violet eyes


chapter 13


Yohji cursed at the red light, revving his carís engine as he chewed on the end of a cigarette. It seemed that the gods were heaping even more abuse on him in the form of heavier-than-normal traffic and every fucking stoplight turning red on him. As if having some psychopath kidnap his boyfriend and most likely was busy torturing him as he sat here at the damned light wasnít enough. The second he got the go sign, he floored the gas pedal and took off in a screech of tires. Some asshole that had thought to run the light had to stand on his brake to stop from crashing into the sportster.

The blond was pretty much oblivious to that little incident. All he could think of was getting back to the Koneko as quickly as possible, and interrogating a certain chibi for every speck of information and lead they had on Aso. His earlier shock had faded, only to be replaced with a burning anger that demanded he find Aya and personally rip the head off of David Aso. /Right now/. Spotting yet another rapidly changing yellow light, Yohji once more stepped on the gas, determined as hell to not get stuck waiting again. He probably scared about ten years off of the lives of some kids who were trying to cross the intersection at the time.

Two and a half cigarettes and several close calls later, Yohji pulled into the garage and raced to find Omi. He burst into the mission room and pretty much slammed into the wall besides the computer, not letting a little thing like stopping get in his way. "What the hell have you found out? Do you know where that bastard Aso is yet? What about Ayaís bracelet? Any signal from that yet?"

Omi tried to assimilate the barrage of questions that the older man was growling at him. Ken had not exaggerated the blondís agitated state when he had called to fill the teenager in on the situation. "Not much, no, no clue, and no. Iíve got several search engines up and running now, trying to track down every bit of data out there on Aso as we speak."

Yohji wasnít in the mood for hearing excuses. "What the hell is taking so long? Any other time you can tell us what some idiot had for lunch and the last time he bought toilet paper, so how come youíre having trouble now?" He was glaring down on the short youth.

Resisting the impulse to smack some sense, or rationalism at the very least, into the playboy, Omi gritted his teeth as he replied. "Itís been less than thirty minutes since Ken let me know that Ayaís been kidnapped, and about an hour since that event took place." The brunet had called him twice so far, the first to tell him about Aya, and the second time to grimly confirm that David Aso had indeed been at Bacchus earlier that night. Hearing about the drinks, Omi knew why the swordsman had been so easily taken. "Thatís not exactly a lot of time, Yohji. So shut up and let me get some work done."

Any other time and Yohji would be shocked at how his genki teammate was talking to him. Tonight, however, he couldnít care in the slightest. His lover was out there in the hands of some nutcase, all because of him. ĎStop that Kudoh, stop that right now. You didnít make David take Aya, that bastard did it all on his own. Place the blame on him, where it belongs, and not on you.í While a part of him accepted this fact, another kept flashing back on lying there bleeding on the sidewalk, watching Asuka hurry away from him only to never be seen alive again. He felt every bit as helpless now as he did then. Focusing on his anger to distract himself from the guilt, Yohji leaned over the computer desk and glared at the screen.

"Well, what the hell do you have on the guy at this moment? Werenít you trying to get ahold of me earlier to let me know something?"

Omi bit back on a sigh, trying to squash his frustration at the other man. He knew that Yohji was acting like an asshole right now because he was worried about their teammate, but he wasnít the only one. "The search from earlier came up with Asoís personal background and checking account. I found out that heís the illegitimate son of one Touma Aso. Warning bells went off when I discovered that his father owned a business making and distributing liquor."

"Apparently Davidís mother was an American here on a student visa. She met his father and became pregnant with him during her studies. She then applied for permanent residence, and Aso senior supported her and the child. When the daughter from his marriage died in a car accident, he legitimized David. Upon his death, David inherited the business. Still being in school at the time, he sold it for a hefty profit. That was one of the things that alerted me when I found it out."

"The other thing was his bank account. He runs his own business dealing with network and computer servers. Seems to pay pretty well. Until a little over two months ago, he was regularly depositing paychecks into his account. But lately, thereís only been one or two deposits, and several withdrawals from his savings account." Omi looked up expectantly at the smoking man.

Yohji was finishing off one cigarette and using it to light a fresh one. "Smug little prick told me he mainly works weekends. All this means heís been too busy mutilating and raping men to actually take on any jobs."

"Got it in one," Omi nodded. "I managed to find a few discrepancies in records from his fatherís time and documents from the sale; one or two warehouses are missing from the final paperwork. But it looks like David has been busy covering his tracks, and so far no hits. This guy really has been very careful about not being found out."

Puffing on his cigarette, a cruel expression spread across the blondís face. "Yeah, well he /was/ being careful. Made the biggest mistake of his life when he picked Aya as his next victim. I plan on proving this to the man personally."

Eyeing his friend, Omi weighed whether or not he should ask the question. Shrugging his shoulders, he decided to go for it. "Yohji, do you have any idea why Aya was picked? Heís a friend of Teddy Stout, and even helped save him during that fight last week. Why would David want to hurt him?"

