Chloe and Aya


Chloe smothered a yawn as he stood in front of the back door. Once he was finished, he placed his right hand on the doorknob and gave it an experimental twist. When it turned easily, he wasn’t very surprised to find out that Free had left it unlocked for him. While it wasn’t a good idea to have such lax security with what they did for a living, he knew that his friend had just assumed that Chloe would only be a few minutes in fetching the creampuffs and scones from the bakery down the street. Free tended to know a lot of things, after all, and had probably consulted his cards before he’d decided to not lock the door. And Chloe had indeed only been a few minutes in his stop at the bakery.

Mindful of the fact that most of his friends would still be asleep, Chloe quietly slid inside and locked the door behind him, then reset the alarm system. Safe inside the kitchen, he stifled another yawn as he set the pastry box down and looked in one of the drawers for a pen. In the plainest, boldest letters and then kanji he could manage, he wrote ‘touch this and die’ on top of the box of pastries and placed it in the fridge. If Ken tried to claim that he hadn’t understood the warning this time, not even Aya would save the man from losing a few fingers. The last thing Chloe was going to suffer after spending a long night on surveillance with Free as his partner was someone eating his white chocolate and cranberry scones while he finally got some sleep.

Death threat taken care of, he yawned again and headed for the stairs. The work hadn’t been too bad, and if he’d been paired with anyone other than Free, it wouldn’t have been that boring. But all his partner had done was read his Tarot cards all night long – he wouldn’t even tell Chloe what he saw in them. Between that and no sign of the target, Chloe was tired and annoyed. All he wanted was to take a nice, hot shower and then crawl into bed. Once he was awake he’d see if Aya wanted to do anything this evening, as the shop was closed and it would be Ken and Yuki’s turn at surveillance tonight.

The house was perfectly quiet, save for a few familiar creaks and the faint sound of a siren off in the distance. He made his way to his room, hands busy unbuttoning his dark silk shirt along the way. By the time he reached his door, his shirt was unbuttoned and pulled out from his pants, and he started to undo his belt. A hot shower was very appealing right now, and once he was done he could spend the better part of the day in his wonderfully soft bed.

Once inside his room, he again quietly closed to the door to avoid waking anyone. Sunlight filtered weakly through his curtains, so it only took his eyes a moment to adjust to the semi-darkness. As he let his shirt fall to the floor and unzipped his pants, he realized that there was someone lying on top of his bed.

Even as his body tensed up in reaction, he recognized the lean figure that first stretched and then started to sit up. Forgetting all about his clothes, Chloe hurried over to the bed. "Good morning, Aya."

His lover, half-covered with the thick wool blanket that usually resided on the padded, velvet-covered chair in front of the fireplace, blinked a few times and tried to brush aside the hair that fell onto his face. "Chloe? You’re back?"

"Yes, indeed." He smiled as he picked up a book from the bed and set it on the nightstand before he sat down. "Not that I’m complaining in the slightest, but what are you doing here?" He had his suspicions after seeing the book.

Aya, dressed in a faded white linen shirt that had begun to slip down his right shoulder, shrugged and combed his fingers through his hair. "Is it that late?" he asked as he squinted at the clock, then closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As he let it back out, he hunched forward a little, until his head rested against Chloe’s shoulder. "Hmm, I didn’t think you’d be out until morning so I decided to wait up for you."

"And fell asleep while reading a book, I assume." Chloe chuckled warmly and stroked his fingers along the thick hair that covered Aya’s nape. "The target never showed up, so Free and I were stuck there all night before Mihorigi would allow us return to home." He silently cursed the woman for keeping him from his lover and bed. "Ken and Yuki will have to watch out for him tonight."

Aya tensed for a moment as his left hand crept over to gingerly grasp his braced right wrist. "I can-"

"*No*." Chloe’s fingers tangled in his lover’s hair and tugged gently on the strands. "The order stands that you will not return to any missions until your wrist heals." When Aya lifted his head and glared, he sighed and leaned forward until their foreheads touched. "You heard the doctor – it would be best for you to not put any strain on the wrist for at least another week."

