violet eyes


chapter 11


Yohji tossed back the double shot of whiskey, and debated having another. He was sitting in the memberís only bar at the Velvet Room. It seemed that his failure to go running around screaming at the top of his lungs what he had seen in the club a few days ago had reassured the other members, so here he was sitting with David Aso. The man had once again conducted him through a tour of the fetish club, and had been talking to him for some while about what he needed to do if he was seriously considering joining. Aso was all but promising to sponsor the blond.

Letting everything more or less slide over him, Yohji was busy reflecting back on the past few days. What had been a promising start Sunday had all but vanished by the end of the day. First Aya had disappeared after lunch, not to return until dinner. The blond was pretty much used to the manís vanishing act, but he /had/ been hoping to continue the little teaching session that Omiíd interrupted. Dinner had been followed by a long meeting, hashing out suspects for the mission, only to be concluded by Omi dragging off the red head to help him with some research. Yohji had fallen asleep while waiting up for Aya. The pint of liquor heíd downed while waiting, all in an attempt to prevent him running to Omiís room and forcibly dragging the red head off, probably hadnít helped. It had been with some evil satisfaction that the playboy had regarded Omiís exhausted state the next morning, but the feeling hadnít lasted long. First there had been the list of warehouses, storerooms and abandoned buildings the chibi wanted him to check out. Then there was the realization that Aya had clearly stayed up all night long helping Omi compile the list. He wasnít even allowed time to Ďproperlyí wish the man good morning before he was shoved out the door.

The day was spent crawling around filthy, vacant buildings, only to turn up empty handed. Before returning home, he had to swing by Mickey Stoutís house and put a tracer on the manís car. That had been the only thing to go right all day, him actually finding the man at home. All in all, it had been rather late when the blond had finally reached his room. He was too exhausted and dirty to even contemplate curling up with his love, although he had sustained a fantasy of coming home to a sleeping Aya in his bed all evening long. Yohji had barely bothered with taking off his clothes before collapsing on his bed.

The next day hadnít been much better, as Omi once again dragged him out of bed to check out a couple of places heíd missed the day before. That had taken him half a day. Upon returning home he had quickly showered and rushed into the flowershop, only to be greeted by a very irate Aya. It seemed that the blond had forgotten his promise about getting the flat tires on Ayaís Porsche taken care of. Nevermind the fact that Yohji had spent the past day and a half scouring the city, looking for some psychopathís hideaway. Oh no, Yohji had dared to ignore his red headís precious baby, and must be made to pay. So out went the idea of cornering the man in the green house for a little quality time. Unless he wanted to spend the next month in a body cast. Add to that the fact that the shop had been busier than usual, and Yohji was ready to tear his hair out in frustration.

Due to the craziness in the flowershop, Aya had been running late in getting to Bacchus for his shift. So there went any hopes of a goodbye smooch. Not that the chances had been so great, what with Aya doing nothing but extracting a promise from Yohji to have the Porscheís tires replaced the next day, or the blond would enjoy some personal attention from the swordsmanís katana. The second Yohjiís car came to a stop in front of the bar, he had leapt out and dashed into the building.

That left the playboy to head on over to the Velvet Room and meet up with David. Being a little early, he had sat at the bar and chatted with his friend Joji, and downed the complimentary shots heíd been given. The bartender had been friends with the blond long enough to tell when heíd been having a bad day, and to know one of his preferred methods of dealing with it. Yohji had been pleasantly buzzed by the time his new acquaintance had arrived. Enjoying a little small talk, the two of them had made their way downstairs, and Yohji had spent a couple hours being assaulted with images that inspired some intense sexual fantasies. All with a certain red head in the starring role.

So here he sat, another double in hand, as he tried to calm down somewhat. Through the course of his tour, he had heard one of the employees mention the man Carmen having an appointment later in the evening. Considering the man was in large part the reason Yohji had visited the club again, he was trying to drag out his departure, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man. Noticing that David was starting to get fidgety, he realized that they would soon be heading to Bacchus. Where with his luck a still pissed off Aya was awaiting him. Canít something go right for me today? the blond beseeched the gods.

