, not a skirt. His grandparents were from Scotland, so for some strange reason he feels compelled to wear the things. He claims to be a traditionalist, but anyone who knows the man can tell you he really means exhibitionist."

"He certainly seems to be very outgoing," was all that Yohji felt safe saying about the man, considering he would of cheerfully strangled the foreigner earlier.

"Heís Robin Goodfellow incarnate, is what he is. I keep checking to see if his ears are pointed. But heís a good person, always keeps you laughing and he doesnít mind my little Ďquirksí." Seeing the way the blond was trying to contain his curiosity, David decided to answer the unspoken question. "Iím into bondage, and am a bottom. That means Iím the submissive one."

"I need to be clear on something before I take you downstairs. People join clubs like this one for a lot of reasons. They donít have the space or money to invest in the equipment, or are looking for a partner with experience, someone who really knows what they are doing. Stuff like that. But the main reason is for privacy. They donít want family or friends to know what they are into. Some of them have public images that would be harmed if their preferences got out. So the main rule here in the Velvet Room is that what happens here never leaves here. Joji said that you wouldnít be the type to talk, that you could be trusted. Iím thinking heís right."

"Donít worry, Iím very good at keeping secrets. I wouldnít do anything that might cost Joji his job, heís a good friend." David just nodded at this, a pleased look on his face. Yohji paused for a moment, and then rather casually inquired "So did you happen to mention to Teddy that you were meeting a co-workerís boyfriend here tonight?" He tried not to breathe too big a sigh of relief as the other man shook his head.

"I told you, nothing leaves this place. Besides, knowing Teddy, he wouldnít be able to keep his mouth shut about it, and I figured you didnít need all of Tokyo knowing about your sex life." He grinned at the expression on the blondís face at that thought. "So youíre dating the new guy, huh? Whatís his name, Red?"

"Thatís what everyone at Bacchus calls him. Teddy tell you much about him?"

"Just that Teddy wishes he had hair like him, and that itís pretty funny to watch the two of you together. He mentioned something about a kitten too, but I didnít quite catch that part. And the matter of the bet."

Yohji didnít remember Aya mention anything about a bet. "A bet about what?"

Chuckling quietly, David gestured for Yohji to stand. "Come on, Iíll fill you in on it as we head downstairs."


"So is Red still mad, or what?" Teddy was at the bar, picking up some drinks.

Mickey gave his younger brother a reproachful look. "Well, Iím not exactly an expert on the guyís moods, but judging from the fact that each time he comes to the bar I catch him mumbling something about shi-ne, Teddy, and Seiichi, Iím gonna say the answer is yes.

How many times do I have to warn you about pushing things too far?"

"Oh, chill out Mick. It was just a bit of fun. Who knew the guy would be so shy about stuff like that, especially with the way he canít keep his hands off that man of his."

"I think it might be the other way around, but he doesnít put up much of a fight. Or at least not for long. If youíre going to be rude enough to bet on something private like a guyís sex life, at least have the courtesy not to mention it to him."

"Whereís the fun in that?"

"Teddy, no more bets, okay?"



"Theodore Robert Stout, listen to me. No. More. Bets. Do I have to wring a promise out of you over this?"

"Oh Mickey, donít be such a spoilsport." Teddy was upset at his brother for trying to ruin his fun. Red was a joy to tease, the way heíd try to control his temper and storm off glaring at everything and anything. The guy was very good at those glowers of his; they were all the more effective with those flashing violet eyes. You couldnít gaze away, even if the beautiful man was trying to wish you dead and gone with a look.

"I donít know Teddy. Something about the man tells me he isnít the type to fool around with, no matter what he looks like. And that Kudoh doesnít seem to like it when anybody messes around with his boyfriend."

Teddy leaned over the bar to give his brother a hug. "You worry too much. Youíre even more protective than Redís guy. Donít fuss. Iím willing to bet that if Yohji knew about the bet, Redís neck would be one solid bruise. I wish David was half as enthusiastic as he is. Now stop the lecture and fix those drinks. And make them pretty strong. The sooner these guys pass out, the better."