Letting out a puff of smoke, a mocking smile twisted Yohjiís lips. "Heís not doing this to harm Aya, heís doing it to hurt me. Sick bastardís got it into his head that somehow weíre the same, two little half-breeds, only I came out better than him. He picked Aya because he knows thatíll wound me far more than if I was the one taken. Son of bitch planned everything ahead of time, right down to snatching him before the weekend, knowing Iíd never let him out of my sight then."

Busy staring down at the keyboard, Omi tried to offer the distraught man some reassurances. "Heís always taken his time with the victims before. I seriously doubt that heíll harm Aya very much by the time we trace his location. Even the fact that this is personal is in our favor, heís not going to rush things while heís enjoying it so much. Ayaís strong, heíll be able to handle things on his end."

It took the young blond a minute to recognize the sound as laughter, bitter as it was. "David can still do a hell of a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Didnít you read the medical records from all the other victims? And how is Aya supposed to take care of himself sick from being doped up on drugs? If he was fine we wouldnít be here talking about this, Aso would already be dead."

"And what if the braceletís been damaged, or thrown out somewhere other than the hideaway? You damn well know that if you havenít found anything by now, itís going to take several more hours of serious searching and cross referencing to find those missing buildings. Weíre just going to be sitting here with our thumbs up our asses while that sick fuck cuts Aya up and rapes him." Yohji was pacing back and forth in the room, clenching his fists as images of the case photos flashed through his mind, all of the bodies being his kittenís. He was going to make David regret heíd ever been born, let alone the fact heíd laid a single finger on the red head. But he had to find the bastard first, and this inactivity was eating away at him.

Omi was checking and double-checking the results of his searches with an almost desperate air. Yohji had made his point with a painful clarity. Noticing that every one of the searches came up with zilch, a guilty feeling began wrapping around the youthís heart. If only he had done the search earlier in the week, when Aya had asked him. And then to have lied about doing it to the red head, letting the older man believe that Aso was cleared from suspicion. Omi would have to bear the knowledge that whatever happened to his friend was in some way his fault.

Initiating yet another search program, it took Omi a couple of seconds to realize what the flashing window signified. "Yohji!! Iím getting a signal from the tracer. Itís working on Ayaís location right now." The youth was suddenly shoved to one side of the desk as the tall man rushed over to the computer.

"Come on, come on, what the hell is taking so long? Just pinpoint the damn location on the fucking map already!" Omi shook his head, trying to clear his head as Yohji shouted out loud right next to his ear.

"Give it a minute, Yohji-kun." Both men sat there, glaring at the screen as if they could mentally will the program to work faster. After a minute an address appeared. It indicated a warehouse in an older part of town, where mainly industrial businesses resided now.

Memorizing the address, Yohji spun around and headed for the door. He didnít get more than a few steps before something tackled him to the ground. Omi might be small, but he knew how to go about bringing a larger man down.

"Where do you think youíre going?" He held one of his darts against the older manís throat.

"Get off of me, you fucking brat. Iím going to get Aya." Feeling the dart press even harder into his throat, Yohji growled up at the young assassin sitting on his chest.

"Not by yourself. Youíre going to go upstairs and change while I contact Ken and have him meet us outside the warehouse. We are going to do this properly Yohji; no more foul-ups from here on out." Seeing that he was getting nowhere with the blond, Omi tried a different tactic. "Ayaís not going to thank us if we endanger ourselves while trying to rescue him. We screw up again, and thereíll be no one able to save him in time. Now calm down and start using that brain youíre always bragging about." Blue eyes staring intently into green, the youth soon removed the dart and got off the now reasonable man.

"You better be ready to leave in two minutes, Omi, or Iím leaving your ass here." With that Yohji stormed off to his bedroom. Making his way to the garage, the young blond started dialing the number of Kenís cell phone.


Hands were moving over his body, quickly stripping him of his clothes. Trying to think through the fog wrapped tight around him, a name floated to his conscious thoughts. Yohji? Was it the blond who was taking his clothes off? Something indicated no, but it was so hard to focus and try to figure it out.

A painful tug on his wrist helped to dissipate the fog somewhat. There was a small part of him that was desperately trying to haul his awareness back down into oblivion, whispering about the pain awaiting him if he woke up. Ignoring it, Aya concentrated on fully regaining consciousness. Somehow, he knew his survival depended on it.

Fully awake now, the red head found that the voice hadnít been lying. His head felt as if it was about to explode. Thick leather cuffs bit into the flesh around his wrists, and his shoulders ached from the strain of supporting most of his weight. He automatically stood on his tiptoes to offer some relief. That was when he felt the restraints around his feet, preventing him from moving his legs much. Panicking at first when he tried to open his eyes, it took Aya a few seconds to realize that he was blindfolded. Assessing the situation, which found him naked, blind, and bound with his hands above his head, he wondered if it wasnít too late to reconsider being awake.

There, to the left. It sounded as if someone was over there. Slight noises of something being picked up and set back down. Then heavy footsteps coming his way, and the sound of whistling. That brought back a flood of memory to the assassin, of being sick in an alley, and figuring out who was responsible. Turning around at a sound to catch a glimpse of a plain face, blue eyes burning bright. David, it was David Aso, Teddyís boyfriend. Weissí target, responsible for hurting and raping several men, and killing one of them.