Downing yet another shot as he stood up, Yohji accidentally bumped into someone walking behind him. "Sorry."

"Watch what you are doing." Large hands suddenly reached out and grabbed ahold of Yohjiís shirt. "Hey, you arenít a member, what are you doing in here?"

"Carmen, relax, heís a guest of mine. We were just leaving." David quickly stepped next to Yohji and the tall man who was still holding onto the blond. Yohji estimated that Carmen was about 6í5" and at least 250 lbs of solid muscle. He briefly wondered if the guy had been a wrestler. Black eyes glared down at him for another minute, and the playboy then found himself violently shoved back into the table. He suppressed the desire to take out the guyís kneecaps.

"We do have some standards around here, Aso. Try to remember that before you invite any more Ďfriendsí."

David helped his friend stand up. "Ignore him, heís an asshole just itching to tear into me. Guess that now extends to any friends of mine."

Giving the big manís back his own rendition of the Shi-ne glare, Yohji tried to smooth out the wrinkles in his silk shirt. "What the hell is that guyís problem? He got a beef with you or something?"

Helping the man straighten out his clothes, a bitter grin spread across Davidís face. "We used to be friends, until one night he dragged me off to a bar in order to check out this guy he was interested in." The smile softened when he saw the dawning light in Yohjiís eyes. "Yep, that bar, and that guy. Ever since Teddy and I started to go out, heís been understandably upset at me."

Yohji squashed the sudden desire to grab his cell phone. "You mind if I stop at the rest room before we walk over to Bacchus? I think all those drinks are catching up with me."

"Sure thing. Itís the third door on the right. Be careful, you really donít want to go in the wrong room around here."

Snorting in laughter as he made his was to the rest room, Yohji cautiously peeked into the room before entering all the way. Finding the directions to be correct, and the room unoccupied, he quickly dialed a number.

"Moshi moshi."

"Omi, its Yohji. I need you to get ahold of Ken real quick, and have him stake out the Velvet Room. Carmen is here, and believe it or not, thereís a connection to Teddy Stout." Yohji quickly gave the teenager a physical description of the man.

"Iíll call Ken while on my way."

"Hey, thereís no reason for you to come out here. Ken said last night that he would handle this."

The exasperation was clear in the younger manís voice as he answered back. "Yohji, there are at least two exits, the main one and the members only in the back. Do you know which one heíll use?" Silence greeted that question. "Okay then, Iíll stake out the back. Besides, all Iím doing right now is getting ready to run that background check for Aya. I can finish it up tomorrow night."

Yohji knew he couldnít argue with the point Omi had made. After reproaching the youth to be very careful, he hung up and left the room. It only dawned on the blond, as he headed out of the building, that it seemed his plea hadnít gone unheard, and that he could have used it on Aya instead.


Upon entering Bacchus, Yohji found himself steered toward a table in Teddyís section. He took a seat as the American greeted his boyfriend rather enthusiastically. The blond occupied himself those couple of minutes with searching the bar for his kitten. Aya was working towards the back of the room, and was currently busy. Noticing that the couple had finally broken apart for air, he directed a raised eyebrow towards a breathless David. "And people talk about the kitten and I."

That got him a quick laugh. "What can I say, Iím crazy about the guy."

"Looks like heís rather fond of you, too."

Davidís plain face was transformed by a beaming smile. "Yeah, it sure looks that way. I canít get enough of Teddy, and I think the fact that he really cares for me is part of the reason. Heís the first man Iíve ever been involved with."

Yohji tried to appear surprised at this bit of news. "I didnít know that. No wonder that Carmen fellow is so mad at you. H must have never thought youíd be competition."

"It caught me off guard as well. I just figured Iíd go out with him, have a few beers, and give my opinion on his crush. Instead I come down here and find a gorgeous American who made me laugh more in a night than I do in a month, and who actually seemed to /see/ me."