Mickey stopped shaking some liqueur to look his brother over. "That table isnít still bothering you, are they? Do I need to pay a visit and explain the concept of manners to them?"

Patting his brother on the arm, the longhaired youth shook his head. "Last time you did that, I think the guy had to go to the hospital. Iíll manage them, theyíre amateurs at this."

"Youíre too nice to those lowlifes. Itís a good thing I keep an eye out on you. Speaking of which, you better get going. A familiar red head is coming this way, and he still looks pretty pissed."

"Ja." Teddy waved to his brother as he headed back to his section. Mickeyís big brother routine always made him feel better, knowing that someone cared so much for him. Even if the man was a bit overprotective at times. But what really put the spring in his step is that he got away without making that promise about the bet. Although he doubted heíd be able to get the guyís clothes off to check and see how many hickeys he had elsewhere. That just meant Teddy would have to come up with something else to bet about. He was very good at games like that.



Yohji was back at the bar on the Velvet Roomís main floor. He was busy lighting a cigarette as David ordered them a couple of drinks. He sat there smoking, lost in thought, until the other man handed his shot. He quickly downed the drink, and turned to face the taller man.

David was eying him with some amusement. "So, what do you think? Get any ideas from the little tour?í

"Oh yeah." The blond had considered himself rather experienced in the matter of pleasure, but he had seen things the past couple of hours that not even he could imagine. The themes of some of the Ďplay roomsí downstairs, and the props they had held, had stunned him. Some things had left him puzzled and amused, some disgusted, but there were several that had him aroused. The thought of Aya, blindfolded and bound, wrapped in leather to hold him still and exposed, all for Yohjiís pleasure. The playboy all but shivered. He had almost forgotten about the mission at several points during the evening. Fortunately he would come back to himself each time David introduced him to another person. He would then switch his brain back on, and surreptitiously examine the man, checking him against Omiís list if he matched the targetís physique. But few of the men did. There were still a couple men that Yohji hadnít come across, maybe one of them would be a better match. So far this lead wasnít working out as well as he and Omi had thought.

"Well, now you have a better idea about how these things work. You should come back in a few nights, maybe after the weekend. There are some more people I would like to introduce you to. They tend to prefer it when things are a little more quieter here. That way you can have a few techniques explained in greater detail."

"Iíd really like that. Thanks a lot for showing me around tonight. I could tell not everybody was happy about that."

"Donít worry about it. As long as you hold up to your end of the agreement, everything will be fine. Got any plans for the rest of the night?"

Yohji checked his watch. "I think Iím about ready to drop in and check up on the kitten at work."

The blue-eyed man was momentarily confused by this comment. "What, do you mean your boyfriend? Is that what Teddy was talking about? You call him Ďkittení?"

Yohji smiled slightly at the amused expression on the manís face. "Whatís so funny about that? Youíd understand if you ever met the man. There isnít a more feline type of individual out there than ĎMakotoí."

"Howís that?"

"Letís see. For starters, heís very beautiful and graceful. You could just watch him move about for hours. And then thereís his personality. He definitely has his claws and teeth, rub him the wrong way and youíll feel them. Very independent, very mysterious. Air of superiority. Get the picture yet?"

"I guess it makes sense. Between what you and Teddy have said about the man, I think Iím about ready to be introduced to him. You mind if I tag along with you? Iíd like a chance to see my koi, and this way Iíll have some company when heís busy."

"No problem, especially with how helpful youíve been. Letís go before I see something here that might scar me for life."

"Then for godís sake donít look over to the left."

"Nani? Over where? WhaÖ ahhh, what the /hell/ are they doing?! Thatís /sick/."

"I warned you."