His fierce expression softening slightly, Aya let go of his wrist to drape his left arm over Chloe’s shoulders. "I don’t need my wrist to sit in a dark room and watch a building."

"No, but should there be any sort of danger involved – and you know very well there’s always a chance of such a thing happening – you risk further injury." Chloe mentally willed some sense into his lover, not wanting to get into yet another argument over this, especially not when all he wanted to do was curl up in bed. Aya was a very intelligent man, one who should recognize the fact that if he damaged himself any more, he ran the risk of never being able to properly wield his sword again.

Either he had let some inkling of his thoughts cross his face or Aya displayed a hint of telepathy, but Aya pulled away a little, his right hand cradled on his lap. "I can use something other than a sword, you know. If there’s any sign of danger I can shoot it before it gets within ten meters of me."

"Aya…." The name was spoken in almost a growl, and he decided it was time to use the most potent weapon in his arsenal. "What would you say if it was Ken or Yuki who were ordered to rest until they were healed? Would you give either of them a gun and let them go in a mission? What if it was Michel, hmmm?"

The glare made a comeback as Aya’s arm fell from his shoulders. "You know I’d do no such thing."

"Then don’t expect us to do the same," he said in as level a voice as he could. "Although it was rather unfair of me to use Ken as an example, considering how the man would probably shoot himself in the foot."

The joke seemed to defuse Aya’s furious mood and actually made him smile, just the slightest. "He’s not that bad," Aya said as he tugged on a lock of Chloe’s hair. "What he’d most likely do is pretend to be a cowboy and end up shooting someone else. My money’s on you."

"I have more common sense than to be around Ken when he has a loaded gun in his hands," Chloe retorted, glad that his lover was once more seeing sense. However, he decided to change the topic, just to be on the safe side. "Hmmm, I couldn’t resist stopping by the bakery this morning, not when they’d just opened up and everything was so fresh. There’s a box of scones and creampuffs downstairs, if you’d like some." Not that he wanted Aya to leave any time soon.

The offering had a positive affect on Aya, had him lean forward once again and slide both arms around Chloe’s shoulders. "That sounds wonderful, but I’ll wait until later. I don’t think I got more than a couple of hours sleep."

As his arms curved around Aya’s waist, Chloe nuzzled his lover’s cheek and sighed in exhaustion. "That’s still a couple more hours than I got."

"So I imagine that you want to go to sleep, now." Aya’s hands stroked along his naked back. "Or were you about to take a shower?"

"Shower first, then sleep. However, now that I find my bed all nice and warm, I’m rather loathe to leave it right now." A wicked smile on his face, Chloe pushed forward until Aya was flat on his back beneath him. "The funny thing is, I’m suddenly not very sleepy. Imagine that."

At first startled to be knocked over, Aya’s eyes widened and then narrowed in a very lascivious manner. "Oh really? Maybe it’s my company that’s keeping you awake. I’ll go and let you get-" He found himself cut off by a very passionate kiss.

It hadn’t been that long since their friendship had transformed into their current relationship, and they both had been hurt enough in the past that they still held back a little from each other – but not when it came to their lovemaking. For two rather aloof people, they had no problem showing just how much they wanted each other at times like this. Knowing Aya’s hurt to be the more recent of the two, Chloe was always amazed when his lover responded to him with such an intense, burning fervor that his breath caught in his throat long before their kisses stole it away.

Mindful of Aya’s injured wrist, he gently captured his lover’s hands and intertwined their fingers while the kiss continued, flooding him with nervous energy from anticipation. ‘Trapped’ beneath him, Aya allowed his arms to be drawn up over his head, his legs pushed apart so Chloe could settle between them. The feel of his lover, pliant and willing beneath him, made Chloe moan out loud with a deep, potent need. The zipper of his pants mostly undone, his arousal thrust forward to rub against the hard bulge hidden behind the wool blanket.