The whistling became louder. Tugging on his restraints in an effort to check how tight they were, Aya remembered about the copper bracelet. How long had he been like this? The alarm should be going off soon, if it hadnít done so already. That would mean help was on its way. Unless David had discarded the homing device elsewhere. Either way, the red head would need to buy himself some time, waiting for Weiss to get him out of this damn situation or come up with a way to do it himself.

Davidís presence hovered nearby, still whistling. He knew his victim was no longer unconscious; he was most likely waiting for some sort of response. The other men heíd kidnapped had probably woken up indignant or terrified, and Aya wasnít acting like either. He decided to try and provoke some sort of reaction out of the man. "David, I know youíre there, let me go." His voice was raspy due to his dry mouth and throat, and sounded very weak. Hell, /he/ felt weak, either from the blow or the drugs, he didnít know which.

No response, other than silence. The man had stopped whistling. After a minute, Aya tried again. "I know itís you, David. I saw you when I turned around." It was hard to force his mouth to form the words without slurring them. The swordsman really hoped it was the drugs, and not a concussion.

The red head suddenly felt something trail across his skin. It was hard, and felt as if it was wrapped in leather. Then there was a chuckling sound.

"I wondered if you saw me. Thought maybe the drug had you too out of it to recognize me, but I guess not. You werenít supposed to know who was doing this to you. Not that it matters much in the end, I suppose. I wasnít planning on Kudoh ever seeing you alive again."

"Kuh-doh?" What did Yohji have to do with this? Aya stifled a cry as the object, a crop from the feel of it, smacked into the small of his back

"Having problems there, ĎKittení? You donít seem to be reacting well at all to the drug I slipped into your tea." Another blow from the crop, this time across his shoulder. "Although it worked real well in getting you out of the bar alone. Wonder how your boyfriend reacted when he found you gone. I had to jam his phone line to prevent you from reaching him, and counted on you trying to go home on your own. Didnít think the drug would affect you so bad that you couldnít, but things worked out in the end. Donít you agree? I said, donít you agree?" This last was punctuated by a brutal slap to Ayaís face. The pain from the smack faded into the agony in his skull. Drawing in deep breaths to keep from passing out, he managed out a strangled "Why?".

That earned him a laugh, and a new blow from the crop, this one across his buttocks. "Why what? Why am I doing this to you? Why am I doing this at all?" Another hit to his back, this time he felt a trickle of blood. "I think youíre going to be fun, Red. Never got a chance to answer back any of the other guys. Didnít want to give myself away. But we donít have to worry about that now with you, do we. Although I did toy with the idea of returning you to your lover, all broken and used, never able to see his pretty face again." His left nipple was grabbed and savagely pinched. Aya bit at his lip in an effort not to moan in pain. "It would have been fun to see how the golden boy dealt with that."

"But no, I think Iíll enjoy myself much much more with not worrying about holding back. You donít know how hard it was with the others. Guess I sorta forgot myself with the last one. That was an accident, but it felt so good to just let myself go for once." A series of quick, hard jabs to his ribs. "Iím already having a blast, and the party has barely started. Hope you got the stamina to keep up with me, Red."

Ayaís hair was grabbed, his head tilted upwards. Lips fastened on his, and a tongue was thrust into his mouth. The red head quickly bit down on the offending organ, and was rewarded with another slap that split his lip.

"Looks like the kitten knows how to use his teeth. But I deserved that. Youíre so fucking gorgeous, you make me forget how to properly do things. First I break you, until you wonít even /think/ of fighting back. Next comes removing those beautiful violet eyes of yours. Iíve never seen anything like them, theyíll be quite a treasure. Then I fuck you. Iíll be the last one to ever touch you. Youíll die still feeling me inside you. Kudoh will be so far from your thoughts then, wonít he?" A gloved hand skimmed over Ayaís genitals, making him shift away as much as possible. In response, fingers cruelly dug into his thighs, bruising the pale skin before letting go. David kept running his hand all over the swordsmanís body, pinching and digging in every so often, just enjoying how the other man tried to prevent himself from flinching at the touches.

"Do you have any idea how pleasurable it is to break a man? To see him reduced to /nothing/ before your eyes, and know that you were responsible for it? All the years Iíve been into bondage, I never felt anything like it. Iíd always been the submissive one, trying to please someone however possible, just so I knew that one person was paying attention to me. That someone was /seeing/ me, and not ignoring me." The taller manís hands gripped skin and twisted quickly, leaving a friction burn on Ayaís left arm. "But with these little games, I found out that by being in control, I could make sure that person never forgot I was right there next to them." David kept up the barrage of abuse, preferring his hands to crop and the other tools on the table for this victim. When Kudoh looked at his loverís dead body, he wanted the blond to see what David had personally done, and never forget the sight.

Aya was biting into his lip, determined to not let the other man hear him react from the agony spreading all over his body. He had to keep the madman talking. It kept him close enough to the red head that maybe, if given a chance, Aya could make a move. "Is that why you do this, for pleasure? Are you that sick?"