Aya had it down to an art towards the end of his shift. Stop at the table, out of armís reach. Set the drink down. Stomp on foot to distract customer, snatch the money for the drink. Set down change, if any. Always stay out of armís reach. As bad as the customers were tonight, he was dreading the weekend. He wasnít sure how he was going to keep track of all the men coming to the bar. It was looking more and more that Weiss would succeed better with the mission as bait.

He didnít care how the mission ended, just as long as it did. His nerves were strung as tight as piano wire; he kept having to stop the impulse to turn and tear flesh, break bones when these idiots would lay a hand on him. He was beginning to understand the urge behind Farfarelloís Berserker attacks. What he wouldnít give to have his katana in hand and a room full of Ďdark beastsí to vent his frustration on.

Out of the corner of his eye, Aya caught a glimpse of a hand reaching towards him. Whirling around, the snarling assassin raised his arm to block the hand. He bit off a curse as he realized the offending limb belonged to Yohji. The taller man looked down at him, eyebrow raised. An astonished stranger stood at his side.

"That bad a night, Kitten?"

"Kudoh. Are you trying to get yourself killed or something?" Aya noticed the strangerís expression had changed from astonishment to amusement. He just stood there, smiling at the two men. The red head looked at Yohji, tilted his head to the other man, and raised an eyebrow of his own.

Yohji, being rather adept at interpreting Ayaís non-verbal method of communication, got the point. "David Aso, I would like you to meet Makoto Matsumoto, aka Red. I was introduced to David earlier tonight. Youíll never believe this, Kitten, but heís your pal Teddyís boyfriend.

Aya raised his eyebrow yet again, and gave the blond a questioning look. When the playboy nodded back slightly, Aya turned to greet the new man. "Nice to meet you." So this was Yohjiís contact at the Velvet Room. Somehow he was not surprised to find out the man was connected to his annoying co-worker. He had hardly expected Teddyís boyfriend to be normal, there had to be something twisted to the man to attract that tease.

Meanwhile, David had been eyeing the smaller man rather appreciatively. Catching the scowl directed his way from his new friend; the man tried a more neutral gaze. "Nice to meet you, Iíve heard some interesting things about you." That earned him a second mean look, this time from violet eyes. "Uhm, from your boyfriend, I mean. We had a nice chat about you." He blanched slightly as the glare intensified, and was relieved as it was quickly directed to the man at his left. The blond twitched at the look, and then attempted to counter it with an innocent expression. They stood there like that, violet locked on green, for several minutes.

Teddy was right, the brown haired man thought rather amusedly. They are really amusing to watch. "I think Iím going to find Teddy, and let him know Iím here. Why donít you find a table, Yohji? Iíll be back soon."

Yohji didnít break eye contact with Aya as he nodded his head and waved at the man in response. He continued the movement to bring his hand to his kittenís head, and tugged on an eartail. That earned him another snarl as his hand was batted away. "Someone sure is in a bad mood tonight." Giving up on the innocent faÁade, Yohji let his face relax into a suggestive leer. He bent his face down to the red headís, lips almost touching. "Want me to do something to make it all better?"

Aya stepped back, slim fingers rubbing his temple. Between the bar and his teammate, the swordsman was beginning to get a migraine. "I think thereís a table near the bar. Why donít you go have a seat and get out of my way." Not waiting for an answer, Aya spun around and went back to his tables.

ĎYep, someone is /definitely/ in a bad mood right now.í Yohji felt a moment of pity for whoever it was that pushed Aya too far that night. He just hoped it wasnít him. Deciding to sit down and be a good boy for once, Yohji went in search of the table. Shortly after sitting down, Aya stalked over to him and set a drink down. Sniffing at the smile of thanks, he headed back into the crowd. It wasnít very long before Aso rejoined him.

"Your guy happy to see you?"

"Yeah, although something seems to be bothering him. Crowdís a bit rowdy for a Thursday night. You and your kitten kiss and make up?"

"I wouldnít exactly put it that way. Letís just say I made it away in one piece, and am content with that."