Yohjiís expression must of displayed more of his confusion than heíd intended, as the brown haired man elaborated on the comment. "I guess you never really had that problem. Even though youíre every bit a konketsu as me, with those looks Iím sure you get lots of attention. With me, itís as if I donít exist most of the time, not being Japanese enough for the people here, and not American enough for the foreigners." The manís tone was decidedly bitter. "Even my father tended to forget about me. Probably never happened to you. So it was bit of a shock when this good-looking, outgoing person expressed an interest in me. I couldnít let the opportunity pass me by, and I asked him out. It was quite a surprise to actually fall in love with him, even more so when he returned the feeling. Thatís why I could care less about Carmen being upset with me, even though I have few friends. Teddy makes everything worthwhile."

Greeted by the blondís silence, David quickly apologized. "Sorry, must be the alcohol in me, I didnít mean to get so maudlin. I donít usually spill my guts out like this."

Yohji didnít know how to respond. He hadnít appreciated the half-breed comment, even if it was true. And he would have considered himself lucky if his father had forgotten about him during his childhood. The blond suspected that David has built an image of him that had little to do with reality, but he wasnít about to mess with that right now. "Youíre just lucky to have found Teddy in the first place. Although I donít know how you put up with his brother."

"Oh, Mickeyís alright. I just had to convince him Iíd never do anything to hurt his baby brother, and now Iím part of the family." There was a gleam in the manís light blue eyes that highlighted just how important that fact was to him. "Anyone whoís crazy about his brother is okay in his books. Okay, now itís your turn."


"I gushed about my boyfriend, now you do too. Itíll balance things out." Misinterpreting the blondís silence, David added, "Donít worry, I wonít tell Teddy."

"Ö.." Speechless for once, Yohji let his gaze drift over to the hard at work swordsman. It wasnít like he could talk to many people about the relationship, and David had done him a big favor tonight, so he decided why not. "My story is a bit more convoluted than yours. Red isnít as outgoing as Teddy, it takes some real effort to get him to open up. Wasted a lot of time thinking heíd never return my feelings. Finding out he did was only the beginning of the battle."

"Yeah, but obviously you think heís worth the effort."

"Hell yes,"Yohji snorted in reply.

"So you really do love the guy, donít you. You think that heís the one?" There was an odd undercurrent to the manís voice, as if Yohjiís answer was very important. His eyes glittered as the blond nodded.

Opening his mouth to say something, unsure of how the conversation had taken this serious turn, Yohji was spared by Teddyís return. The American sat an extremely generous double of whiskey and a pint of beer down in front of the playboy, and handed the other beer to his boyfriend. He stared at the other man for a moment, eyebrows lifted and head tilted to the side, before taking off again. Used to feeling mystified at this point, Yohji speedily disposed of the shot and started on his beer. He felt the need for alcohol at the moment.

As of sensing his companionís unease, David shifted the topic to something else. The two men were soon debating the merits of various topics, from drinks to cell phones to cars. Yohji was busy lauding the merits of his Seven, a slightly bit tipsy since Teddy had stopped by with another round, when he noticed that David was gazing towards the back of the bar. "Whatís so interesting?"

"Looks like they must of run out something, Redís back in the storeroom. Now what were you staying about exhaust systems?"

Thoughts derailed by this latest bit of news, Yohji stared off at where Aya had disappeared. Gears were rapidly turning in his head, as he recalled his thwarted plans the past few days. Yohji didnít say a thing as he suddenly stood and made his way to where his red head was.

Taking a sip of his beer, David directed a thumbís up sign towards his boyfriend. That hadnít been very hard after all. His koi beamed back happily, as he ambled over to the bar. The line of sight for the storeroom door was much better there.

Aware of the fact that several of his employees were gathering at the bar instead of being in their sections, Kei tapped a standing Seiichi on the shoulder. The younger man jumped a little in response. "Whatís going on here?"

"Well, you see Teddyís got another bet going on. We set up Red to go and find some more napkins in the storeroom, and Redís boyfriend has just joined him. Everyoneís betting on how long theyíll be in there, and who comes out first." The brunet cautiously glanced up at his manager, trying to gauge his reaction.