That particular blow to his head left a ringing in his ears. "Oh, you are just so feisty, arenít you? Is that why your boyfriend loves you so much?" Gloved hands buried deep into crimson hair, and tugged harshly. "You know, this all started out as a way to teach an interfering little asshole a lesson. Iíd finally found someone who loved /me/, who didnít care what I was or wasnít and could make me laugh. And this prick just tried to take it all away from me. He kept attempting to break us up by telling Teddy all these lies. That I wasnít the right type of guy to have a relationship with, I was just Ďexperimentingí and didnít love him back. Do you know that one time he even made these comments with me standing right next to my koi? It was as if I wasnít even in the room, the way he ignored me." Fingers raked sharply down bruised ribs, raising welts on skin even though covered in leather. "So I thought Iíd do something to shut his vicious mouth up. He was so wrecked by the time I was done with him, I knew all heíd want to do was crawl away and hide forever and never bother Teddy again. I couldnít resist keeping his eyes as a sweet memento, a way to savor the event for the rest of my life. And to make sure he never forgot about me again. Everyday of his life, heíll think of me."

"I never planned for things to continue on like this. But it had felt so fucking /good/, that I kept looking for an excuse to do it again. And low and behold, soon enough there was someone else needing to be taught a lesson. Only it wasnít quite enough that time. Maybe he was just weaker than the first one. But by the next time, I had it figured out. I wasnít destroying them completely. Beating and crippling them werenít enough, I had to have all of them. It just became so much sweeter after that." Hands lightly caressed a slender neck and slowly tightened around it, until Aya gasped for air. The taller man would relax his grip, only to repeat the action again, whispering in the red headís ear the whole time. "Hell, the last one was for sheer pleasure alone. Iíd forgotten all about the lesson; the rush alone was reason enough. That must be why I got so carried away."

The voice just droned on and on as hands kept on the abuse. Sometimes they would assault an untouched area, other times those hands would return again and again to an already sore spot. Aya only paid him half a mind, too busy trying to push away the pain and pay attention to what was going on around him. Weiss should be there at any minute, and the red head had to be ready. "You know, I was planning on just grabbing whomever Fate presented me, when I met your boyfriend. The smug fucking bastard. With his looks and his charm, and friends willing to risk their job just to do him a favor. /Everybody/ saw him, Kudoh probably couldnít be ignored if he tried. Not that he does. Thereís just something about him that screams Ďlook at meí, and sure enough everyone does. I hated him on sight. Here he was, the same as me, and yet he had everything I had always wanted. I decided then and there that I was going to teach him something that heíd never forget, that even a golden boy could be hurt. After seeing how much he loved you, I decided on how I was going to do it." David suddenly rested against the smaller man, letting strained shoulders bear the weight of both of them. He stayed like that, draped all over his latest toy. "Never forget that fact. Youíd be safe and free right now, if not for that prick. This is all his fault."

About to snort and call the man a lunatic, the red head paused. He thought he heard something up and behind him. Focusing all his attention on that area, Aya heard it again. A slight hiss as if metal was being scraped against brick. Weiss must have finally found the place. Wondering what the hell those idiots were doing just standing around, he slowly realized that they were probably waiting for the target to move away from him so as to have a clear shot. ĎFuck this shit, Iíve had enough.í Sagging down in his bonds, he let out a small whimper and mumbled something.

David, delighting in finally provoking a response from the quiet man, leaned back some as he bent his head towards his playthingís mouth. "What was tha-ooww!" The assassin had used the opportunity presented him and whipped his head against the other manís. Fighting to remain conscious, Aya fervently hoped he had at least broken the manís nose.


Staggering back from the pain, David felt several small points enter his body as something looped around his neck. Gazing upward, he saw several shapes descend rapidly from the second level. Upon recognizing Yohji, he tried to make his way back to the bound man, only to feel more restraints wrap around his body. Jerked backwards, he looked into emerald eyes shimmering with fury. "Youíre dead. You sick fuck, /youíre dead/. Youíll never touch him again!" The words were snarled at him as something bit into his flesh and blocked off his air supply. Wires biting deep into his throat as he felt warm blood gush down his body, David could only stare into those furious orbs as he slowly died.

Snarling more curses at the man, Yohji kept up the pressure on the wires until the man shuddered and breathed no more. Letting the dead body drop to the ground, he glanced up to find Ken eying him oddly as he used his claws to cut Aya down. Omi was trying to support the red headís limp body. Target forgotten, Yohji rushed over to his teammates. ĎGods, donít let him be dead. He canít be dead.í

Arms enveloping the battered man, Yohjiís knees trembled as he felt his lover move. The red head looked like hell, all covered in bleeding welts and bruises. Violet eyes fluttered open to gaze up at him, a bit unfocused. The tall man thought he saw Ayaís lips form his name, but no sound emerged. He started to panic when the red headís eyes drifted closed. "Aya, wake up. Come on now, donít do this to me, sweetie." Once again violet eyes stared back, this time with a weak but distinct glare. The man definitely spoke this time, but Yohji couldnít make out the slurred words, except for Ďdonítí.