Taking a sip of the beer he had brought with him, David gave his companion as sympathetic look. "I take it from the displays of temper that heís a natural red head. He certainly lives up to expectations. "

Snorting, the blond settled back in his chair. "That he does, and then some." Yohji then began to regal the brunet with tales of things he had done to set Aya off in the past, and the red headís reactions. He was careful to do a judicious editing of most details, leaving out pretty much everything but the fact that the two men lived together.

The tall man replied back in kind, telling story after story of Teddyís escapades. The two men were having an enjoyable time, when suddenly a bellow of rage interrupted them. Both looked up in time to see Mickey leap over the bar counter, bat in hand. As a jolt of fear went through the blond, he quickly got up from the table and followed the American. ĎPlease donít let it be Aya,í Yohji prayed fervently.

The assassin was coming up on the bartender as he swung the bat down on the man who was holding onto Teddyís wrist with one hand. The other was lifted to smack the longhaired man again across the face. Startled, the man stepped back, taking the blow on his shoulder with a sickening sound of Ďcrackí. Senseless with rage, Mickey raised the bat to swing again. One of the manís companions decided to join in the fray, and with his head lowered rammed the American full force. Mickey went flying backwards, right into Yohji. The impact with the lanky blond did little to slow the heavy man down, and both men were slammed back into a table, which promptly collapsed under their weight. Yohji, trapped between broken wood and the solid weight of the bartender, just laid there stunned and out of breath for a moment. Remembering the fight, he shoved the dazed man off of him, trying to get up to help Teddy.

It wasnít the pain in his ribs that stopped Yohji, but rather the scene before him. At some point Aya must have arrived on scene, and having picked up the bartenderís bat, decided to put an end to the confrontation. One man was down on the ground, desperately trying to draw in air after a solid whack to his solar plexus. The red head danced out of reach in front of a guy with a shaved skull, twisting smoothly to get behind him. He gracefully swept the bat out, catching the man behind his knees. That shaved head slammed down on the floor as the man fell backwards, knocking him unconscious. Aya stepped to the side as the friend who sent Mickey and Yohji flying grabbed at him, and brought his knee up into the manís stomach. As the man crumbled, clutching his middle, the red head placed the bat against the manís throat as he moved behind him. Hands on either end of the piece of wood, he jerked back, forcing the man to stand upright as his air supply was choked off. Staying like that until the fight and most of the bigger manís awareness left him, Aya released the hold and stepped away. Surveying the carnage around him, the swordsman felt a slight smile creep up on his face. The headache was gone. He felt much better after having something to vent his anger and frustration on.

Looking around, he found Yohji. He walked over to the blond, barely pausing to give Mickey back his bat. He reached a hand down to help the kneeling man stand up. Sporting a split lip, the playboy was favoring his left side. Yohji winced as he felt several scrapes on his back, probably from the wood or glass. Glancing down at the man holding on to his elbow, he managed to spare a smile for the concern shining in violet eyes. "You know, you could of left one or two of them for me to handle."

"Hn." When it appeared that the blond could stand up on his own, Aya went to check up on Teddy. Kei, Mickey and David surrounded the man, and all of them were fussing over him. "You alright, Teddy?"

The longhaired nodded his head at the red head. "Yeah, Iím okay. Thanks for stopping those guys." Yohji had limped over to the group at this point, and asked what had happened.

Looking at the men his co-workers and a few customers were dragging to the door, Teddy gave a humorless smile. "They were just a bunch of assholes. Theyíd been bothering me all night, making rude comments and trying to grope under my kilt. I finally lost it and threw a drink on one guy when he tried to lift the kilt up, and he smacked me. Mickey had been keeping a close eye on me because of them, and he must of seen it. So he came charging over to my rescue, and you know the rest." Taking in the blondís bedraggled expression, he apologized for causing any trouble.