"Chloe." Just the one word, gasped in a passion rough voice, made him forget all about being tired and annoyed. A thrill of pleasure always ran up and down his spine to hear Aya say his name like that. A smile curved his lips as he pressed them against his lover’s throat, as he sought out that special spot that would make Aya repeat his name in an even more raspy voice. His lover didn’t disappoint him. Aya cried out as he sucked on the spot right below Aya’s left ear, and even tried to pull his hands free. Chloe clenched his fingers tighter against Aya’s.

"No, not yet," he murmured against his lover’s neck. "I want to enjoy this." The feel of Aya beneath him, body shivering with desire and need, the way that Aya no longer fought to free his hands but trusted Chloe, allowed him to remain in control.

As sexily as Aya could say his name, it was nothing compared to the man’s rare laughter. He chuckled just then, the sound throaty and decadent, and rocked his hips up into Chloe’s. "Maybe you should save this part until we’re both naked." He squeezed Chloe’s fingers. "While I’m half tempted to see how you manage to do that with no hands, it would be much too frustrating." He rocked his hips again for emphasis.

Well, his lover certainly had a very good point, Chloe realized as he pulled back a little. He blamed his lack of foresight on the fact that he hadn’t any sleep that night and that the sight of Aya in his bed had deprived his brain of all the rationality it might otherwise possess – not to mention a fair bit of its usual blood supply. He racked his tired brain for a moment, and then bestowed upon his lover a truly wicked grin. "I do believe that I agree with you."

Swooping down for another kiss, one much shorter than the last but no less passionate, he pulled back just enough to drink in the sight of Aya’s lovely, flushed face. "I’ve a solution to our problem," he said, the words distorted slightly as he panted for air.

"By all means, do tell." There was a spark of envy at the way Aya spoke with little sign of having just been kissed breathless. However, a slow, twisting grind of Chloe’s hips made Aya gasp loudly and then utter a moan wanton enough to appease his bruised ego.

Wanting to get to the naked part of this as quickly as possible, he did as he was told. He reluctantly unthreaded his fingers from Aya’s but quickly leaned forward to press a kiss against his lover’s palms. "There, I’ve put a spell on you. You can’t move your hands until I tell you to."

Aya arched an eyebrow at that statement but didn’t try to pull his hands free. "Magic, hmmm? Will there be any sacrifices involved?" he asked, voice amused and husky from desire.

"Of sorts," Chloe replied as his fingers quickly undid the buttons on Aya’s shirt. "There will be much given freely, and ample reward for such generosity." The shirt undone, his right hand pushed the blanket aside before it slid between Aya’s legs and cupped the warm hardness he found there. "Is not the tenet, ‘do what thou pleases’?"

There was another delicious moan from Aya as he rocked his cock into Chloe’s grasp. "Something like that," he answered, the words stuttered in a heartwarming manner. Oh yes, it was time to definitely get down to such wonderful business, Chloe thought, and forced his hand to move from Aya’s heat.

The shirt was left as is, unbuttoned and spread open to reveal his lover’s toned chest, cast in shadowed ridges from the dim light. There was something very appealing in the image of Aya, hands pinned to the pillow on either side of his head as if held there by an invisible force, stretched out on the bed with his shirt still on – but the pants definitely had to go. Wanting to get to that promised pleasure, Chloe pushed them down his lover’s hips and long legs, slowly enough to build the sense of anticipation but not torturously so. Aya assisted him by raising his hips and legs when need, and soon the garment was tossed to the floor.

"Your turn."

Chloe smiled at that and reached down to stroke his own cock, which now jutted completely free of his pants. While there was a bit of attraction at the idea of fucking Aya just like this, both of them partially clothed and in such contrasting colors and textures, he decided that he’d much rather feel Aya’s skin against his than the leather pants he wore. About to ask for his lover’s help in removing the tight pants, he remembered about his ‘spell’ in time and shook his head. "Whatever you want," he crooned as he forced himself away from his lover and off the bed. "Would that happen to be a striptease?" he asked as he pushed the pants down just the slightest bit.