"Another bet, huh." Gazing after the door for several seconds while rubbing his chin, Kei focused back on Seiichi. "So what timeslots are left?" he asked, pulling out his wallet.


Hearing the door open and shut behind him, Aya called out, "Seiichi, Iím not finding those napkins. Where did you say they were again?"

"Beats the hell out of me."

Aya whirled around, recognizing the voice. "What are you doing here?" The blond kept advancing, until he forced the smaller man back against some shelves. Smiling down at the glare he was receiving, Yohji finally responded, "Just seeing how youíre doing, Gorgeous."

Since the glare was having no effect, Aya tried shoving the man away from him. Yohji wouldnít budge, and just leaned over his kitten, arms grasping the shelves on either side of Aya. "Iíd be doing a lot better if youíd back off and give me a little space."

"Not going to happen."


"I said no."

Aya crossed him arms as he once again glared up at the older man. "Iím serious, Kudoh. Move, Iím in the middle of doing something."

"So am I. The damn napkins can wait, this is more important."

"Wha-mph." The red head was abruptly cut off as Yohji bent down to kiss him. Pressing the smaller man back into the shelves, Yohji grabbed hold the hands reaching up for him and held them above Ayaís head. Deepening the kiss, he kept at the swordsmanís mouth until the need for air became critically important. Both of the men were gasping as the blond slightly pulled back.

Rocking his hips at the other man, Yohji lowered his head to nuzzle at a slender neck as he inquired, "Donít you agree?"

"AgreeÖ what?" Aya was still trying to catch his breath, and the blondís actions werenít helping. He tried to dredge up the anger from earlier today, but realized that heíd missed the man, and the way Yohji could make him feel, too much to care right now.

"That this is more important. Mmm, you really do taste so good. Iím never going two whole days without tasting you ever again."

"Yohji, weíre not at home. What if someone, ah, comes in? Remember ahh, s-stop that, all the annoying interruptions?" It was getting harder to form coherent sentences.

"Donít worry, I locked the door."

The red head was gradually realizing that he wasnít going to win this battle. Part of him had already given in. He offered up one last piece of resistance. "If we get caught, youíre a dead man, Kudoh."

"You always say the sweetest things, Kitten." Green eyes heavy with desire, he gently smirked down on his lover as Yohji released the captured hands. "Iíll just have to remind you of all the reasons you should keep me around." Taking hold of the hem of Ayaís shirt, he abruptly yanked it off the red head. Needing to feel skin against skin, he repeated the motion with his own shirt. "Much better." He gathered the smaller man in his arms, and resumed kissing him breathless.

Aya couldnít stop his hands from roaming all over the playboy. When he lightly ran his nails done the other manís back, Yohji broke off the kiss, moaning out his name. "Gods, Aya, that felt good." The blond returned the favor by nibbling his way down Ayaís neck.

Hearing the red headís moans just made Yohji all the hotter. He gripped the smaller manís ass and pulled him closer, grinding their erections together. Whimpering from the friction, Aya ran his fingers through blond hair and held on tight. "Yohji, thatís, ohhhh yes."

The older man leaned back briefly, drinking in the sight of hooded violet eyes and kiss- swollen lips. "Trust me, Kitten, itís just gonna get better. Iím gonna taste all of you this time." As Aya blinked back in bewilderment at the statement, Yohji set out to show the red head what he meant.

Trailing kisses down the smaller manís chest, Yohji worked the zipper of Ayaís pants. When Aya opened his mouth to say something, the blond started to suck on his left nipple. Whimpering in response, the swordsman rested back on the shelves, jeans forgotten. After lavishing attention on the younger manís nipples for a few minutes, Yohji continued his trek downward. Pausing to nip at and tug on the navel ring, the older man used that distraction to pull Ayaís pants and underwear down to his knees. He then proceeded to run his hands up and down the red headís inner thighs, fingers sometimes brushing against the side of Ayaís weeping erection.