Yohji waved off the apology as he began leaning on his teammate. His ribs were really beginning to bother him, and it felt as if his ankle had been twisted in the collision as well. "Itís not your fault."

Seiichi came over and handed Teddy some ice wrapped in a towel. Noticing how the American was shaking, and that Red was supporting his boyfriend, the manager let out a sigh. "Teddy, why donít you let your boyfriend take you home. Youíre in no shape to work tonight. Go home and get some rest, and donít come in tomorrow unless you feel up to it." He glared at the younger man as he tried to refuse, not backing off until Teddy gave in. Kei then turned to Aya and Yohji. "Why donít you take the rest of the night off too, Red. It looks like your boyfriend could use some patching up also. We can handle things for next hour or so." Aya agreed.

The red head had to half carry the blond to the car. There had been a brief struggle over the keys, as Yohji kept insisting he was fine to drive, and Aya kept repeating that he wouldnít get into the vehicle if the blond was driving. Yohji finally gave in, just wanting to get home. Even if it meant putting up with the red headís driving. The man apparently had yet to meet a speed limit that he didnít break.

Offering up a silent payer of thanks for making back home in one piece, Yohji gingerly got out of the car, only to find Aya near the door waiting for him. The red head didnít say anything, just wrapped an arm around the playboyís waist for support and helped him to Yohjiís room. Helping him settle on the bed, the swordsman left the room in search of a med kit.

He was greeted by the sight of Yohji sprawled out on his bed when he came back to the room. Setting the first aid kit on the nightstand, he started to pull the blond back up. "Sit up, Yohji, I need to check your injuries. Now take off your clothes." Catching the amused look the older man was giving him, Aya realized what he had just said. As he felt a blush creep up on his face, Yohji started to quietly chuckle.

"You donít know how long Iíve been waiting for you to say that, Kitten." Hearing how husky and intimate the blondís voice sounded, Aya almost blushed again.

"Yohji, be serious for once. Unless you want to check your back for wood and glass on your own, I suggest you stop with the innuendos." Aya glared down at the innocent expression in Yohjiís green eyes, not fooled for a minute. The act would have been good enough to fool anyone who didnít know the blond as well as his teammate did. Yohji was never innocent.

Realizing that Aya would carry out the threat, Yohji pouted as he started to struggle out of his jacket and shirt. Wincing in pain from his various bruises, cuts and sprains, it took him a moment to notice another set of hands helping him. Yohji felt himself start to harden at the red headís touch. It was too difficult to control himself; it was like a fantasy come true to have Aya in his bedroom taking off his clothes. No matter what the circumstances were.

Unable to hold back a hiss of sympathy at the sight of bruised and abraded flesh, Aya knelt behind Yohji to clean his back. The playboy definitely had some splinters and shards of glass embedded in his skin. Fortunately, none of the wounds were very deep, most being no more than scratches. He gently cleaned and patched up each abrasion. Lost in thought, the red head paused for a moment to notice how much paler his skin appeared in contrast to the manís golden tone. Softly running his fingers down the blondís spine, he mentally remarked at how different the two men were. Yohji was all golden and green, his body lean and lanky. Aya was a study of contrasts, crimson and ivory and violet, his body more compact and toned. One man was so outgoing and full of passion, the other quiet and withdrawn. ĎWhat can Yohji see in me? Surely someone as beautiful as him could have anybody he wanted.í

Yohji was hard pressed to contain the moan that built in his throat at Ayaís caress. He was trying very hard to suppress his bodyís reactions to the red headís presence, so near and warm behind him. "Is everything okay back there, Aya?" Gods, but his voice sounded so strained.

Broken from his reverie by the question, Aya focused on treating the rest of his friendís wounds. Back all finished, he moved to sit in front of the blond, intent on checking out the sore ribs. Yohji quickly crossed his thighs to hide his erection. He was somewhat distracted from his lust filled thoughts by the pain Aya was provoking as he poked the other manís sore ribs. Yohji barely resisted the urge to grab that pale hand and put it somewhere that would feel much better, like his hardened cock.