"I think there’s a chance I might fall asleep if you do that," Aya taunted, payback for the teasing while he was mostly naked and trapped on the bed. The challenging look he gave Chloe kept the sting out of the words, though Chloe did resolve to get his lover back for them at some other point. There would be no ‘falling asleep’ on him at any point in their lovemaking, be it prolonged foreplay or not. He wouldn’t stand for such a thing.

But for now, he got the hint and pushed his pants downward, until they fell into a heap onto the floor. For once uncaring about the state of his wardrobe, he gave his lover a cool look as he crawled back onto the bed. "Can I do evil things to you should you happen to fall asleep?"

Aya’s expression just then was one of heated longing. "I’d much rather you do evil things to me while I’m awake, to be perfectly honest."

"Who could resist such a tempting offer?" Chloe asked while he reached for the bottle of lube half-hidden behind his nightstand’s lamp. There were so many reasons why he cared so deeply for Aya, why he found himself falling in love more and more each day – and yet only felt exhilarated by that fact, and not scared out of his wits as he should be, no doubt. For so long he’d been without equal, without a partner who gave as good as he got. But here was Aya, his match in skill, in intellect and more. Someone to match him throughout the night in both passion and wit.

But now it was time to move past the banter and teasing, onto much more pleasurable things. He couldn’t resist another kiss just then, couldn’t resist how enticing Aya’s mouth was, the lips slightly swollen and dampened by the swipe of an agile, pink tongue. So he gave in to temptation until they were both left panting once more.

"No more play," he managed to say a few minutes later, after he regained the ability to speak. "Are you ready?" They were both tired, their control stretched thin from exhaustion and need.

Aya’s answer was another kiss while his right leg hooked over Chloe’s legs and urged him forward. His hands remained on the pillow, curled into fists and for a moment Chloe thought to release them so he could feel his lover’s hands roam over his body, their touch as light and maddening as always, but felt it might be too much at the moment. As it was, his own hand shook as he gently rubbed some lubricant against Aya’s opening. When his slick fingers dipped inside, Aya shuddered and muffled a cry by biting his bottom lip.

Thinking briefly at how he’d take his time later that day, after a nice long nap and when they both could stand the slow and torturous method, he pumped his lube-coated hand over his cock a couple of times and then settled between Aya’s thighs. His lover tilted his hips up, ready and eager to accept him, and nothing could hold him back just then, nothing at all. If the kiss from earlier had robbed him of all logic, it was nothing compared to the feel of sinking into Aya’s tight, wonderful heat, of paradise clenching around him and pulling him in.

His left hand skimmed up his lover’s body as he fought not to snap his hips forward and tangled once more with Aya’s fingers. He had to close his eyes as he sank into Aya’s luscious body, as the pleasure built with each millimeter. Very grateful that they hadn’t continued to spar with and tease each other, he just as slowly pulled back and then thrust forward again.

The way Aya moved beneath him, body rocking up to receive each and every thrust, leg wrapped tightly around him as if to prevent him from pulling away, made the exhaustion flee as burning passion and ecstasy replace it. Inbetween kissing whatever part of Aya that his lips could reach, he mumbled and moaned his lover’s name. In return, Aya did the same, his voice sharp when Chloe’s right hand wrapped around his neglected cock and lavished on it the same amount of attention that the rest of Aya’s body received. All of his lover was just so intoxicating, the taste and feel of his skin, the flex of muscles against his body with each writhing thrust, the soft, silky hair that brushed against his fingertips each time Aya tossed his head back. Add to that the deep, shiver-inducing voice and ardent lips that pressed against his temple and he let the sensations overwhelm him, pleasure endlessly reproduced upon all of his senses.

Pleasure… and pride, both sated by his amazing lover. He had to grit his teeth when Aya’s body clenched even tighter around him, when Aya cried out his name loudly enough to be heard over the rushing of blood in his ears. Warmth spurted over his hand right before pleasure turned into bliss, unable as he was to hold his own orgasm back. His entire body shuddered from the intensity of it until he was left gasping and weak.