Omi shoved at his shoulder. "Yohji, let him go. I need to check out how heís doing." Doing some glaring of his own as he looked down on the small blond, Yohji shifted his kitten to one arm as he started to work off his jacket with the other. Omi gazed searchingly at the swordsmanís eyes. He apologized softly when he had to tilt Ayaís bruised face this way and that in order to find the best light. Nodding his head as he stepped back, he sent the older man a reassuring grin as Yohji tenderly wrapped his jacket around his lover. "Heís a bit out of it, either from the drugs or a slight concussion. Most likely a combination of the two. I think him smacking his skull against Aso was the last straw for his poor head. We need to get him home so I can take care of everything else."

"You guys head on back to the Koneko while I take care of things here. Iíll search around for Ayaís stuff, since I doubt that Kritiker will be happy if we leave any evidence behind. Plus Manx will bitch us out if someone doesnít double check and make sure the bastard really was behind all the crimes." Sighing at the looks his conscious teammates were directing his way, Ken held his hands up in a placating manner. "I know, I know, the bastardís guilty as hell. Iím just saying." Walking over to the corpse, he kicked the cooling body. "Hell, everybody got a chance at him except me. Even Aya got a good lick in at the end." He stooped down to pull Omiís darts out of the dead man. Handing the darts over to his young friend, he got a weak smile in return. Omi waved goodbye as he left, holding the door open as Yohjiís arms were full of unconscious red head. Done waving back, Ken once again kicked Asoís body as he set about his grim task.


"Uhm, Yohji? Iím sure Aya would be much more comfortable if you actually paid attention to the road. I know I surely will be," Omi remarked, as the older man glanced over at the passenger seat for the 100th time. At least. The teenager was crammed against the car door, holding onto the mostly out of it red head. Every now and then Aya would stir and mumble something before fading out again. Yohji was directing more looks, heavy with concern, their way than he was towards the road. Itís a good thing thereís not much traffic at this time of night, Omi ruefully thought. Although the police were still a concern. He didnít know how they would begin to explain the situation if a cop pulled them over. The youth was constantly biting his tongue to prevent any scathing remarks about the driverís speed; he knew Yohji just wanted to get the beaten man home as soon as possible.

As the car came to a stop in the garage, Omi silently sent a prayer of thanks for the assassins making it home in one piece. He quickly exited the vehicle and stood back as Yohji bent in to pick up the swordsman. Making his way upstairs and gathering up the first aid kit, the teenager was surprised to catch Yohji carrying Aya into the older blondís room, and not the red headís.

"Donít you think heíd be better off in his own room? He might not recognize where he is when he wakes up."

"Heíll figure it out without much of a problem. Besides, Iím not letting him sleep on that slab of granite he calls a bed, not in his condition. Aya will be much more comfortable on mine." Yohji then proceeded to carefully lower his kitten onto the soft bed.

Deciding that now wasnít the time to ask Yohji just how he knew about the uncomfortable ness of Ayaís bed, Omi hurried over to examine the red head. He winced in sympathy when the other man removed his coat. There was more bruised skin than unmarked, and several bleeding cuts. He commenced cleaning all of the abrasions, patching up the cuts and welts that needed it and rubbing salve on everything else. Good thing it was a full container. Yohji assisted him in shifting the swordsman around so he could get at the wounds, and holding Aya steady when the man woke up.

Still a bit out of it, Aya had struggled briefly upon coming to, until Yohji held him close and whispered something into his ear. The red head settled down after that. Injuries all taken care of, Omi folded back the bed linen as Yohji picked Aya up to tuck him into bed. The red head had mumbled something about being fine as he briefly glared at his helpers, and tried to force back the covers Yohji was tucking in around him. Needless to say, the older man won that fight. Omi looked on in relief as it seemed the battered man drifted off more asleep than unconscious, and tugged Yohji away from the bed.

"Someone needs to keep an eye on him and wake him up every hour or so until at least morning. Iím assuming that youíre volunteering, especially since itís your room. If he wakes up in any pain, give him a couple of these." Omi handed his friend a bottle of pills, not surprised by the dirty look he received in return.

"These things are barely stronger than aspirin. You think theyíre going to do him any good?"

"Yohji, Aso dosed him with something, and I have no clue what it was. Didnít exactly get a chance to ask him before you almost literally took his head off. Whatever the drug was, Aya clearly had some sort of negative reaction to it. Iím sorry, but I just canít chance giving him anything stronger right now. We really shouldnít be giving him anything at all, but I donít like the thought of him in pain anymore than you do. Just hope he sleeps his way through the worst of it." Knowing how much of an uncooperative patient the swordsman was, Omi secretly doubted that would happen. Giving Yohji a stern look, Omi gathered up the medical supplies and left the room.

Restraining the impulse to toss the damn pills across the room, Yohji put them down on his nightstand and dragged a chair over to the bed. Quickly stripping off his work clothes and replacing them with cotton pajama bottoms, he then lit a cigarette as he sat down, eyes never once leaving the sleeping figure on his bed.


Omi was beginning his status report when Ken walked into his bedroom. "Hey, howís Aya doing?"

Looking away from the computer screen, he offered the brunet a tired smile. "I wouldnít want to be him for the next few days, but Aso didnít have any time to do more than rough him up a bit. No broken bones, although one shoulder joint is a bit sprained. Aya wonít be able to use his sword on a mission for a couple of weeks. Other than that, Iíd say he was rather lucky. What did you find at the warehouse?"