Satisfied that the ribs were only bruised, and not broken or cracked, Aya knelt on the floor in front of Yohji. The blond could only look on in shock for a second or two, as hentai thoughts of what the red head could do to him in that position ran through his mind. It took him a few tries to open his mouth and make his voice work. "Aya, what are you doing?"

"Iím checking your ankle." Aya began taking the playboyís left shoe off, and pushed back the leather jeans as far as he could. He noticed that the joint was slightly swollen. Ignoring Yohjiís moans, he rolled the foot around, and decided that it wasnít that bad of a sprain. He quickly wrapped the joint, and gently set the foot back down. He glanced up at Yohjiís face, surprised to see that the blond had his eyes closed. Picking up a leftover wipe, he reached up to tenderly swab at the split lip.

Yohjiís eyes flew open at the touch. He had closed them in an effort to push down the desire he felt overwhelming him at the sight of Aya kneeling at his feet. Aya was still kneeling, but had pushed himself up and towards the blond so as to better see the injury. Aya held still, his fingers at Yohjiís lips, as green eyes held him captive and threatened to drown him. He barely noticed as one of the older manís hands ran up his arm and neck to brush crimson bangs away from a pale face. The other hand brushed his lips in a gesture similar to the one he had paused in, and tilted his chin upwards. He was still drowning in emeralds as he felt first a warm breath, and then pressure replace the fingers on his mouth. It was only when Yohji closed his eyes that Aya realized he was being kissed.

Strong arms enfolded him and dragged him up to the bed. Yohji pulled the red head up until the two of them were lying side by side. Aya allowed this, torn as he was by the feelings within him. Part of him was demanding that he get up off the bed and leave the room, /now/, while another part of him was just giving in to the warmth and pleasure that was coursing through his veins. He didnít know which one to listen to.

Taking advantage of the smaller manís distraction, Yohji deepened the kiss as he began to slide his hands underneath Ayaís shirt. The red head arched his back into the touch, shocked by the feel of skin on skin. The blond caressingly ran his hands up the swordsmanís spine, pausing to rub gently at his neck before descending back down again. Yohji kept repeating the motions as he continued his assault on the red headís mouth, until he began to relax. He then slowly skimmed his hands around Ayaís waist, and brought them to the manís chest. His hands roaming upwards until he reached his kittenís nipples, and started to gently rub and pinch there.

Aya broke away from the kiss, gasping for air. All thoughts of flight vanished as Yohji played with his nipples, causing the tender buds to tighten in pleasure. He had never felt anything like it before. Growling slightly, the blond quickly yanked the red headís shirt off and replaced his left hand with his mouth. Aya threw his head back, whimpering softly, as waves of heat centered in his chest and flowed down to his groin. His cock was starting to harden with the pleasure he was experiencing. Yohji continued to lavish Ayaís nipples with attention, moving back and forth between them, parceling out gentle nips and then soothing with his tongue. Rolling the red head onto his back, Yohji slowly moved his mouth down Ayaís chest, licking and sucking as he made his way to the smaller manís belly button. He slowly circled the area with his tongue, hearing Aya begin to whimper more loudly, before spearing his tongue into the indentation. At Ayaís gasp, he grasped the silver ring between his teeth and pulled on the jewelry. Aya moaned out the blondís name.

Hearing the sound, Yohji moved his hand down to the otherís groin and lightly ran it over the forming bulge. Aya whimpered again as his hips jerked forward into the touch. Moaning as much over the physical response as well as the sound, Yohji pulled the smaller man against him tightly, rubbing their erections together. The friction was just so fucking unbelievable. Feeling Aya start to pull away, Yohji once again began to plunder the red headís mouth, intent on kissing him senseless. After a few minutes the tactic seemed to be working, and the older man began to move his mouth downwards. He showered kisses down the manís chin and jaw. Shifting down to his neck, Yohji bemusedly remembered what David had told him earlier in the evening. Suckling and biting softly at the smooth skin, the blond began to leave a trail of lovebites down Ayaís neck and chest. The mewling sounds the smaller was producing made him grind his hips even harder into that slender form, as his hands began to work their way below the red headís waist band. Fumbling desperately at the zippers on the swordsmanís hip, Yohji dazedly realized that if he didnít stop now, he would end up fucking Aya then and there.