ĎOh gods, heís mewling again. How I love that sound.í Nuzzling at curly red hair, Yohji wrapped his right hand around the base of Ayaís cock, and bent down to lap at the precum leaking from the tip.

"/Yohji!/" The red head voice was strangled, and his grip on the older manís hair was almost painfully tight.

"Mmmm," the blond responded, tongue busy working the slit on Ayaís erection. "Knew youíd be delicious. I want more." He took the swollen member in his mouth, tongue running up and down its sides. Yohji had never heard the other man moan so loud. Wrapping his arms around the smaller manís waist, he pulled back his head until his lips were just touching the tip of the organ, and then suddenly deep throated. His name was all but shrieked.

Not long after Aya began to thrust into Yohjiís mouth, the blond slipped one hand down the crack of Ayaís backside. Finding the puckered ring, the older man started to circle his fingers around it. His kitten initially tensed upon feeling a touch back there, but was distracted when Yohji started humming. Hearing the younger man commence chanting his name, he carefully pushed a finger inside. The tight heat clenching around it made the older man moan.

The feel of something moving inside of him was the last straw, sensory wise for Aya. It all became too much. Crying out Yohjiís name, he shuddered to climax. Overwhelmed by the pleasure surging through him, the red head found himself sliding down to the floor, unable to stand.

Yohji rocked back on his heels, cuddling the smaller man close to him. Wiping away the little bit of semen dribbling down his chin, he watched as violet eyes fluttered back open. He smiled tenderly at the dazed expression on his kittenís face. Cupping the flushed face, he tilted it up towards him. "Oh, Kitten, I knew youíd be the best Iíve ever tasted. Donít think Iíll ever get enough of you." Taking advantage of the panting mouth, he thrust his tongue in deep, letting the other man taste himself.

Stunned at first, Aya began to kiss Yohji back. His mouth was filled with the flavor of his own cum, bittersweet and unlike anything he had ever tasted before. Letting his arms encircle the blondís neck, he rested against the taller man. After a while, he noticed the erection pressing against his hip. Pulling back, he frowned up at the older man. "Yohji, you didnít, I meanÖ." biting his lip, Aya paused, unsure how to continue. "Do you want me to, you know?"

His love was just so adorable. Stifling back a moan caused by an image of Aya going down on him, Yohji shook his head. "Not now." Ayaís coworkers should notice his absence any moment now, and that was one experience he wasnít about to rush. Seeing how the red headís frown had deepened, he smiled at the younger man. "But there is something else you can do." Taking a slender hand in his own, he lowered it down to his lap until it was resting on the bulge. Not sure if Aya had understood what he wanted, Yohji was about to say something when he felt a tug at his zipper. Working open the blondís jeans, Aya stared down at the erection that sprung free. Touching a finger to the fluid dribbling out of it, the red head raised it to his mouth for a taste. "Gods, Aya, keep that up and I wonít last much longer." Shooting a glance at Yohjiís face, the smaller man returned his attention downward after a brief pause.

Tenderly wrapping a hand around the engorged cock, Aya slowly worked it up and down, pausing to rub his thumb across the top. He picked up speed, matching his pace in time to the older manís thrusts. Looking back up, he locked his gaze on emerald eyes. It wasnít much longer until Yohji stiffened, semen shooting out to cover his stomach and Ayaís hand. It was the blondís turn to rest, body spent, against the other man.

After a minute or two, he shakily leaned back, fingers combing hair off of his face. Attention focused on his lover, he watched as Aya lifted his hand to his mouth and started to lick it clean. Aware of the look the blond was directing his way, the swordsman almost blushed.

Pulling the slender hand away, Yohji replaced it with his mouth. After a thorough exploration of the otherís mouth, he pulled back. "I have never seen anyone half as sexy as you. I could stay in here with you forever."

Glancing nervously at the door, Aya shook his head. "Thatís not possible. Someone has to have realized by now that Iím still in here." Standing in one smooth motion, the red head worked his pants and underwear back up. Yohji watched as he retrieved both their shirts, and grabbed something from a shelf. Catching the object when it was thrown at him, he realized it was a bar towel. Before he set about cleaning himself up, he snaked out an arm to grab hold of the smaller man. Dragging Aya back to him, he kissed the man one last time. Brushing back sweaty bangs, he whispered "thank you" as he let him go.