Ken sat down on the bed, and rubbed his eyes with clenched fists. "Well, Kritiker will be happy to know that Aso was the target, beyond any shadow of doubt. I found his Ďcollectioní in one of the upper offices, along with the personnel effects of the victims." The memory of finding a shelf lined with human eyeballs floating in jars was going to stay with the athlete for some time to come. "I got Ayaís stuff out, and brought you back this." He tossed a few computer disks at the blond. "I stripped down his pc. Some personal files on there, along with the program he used to screw up Yohjiís phone, among other things."

Omi had a feeling that he would find several useful programs on the disks, if he could stomach everything else he found. It should prove an interesting, and disturbing search. "Thanks."

Ken looked at the younger man with bloodshot eyes. "You doing the mission report right now?" The youth nodded. "What are you going to put in it?"

Sighing, Omi shook his head. "I really donít know, still trying to figure it out. How do you tell your boss that you nearly lost a teammate due to stupidity and arrogance? We were all so sure we had the case figured out, and the target fingered. All except Aya, and he was the one to pay for our mistakes. Maybe weíre getting sloppy, or too distracted with our Ďnormalí lives." He knew he would have been more thorough with the background checks if he hadnít been so busy with school.

"Donít be too hard on yourself, we all screwed up. Even Aya, mister infallible, let his guard down tonight. Weíre only human, after all. The main thing is that weíre still alive to learn from this." Yawning widely, the brunet stood up. "Guess Aya wonít be working the flowershop for the next few days. That means Iíll have to open up the shop, unless you think I can talk Yohji into it."

That brought out another tired smile. "Somehow I doubt Yohji will be in the mood to work anytime soon." He filled his teammate in on where their injured friend was sleeping. "I think Aya is about to have some enforced bed rest from a very attentive nurse." Ken was laughing softly. "Tell me something, do you have any idea when this thing between the two of them started? I canít have been that oblivious to everything around here to have missed this going on for a while."

"No, I think itís a rather recent development. Maybe that explains why Yohji and Aya have been a little pre-occupied during this mission." Both men became silent at the thought of how the older menís relationship would affect Weiss. While happy about anything that brought some pleasure into their friendsí lives, the younger men knew that Kritiker wouldnít tolerate anything that negatively impacted the group. Hopefully Yohji and Aya would work out a balance quickly. "Man, is it going to be fun around here from now on. Can you just picture a hormone crazy Yohji chasing Aya around the house? We better stock up on the bandages right away."

Omi was shaking from the effort of not guffawing out loud at the image. "Weíll probably have to take turns hiding Ayaís katana when they fight. Although it might be a way to get Yohji up in the morning if he knows heíll be working with his boyfriend all day. Speaking of which, I think tomorrow is going to be a holiday for the Koneko. If you could get the special orders done sometime around noon, donít worry about opening the shop."

Ken ruffled the blondís hair as a way of thanks. "Why donít you play hooky tomorrow yourself and skip class. You could use the break. And donít be too hard on yourself while writing that report. Kritiker doesnít have to know everything. Iím off for bed."


Yohji came to as he heard some muttered curses. Blinking open his eyes, he saw Ayaís right hand fumbling on the nightstand, clearly searching for something. "Wait a second, let me get that for you." Rising up from his chair, he grabbed the pill bottle and a glass of water. Settling on the bed, he gingerly supported the smaller man against his chest as he handed over the glass. Ayaís hand was trembling, but he managed to hold it steady enough to drain half itís contents. While the red head was drinking, Yohji opened the bottle and shook out several pills. Giving them to Aya, he shook his head at the accusing glare sent his way when the other man recognized the medication. "Donít blame me, Omi wonít let me give you anything stronger than that right now. He wants whatever shit David gave you completely out of your system before he doles out the good stuff." Glare shifting to the medicine in his palm, Aya stared at them for a few moments before swallowing them. His attitude plainly expressed that something was better than nothing.

Resting against the bedís headboard, Yohji gently ran his fingers through tangled crimson hair. Feeling his kitten wince at a particularly stubborn knot, he quickly apologized and wrapped his arms around the smaller man. It felt so good to just hold onto the man, after all the hell heíd been through the previous night. The blond had barely managed to get any sleep, what with waking up and checking Aya every so often, and the dreams where he searched endlessly for the missing man, never to find him. He wasnít about to let his lover out of his sight for the foreseeable future, not until he was completely convinced that someone else wasnít going to try and snatch him away.

Leaning back against the blond, Aya tried to distract himself from the various aches and pains along his body. Heíd woken up from a nightmare where Aso was still alive and hell bent on torturing him some more. He wanted to forget about the madman and what he had done to him. Hoping to find some relief in the way of painkillers, Aya had searched for them himself, unwilling to disturb the sleeping blond. Yohji had looked so exhausted. But he couldnít even manage that, what with his sore left shoulder that was refusing to move, and had wakened the man up anyway. And all for a couple of over the counter pain pills.

He had tried not to react in pain when the older man had combed his hair, it had felt nice despite the hurt. He needed something to distract him from the pain, and make him forget the feel of leather-covered hands touching and hurting him. Trying to twist around to see the other man, Aya hissed when his battered body protested.