Yohji pulled back from the red head to take in the slender, panting form beside him. Mewling softly at the loss of heat and those wonderful caresses, Aya opened his eyes. Glazed violet eyes darkened to indigo from passion gazed into green, an equal mixture of lust and confusion swirling in their depths. Steeling himself to not be lost in those orbs, Yohji frantically tried to calm down enough to think. He was so hard it was painful, and Ayaís reaction to his seduction was not helping matters. The question was, just how far did he want to take things tonight? The younger man was exhausted and inexperienced enough that the blond was sure he could overwhelm any resistance the red head put against him. Yohji also knew he could make Aya enjoy the experience. But any chance of Aya trusting him would then be gone, along with the relationship Yohji was so desperate to build with the man. Yoji didnít want his kitten for one night, but forever.

As the blond continued to stare down at the smaller man, Aya felt the lust recede and his confusion grow. Yohji had been everywhere, with his lips and hands and body, and now he was just leaning over him, a faraway look in his eyes. For some reason, Aya began to feel as if a crushing grip was wrapped his chest. Yohji had wanted him a minute ago, what had the red head done wrong to stop that? He started to move away from the older man, intent on escaping back to his room.

Yohji came back to himself when he felt Aya pull away. He quickly reached out and grabbed the manís arms, preventing him from moving any farther. "Where do you think youíre going, Aya?" The red head was silent, refusing to meet Yohjiís gaze. Tightening his grip, the blond repeated the question.

Aya twisted in the taller manís grasp. "Let me go, Yohji."

"No." Letting his weight pin the smaller man back into the bed, Yohji raised the pale face so he could see its expression. Stunned by the pain and confusion present there, the blond wrapped his arms even tighter around the man. "Aya, why do you want to leave? Tell me, please."

Biting his lips, Aya shifted his gaze to Yohjiís shoulder. Very softly, he whispered, "Because you donít want me here."

Tenderly brushing away damp bangs, Yohji answered back, very serious. "Oh no. I want you here. I want you here too much." Highlighting his point, he rocked his still hard erection into Ayaís pelvis. "If I hadnít of stopped, I would have done something I wouldíve regretted for a long, long time to come." Aya glanced up, meeting Yohjiís gaze, searching for something. "Were you ready to go all the way tonight, Kitten?"

Starting at the question, Aya began to frown. "No. But, we werenítÖ. were we?"

"Oh yes, if I hadnít of stopped, we would have." Yohji watched as Aya absorbed that information, the frown slowly fading. He shifted his weight off the swordsman, and curled up beside him, clutching him to his chest. After a minute or two, he felt Aya begin to pull away again.

"Aya, Iím tired. Where are you going now?"



"To bed."

Yohji propped his head on his arm, careful to keep the other firmly pressing his kitten to him. "Silly, youíre already in bed. Go to sleep."

Frown back, Aya opened his mouth to start arguing. Yohji stopped him with a kiss. Before it could get too heated, the blond pulled back, and once more settled the red head against him. "Didnít anyone tell you itís impolite to argue with an injured man? I could of gotten a concussion during that fight. I need to have someone close by in case something happens during the night. Thatís you. Now go to sleep. And donít even /think/ of touching that alarm clock."

Receiving no response, Yohji started to drift off to sleep. Only half awake, he almost missed the red headís mumbled response. "Youíll do anything to get out of working in the morning, wonít you?"

Smiling, he just tucked the otherís head under his chin, and gave in to sleep.


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