There was ecstasy and satiation and smugness. If he were a cat he’d be purring, utterly pleased and proud. Stretched out on top of his panting lover, he somehow managed to force his left arm to move, to tug Aya’s right arm down so he could place a kiss against its palm.

"If you can’t fall asleep after that, I’ll have Ken knock you unconscious." Aya gazed at him as he spoke, eyes half-lidded with pleasure.

Quite certain that his lover would carry out that threat, Chloe chuckled as he forced himself to roll off of Aya. Lying beside his lover, he reached for Aya’s other hand and pulled it down as well for another kiss. "No, I think I’ll have little trouble sleeping now." He couldn’t resist another kiss to Aya’s palm. "I look forward to spending the time dreaming about new spells to try on you once I wake up."

Allowed to move his hands now, Aya tenderly stroked back sweaty bangs from Chloe’s forehead. "I don’t know much about how they practice magic in this country, but I’m willing to learn. And maybe, just maybe," he drawled in his most wicked voice, one that made all sense of exhaustion leave Chloe in the hopes of more pleasure to come, "I’ll teach you what I know."

"I can hardly wait," Chloe breathed against the hand he still held captive, mindful of the brace on Aya’s wrist. The evening had taken on a very promising turn, and perhaps if he kept Aya in bed all night, his lover wouldn’t mind not taking part in tonight’s stakeout. Suddenly, he didn’t mind how stubborn Aya could be, not when he could twist that nature to his benefit. "Hmm, Asian mystical arts… that wouldn’t happen to involve anything Tantric, would it?"

The smile Aya gave him just then had him quite willing to forego a few more hours of sleep. "Perhaps."

Chloe couldn’t hold back a moan at his lover’s evil teasing, not when contorted sexual positions filled his mind, a promise of more bliss to come. He closed his eyes to better savor the image for a few minutes, and if he weren’t so exhausted, he’d try to entice a lesson from Aya then and there. However, mindful of the lack of sleep on both of their parts, he merely sighed and forced his eyes open before he grasped Aya’s left wrist and tugged.

"I do believe I said something about a shower before sleep. You’d best come with me to ensure that I don’t fall asleep in there." He gave another tug before his lover, a bemused smile on his lovely face, allowed himself to be pulled off the bed.

"So now we can both fall asleep in the shower. How wonderful." Aya’s laughter filled the room as they made their way to his bathroom. "At least I have the feeling that you might manage a quick shower for once."

Chloe sniffed in response to his lover’s teasing. "You’re Japanese, I would think that you would realize that a bath is to be enjoyed and not rushed."

"Not each and every bath, and not when several of your friends are waiting for you to finish preening so they can go out." Aya managed to free his captured wrist and shrugged off his shirt while Chloe turned on the water for their shower.

"I. Do not. Preen." Chloe sniffed again. "I just believe that upon being bestowed with this gorgeous body, I should treat it with the utmost care and respect." He turned to Aya to grace his lover with a haughty look - and then let out a very undignified squawk as he was shoved into the shower.

"Chloe, do me a favor and shut up for ten minutes. That should give us enough time to wash off and be back in bed." Before he could protest being manhandled, Aya pressed him against a tiled wall and kissed him with enough passion and skill that he almost forgot what they were arguing about. A pleased gleam in his eyes as he pulled away, Aya then placed a finger over Chloe’s lips. "That’s a spell of my own. Be quiet, help me wash off, and then we go to bed."

"Hmph." Aya had honored Chloe’s spell, so he had no choice but to do the same. However, he thought as he poured some lavender-scented soap into his left palm, turn about again and Aya would be at his mercy after they got some rest. A wicked smile on his lips, he held his tongue and began to massage the soap onto his lover’s back.

A day spent in bed with his lover, an obedient Aya to look forward to after they slept, and some delicious tea and scones to be enjoyed at their leisure. As long as Ken didn’t have a deathwish and left the pastries alone, it promised to be a wonderful day.


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