"Aya, what the hell are you trying to do?" Shifting about until he faced the red head, Yohji stared down into violet eyes. They appeared much more focused and clear than they had at any point during the night. He kept on gazing into them as they slowly closed shut, and slender hands grabbed his hair to yank his head down. At first taken back by the unexpected kiss, the blond was soon returning it with a passion. He couldnít get enough of the younger man, so sure heíd been earlier that heíd lost him forever. Trying to be gentle at first, the embrace grew more and more heated until Aya could not help but flinch back from the crushing hold Yohji had him in.

"Shit, Iím sorry Aya. Didnít mean to get out of hand like that." Yohji was trying to put some distance between himself and the smaller man, whom he suddenly remembered was quite naked under those sheets. Pulling back to leave the bed, he found himself stopped as two pale hands clamped onto his arms.

"Yohji, donít go." Eyes cast downward, Aya quietly added a Ďpleaseí.

The blond couldnít help but stare down at the other man. "Aya, I donít think thatís a good idea right now. Iím having a hard enough time controlling myself as it is, and youíre in no shape to be fooling around. Maybe you should just go back to sleep." He tried pulling away again, but Aya wouldnít release his grip.

"If I fall back asleep, Iím only going to dream about him some more." There was no need for Aya to explain whom he was talking about. "Yohji, I donít want to think about that anymore. Canít you make me forget him, and the pain, for a little bit?"

Gazing into the pleading violet eyes, the blond tried to offer up some resistance. "Kitten, I donít know if I can handle Ďfor a little bití. Iíve wanted you here too much for too long. Iím not sure Iíll stop when you want me to."

Raising a hand to tug on a honey blond lock, Aya offered back a sweet, tiny smile. Not even the split lip could detract from it. "You can, I trust you too." Stunned by that statement as much as the smile, Yohji let himself be pulled down onto the bed.

Lying on his side and facing the younger man, Yohji brushed back the unruly bangs before kissing the red head as tenderly as possible. He was determined to go about this as slowly and carefully as possible. Running his fingers ever so lightly along the other manís skin, he meticulously mapped out which places were too sore to touch, and which ones werenít. He soon had his lover moaning softly, shifting his body about to get more of those caresses.

It took some effort, but the blond finally tore himself away from Ayaís lips and leisurely retraced everywhere his hands had been with his mouth. Slim fingers rhythmically tightened and untightened in his hair, as the smaller man breathed out his name between gasps and mewls. Every sound, every taste drove Yohji closer and closer to the edge, and he was determined to drag Aya down with him.

Growling low in his throat, Yohji pushed the red head over until he was lying on his back. "Aya, love, Iím not going to stop unless you say so, do you understand?" The need to possess the younger man, to make him forget all about that monster touching and hurting him, was too much for the blond. Heíd almost lost his love once again; nothing was going to hold him back from what was his. It was such an extreme effort of will to offer this warning to the man. He didnít have a clue on what he would do if Aya said stop.

Not being very good with words, even in the best of times, Aya tried to convey what he was feeling in other ways. Violet eyes brilliant with trust and passion drilled into equally bright emerald ones, willing the other man to continue. Pulling Yohji down on top of him, Aya wrapped one leg over the blondís thigh. If the idiot stopped what he was doing nowÖ somehow the red head would find the energy to crawl out of bed and fetch his blade. All he knew was that Aso had tried to destroy something precious between the two assassins, something that felt so good, and he was going to be damned if he let the psychopath win. Especially with the way Yohji was making him feel right now.

Yohji was perfectly willing to trust actions over words. Initiating a deep, ardent kiss that lasted for several minutes, he lifted his head and panted out. "Itís going to hurt a little at first. Just trust me, and relax."

Letting out a short bark of laughter, Aya ran a hand down the blondís back, making him shiver. "Yohji, right now everything hurts. Just make sure it feels better by the end."

Smirking evilly, the older man nipped gently at an the red headís chin, "I think I can manage that much." He continued to delicately nip and kiss his way down his loverís chest and abdomen while his left hand searched blindly for something he could use. Grasping the tube of ointment Omi had left behind, he figured it would do.

Destination reached, he continued with the teasing caresses all over the red headís weeping erection. When Aya started to thrust up his hips and cry out the blondís name, Yohji finally took the swollen member into his mouth. Moving his tongue up and down the shaft as he bobbed his head, he soon drove the younger man into a frenzy. Figuring that the man was suitable distracted, he quickly lubed up a couple of fingers, and slowly worked one of them inside the squirming man.

The feeling of something entering and stretching him brought Aya back to himself somewhat. Determined to enjoy what the older man was doing to him, he forced himself to relax and concentrate on that talented mouth sucking him off. He managed to do this until he felt another finger being added to the first.

Sensing the tension building up in his kitten, Yohji broke off from the blowjob and leaned back up, looking the swordsman in the eye. The man was frowning slightly. "Relax, I promise you itís going to get better real soon." Fingers searching about, he knew when he had brushed against the smaller manís prostate by the gasp startled out of the man. Taking advantage of that open mouth, Yohjiís tongue plundered the one orifice as his fingers moved deep in the other, twisting about to create more pleasure. The red head never even noticed when a third finger was joined in. He began pushing back onto those digits, trying to get them deeper and deeper.