Aya nodded back in return, and placed Yohjiís shirt nearby on a shelf. Heading over to the door, the red head paused to look back. After gracing the older man with a sweet but fleeting smile, he closed the door behind him. Stunned for a minute, Yohjiís face burst out in a huge grin, and he whistled as he finished dressing.

Both men, intent on returning to their respective spots, failed to notice the crowd gathered by the bar. Barely managing to suppress a shout of glee, Teddy nonetheless bounced up and down. "Pay up, you losers!! I called the time and the first one out correctly. Yes!!" Grumbling and shaking their heads, his coworkers handed over their money. Happily counting the yen, Teddy glanced up to see his brother glowering at him. "Oh, relax big guy, its all harmless fun. And donít worry, no oneís stupid enough to mention it to Red. Weíll never get him back in the storeroom if that happens."

"Fair warning, Iím not going to do anything if he finds out and comes after you. If you think he was upset the last time, I donít think youíd want to deal with him after this."

"Okay, I get the point. Just hide your bat should that ever happen. Although I donít see what he would be so upset about. He looks pretty relaxed right now, and I notice he forgot all about those napkins."


Yohji was struggling to keep his eyes open as he drove home. Aya was zonked out beside him, head resting on the blondís shoulder. It had been another couple of hectic days for the two assassins, so he wasnít surprised the younger man had swiftly fallen asleep once he sat down. ĎAnd experiencing a mind blowing orgasm will drain a person, thatís for sure.í Of course, the blond could only speak with certainty for himself, but he was willing to bet from the slightly glazed look that had stayed with his kitten the rest of the night that the younger man had felt the same. As for himself, he had spent the last hour or so with a ridiculous grin on his face, only half aware of what David and him had talked about.

One thing that had stuck in his mind was the last topic they had discussed. The brown haired man had brought up the assaults in the district. He had asked Yohji how he felt about ĎRedí working in an area infamous for a madman attacking gay men. Yohji had angrily retorted back that his lover was not going to be left alone at any time during the weekend, and anyone who so much as laid a finger on the man would greatly regret it. There had been no mistaking the possessiveness laden in his voice. If Omi, Ken or even Aya dared to argue with him over this, they would be in for a surprise.. He wasnít budging on this one. David had once again treated him with an odd expression, before stating that he was relieved that Teddy had Mickey to watch out for him. He felt sorry for anyone who tried to do something to the American with his brother around. Both men had spent the rest of the night bemoaning how hard it was to be in love with a couple of thick headed, stubborn idiots with no sense of self preservation.

The topic made him wonder briefly how Omi and Kenís night had turned out, before the blond returned his concentration back to getting home in one piece. All he wanted to do was collapse in a nice, warm bed. Of course he had every intention of dragging Aya to bed with him, although he doubted heíd meet much resistance tonight.

Car safely parked in the garage, he shook the red head awake. Snarling slightly at being disturbed, Aya woke up just enough to get out of the car and make his way upstairs. When Yohji steered him away from his bedroom and into the blondís instead, he treated the man with a raised eyebrow and silence. It just wasnít worth the effort to argue over where he was going to sleep tonight, and somehow he doubted the older man had the energy to try something. Entering the room, he quickly stripped down to his underwear, leaving the blond to worry about the door and lights. Crawling into the monstrosity Kudoh called a bed, he was mostly asleep when the other man slid in next to him and pulled him back into an embrace. Grumbling briefly, he let himself fall into unconsciousness.

Humming softly to himself, Yohji felt the tension leave his body. Something was nagging him in the back of his mind, but it just felt so good to be curled up in his bed next to the warm body of his love. Intent on falling asleep, he shoved the semi-formed thought away. Losing awareness, he never noticed how he tightened his grip on the slumbering red head. It was as if some part of his mind knew that if he let go of the younger man, heíd lose him forever.


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