Yohji lifted his head, and took in the glazed look in those violet orbs. Aya was as ready as he would ever be, and close to losing it. He wasnít too sure on how much longer the abused man could last. Hell, he wasnít sure how much longer /he/ could, what with the way his lover was writhing under him and those delicious little mewls of satisfaction he produced. Pulling out his fingers, he yanked down his pajama bottoms and quickly rubbed some salve onto his twitching cock, shushing the other man when the red head protested.

The removal of those fingers, and the cessation of the pleasure they had been creating, was almost a physical blow to the red head. He hadnít wanted the feeling to end. Before he could do more than produce one or two sounds of disappointment, he once again felt something pushing into him. Recalling the size of the blondís cock from the other night, Aya quickly looked up into green eyes, face filled with apprehension.

"Shh, donít worry, this will feel so much better than before, I promise. Just relax." Yohji held tightly onto the manís slender hips as he slowly forced himself into Aya. Oh gods, but the man was so /fucking/ tight. And so incredibly hot. He couldnít help but moan out the other manís name. After the first inch or so was inside, he paused to give Aya time to adjust to the feeling. Making soothing noises, he raised a hand to brush back sweaty bangs as he softly kissed the man on the mouth. Once Aya unclenched his muscles somewhat, he smoothly shoved in the rest of the way.

Aya bit back a whimper, as a feeling half pain and half bliss radiated from where Yohji was buried inside him. The blond once again paused, and reached a hand between their two bodies to stroke up and down Ayaís arousal. Concentrating on that sensation, the red head soon thrust up into Yohjiís hand. Moving back down, this time he moaned out loud as that action caused the blondís cock to rub against his prostate.

That was all Yohji had been waiting for. He began to thrust into the smaller man, easy and slow at first, but more frantic as the red head continued to respond to him. It just felt so amazingly good, driving deeper and deeper into that tight canal, hearing the red head chant out his name in between gasps for air. No longer in control of himself, Yohji could only think about was how close he was to a release that was promising to all but shatter him. "Oh gods, love, so hot, so fucking hot. Youíre so beautiful, donít stop that now, ohhh, Aya-love". The blond had no clue what the hell he was saying, too lost in the best sex that he could ever recall to care or even think.

The pain was long forgotten as Aya tried to ride out the sensations overwhelming him. Yohjiís demanding mouth on his neck, the hand fervently working his erection, and the solid, mind-blowing presence so deep inside of him that made him see fireworks with each thrust, all suddenly became too much. Feeling his whole body constrict, Aya cried out the blondís name as he orgasmed.

That was it for Yohji, hearing his kitten moan out his name like that as his body tightened even more around him. As he came inside the red head, Yohji collapsed on top of his lover. It was all he could do to remember how to breathe, let alone move or form coherent thoughts. The first thing that did cross his mind when it was finally able to think again was that he was never going to be able to make do with anyone other than Aya ever again, and that the red head better start taking some vitamins. Yohji was planning on dragging the younger man off to bed, or wherever, any and every chance he got from now on.

Suddenly recalling the other manís injuries, Yohji raised himself off of the red head as he apologized. Looking down on the man, he found Aya lying there with his eyes closed and a slight smile on his face. The man looked so perfect and beautiful, even with the bruises, that Yohji doubted for a moment that he was real.

"Howís the pain now, love?" Yohji asked with a trace of smugness.

"Hmm, what pain?" the red head murmured, swiftly drifting off to sleep. He felt himself be carefully rolled over and draped on top of a warm body. Dredging up the last bit of energy left to him, he tucked his head underneath the blondís chin as he threw his right arm over the manís chest. Comfortable and feeling secure, he let exhaustion drag him back into unconsciousness.

Yohji hummed ever so softly, feeling perfectly content with everything. Gently shifting the smaller man about so he could wrap his arms around the slumbering form, he let a hand roam over the manís back and up to his head. He stroked his fingers through damp hair, finishing the job he had started earlier. Not even a nicotine craving could get him to move off the bed anytime soon. He was planning on spending the day in his bedroom, ready and willing to help Ďrelieveí his loverís pain as many times as Aya wanted or needed him too. Maybe the red head wouldnít require those stronger pain meds after all.

Feeling the need for sleep creep ever so softly upon him, the blond spared a thought on how Omi and Ken would react when they found their fellow teammates together in bed like this. They must have figured out something was going on between the older Weiss, what with the way Yohji had behaved upon finding Aya kidnapped. Heíd worry about that later, although he doubted thereíd be much disapproval directed his and Ayaís way. If there was, heíd just have to knock some sense into the younger menís heads. And Ayaís too, possibly. There was no way in hell that he was going to sneak around after the red head, trying to hide the fact of their relationship. Things should be very interesting in the foreseeable future, as everyone adjusted to the changes, Aya most of all. Eyes drifting shut, Yohji spared one last thought on how the red head was going to react to the sudden presence of a very demanding and attentive boyfriend. Good thing that Kritiker supplied its employees with excellent healthcare.


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