Yohji’s Birthday Fic


Aya was a gorgeous sight to behold – eyes closed, cheeks faintly flushed with pink and a flash of tongue as it quickly swiped moist lips. Yohji even thought he heard a soft purr of pleasure when Aya lifted a forkful of birthday cake to his mouth. "I take it that it’s good, Cat?" he asked with a chuckle.

Aya slowly opened his eyes and gave him a warm smile before he had another bite. "Hmmm," was all of a reply he seemed able to make just then.

"It’s *so* delicious," Emmie moaned in delight as she ate the last of her cake, then looked pleadingly up at Jo. "The best cake I’ve ever had."

"That’s what you always say," Maddox teased, but he was right beside his cousin with an empty plate and a hopeful smile on his face.

Jo snorted in amusement as she reached for the cake knife. "If this keeps up, I’m going to have to make three cakes for the next birthday. These parties get bigger each time, it seems." She looked at the large gathering of people before she cut up the remnants of the one birthday cake for Emmie and Maddox. Then she sliced into the second cake so Aya could have another piece. "Who else would like some more?"

Naru, Ken and Teddy instantly surrounded her. Yohji had to laugh at how they resembled little boys clamoring for the last treat and grabbed ahold of Aya’s left elbow. When his lover gave him a curious look, he motioned toward the kitchen counter. "Let’s get away from the feeding frenzy."

"All right." Aya cut into the very generous slice of cake as he walked. "Are you having a good birthday?" he asked before enjoying another bite of cake.

"This is definitely one of the better ones," Yohji responded as he leaned against the counter, then snaked an arm around Aya’s waist. "Great company, delicious cake and lots of gifts. What more could a person ask for?" He smiled as he leaned forward and licked off a bit of icing that clung to his lover’s lips. "Other than a certain redhead completely naked except for a layer of buttercream icing all over his body, that is. Now that would be *very good*." He waggled his eyebrows for added emphasis.

"I think the ‘buttercream frosting on a lover’ idea would be best saved for Aya’s birthday," Reiichi remarked as he placed his empty plate in the sink and then joined them.

"Hmmm, you’re right about that. Thanks for a perfect gift idea, Reiichi." Yohji smiled at his friend and then glanced at his mate to see Aya’s reaction – and was disappointed to find his mate once more communing or something with the dessert. "Hey, am I supposed to be jealous of a cake now or what?"

Aya opened his eyes and gave him a sultry look. "I’m just imagining you covered in this frosting, with a few strawberries scattered about for added effect." He lifted the fork to his mouth and suggestively licked off the icing that clung to the tines as he stared back at Yohji.

Yohji couldn’t help it, he whimpered a little at the mental image of Aya, crouched between his thighs and licking a path down his chest…. "Oh hell, we’re so not waiting for your birthday to do that," he said, voice rough with desire.

"Now all you have to do is convince Jo to make you that much icing," Reiichi pointed out, sounding more than a little amused. "I just hope that I’m present for when she finds out what you want to use it for." What most people would mistake for an innocent smile spread across his face, but there was a decidedly evil glint in his eyes.

"You know, it’s my birthday so no one’s allowed to be mean to me." Yohji pouted as he pulled Aya closer, careful not to get between his lover and what remained of the slice of cake.

"Right, Yohji." Ken had decided to join them, beer mug in hand and a little bit of icing on his chin. When Yohji noticed how Aya’s attention became riveted to Ken’s face, he gave a low warning growl in his mate’s ear. Aya shook his head and looked down at his plate, which he scraped with the fork to get the last of the icing. Seemingly oblivious to it all, Ken set his plate down on the counter and took a sip of his drink. "I mean, you would really take advantage of us all if we have to be nice to you."

"For just one day, Ken-ken, and it would be a welcome change from all this abuse." Dammit, was it so much to ask for his family and friends to not pick on him during his birthday? Yohji glanced around the kitchen, filled with the various people who’d become part of his life and had to laugh. "Okay, I’ll admit it’s a crazy thought. This crowd wouldn’t know what to do if we didn’t fight with each other."

"Life would be much quieter if that wasn’t true," Reiichi pointed out.

Aya sighed in regret as he let his now clean fork fall back onto the empty plate. "And we’d all be bored to tears, especially you, Yotan."

"Hmmm?" Yohji thought about that for a moment. "Well, I’d certainly miss all the make-up sex, that’s certain." He had to laugh when Aya heaved a very put-upon sigh and Ken’s cheeks turned a bright red. "All right, I admit it, I’d think it was some sort of odd nightmare if everyone was nice to me. I guess I’ve grown used to you guys being jealous of me because of my gorgeous looks and natural brilliance."

Ken gagged at the statement while Aya shook his head and Reichi chuckled, but Yohji let all that slide by. He knew the truth and could put up with his family’s petty jealousness. Deep down inside, they really wanted to be him.

A sharp elbow to his stomach quickly diminished the warm feeling of smugness. "I think someone’s had too much sugar." He blinked as Aya actually let go of his precious dessert plate and grabbed ahold of his left wrist. "That’s our cue to leave, I believe."

If it were anyone but his lover to drag him away from his own birthday party, Yohji might have complained… but now he just tried not to smile too widely as he waved goodbye to his friends. As much as he’d enjoyed spending time with them tonight, there was no way he was going to protest being alone with Aya. Smiling at all the knowing and exasperated looks he received as they left the kitchen, he gracefully allowed himself to be hauled away. He so adored an aggressive Aya.

"I have to admit, I’m quite shocked that I won out over the remaining cake," he teased as they headed up the stairs.

Aya smiled as he looked over his shoulder. "Jo will save me a piece."

She would, too. Yohji wondered how it was that Aya was one of her darlings and he lived in fear of her marble rolling pin. Life just wasn’t fair – but that wasn’t anything new. "And you’re the one who said he didn’t want to be pampered."

"I said I didn’t want to be coddled, but I can make an exception for that cake."

For a moment, he thought that he’d imagined Aya saying that, but the amusement that radiated from his mate convinced him that it had actually happened. "Cat, just how much alcohol did you have tonight?"

Reaching their room, Aya opened the door and stepped inside. "I’m not drunk." At Yohji’s dubious look, Aya sighed and tilted his head to the side. "It’s your birthday, you’re happy and so is everyone else. I thought…." His forehead wrinkled into a slight frown. "I’m just… trying to have fun, too."

Yohji felt like kicking himself just then. Aya was usually so serious, and then all of a sudden he wasn’t so Yohji got a little bit confused at times. "Sorry, love." He wrapped his arms around his mate and pulled him close. "Maybe I’m the one who drank too much." There’d been enough toasts tonight that he felt a little buzzed from all the alcohol. Leaning forward as he tilted up Aya’s chin, he gave his lover a gentle kiss. "Mmmm, you taste wonderful."

Thankfully, Aya accepted the distraction and kissed him back, rather than continue their suddenly uncomfortable conversation. "Like buttercream frosting," he purred as he ran his tongue over Yohji’s bottom lip.

"I really do have to figure out Jo’s secret recipe and whip up a very big batch one day. We could take turns licking it off each other." Yohji placed soft kisses along his lover’s jaw and then lapped at his earlobe.

All the answer he got was a deeper rumble of a purr as Aya, arms clutched around his shoulders, stepped toward the bed. Perfectly happy to end up there, he hurried them along while his mouth sucked gently on the soft lobe of flesh.

"Yotan." Aya stuttered out his name as they fell onto the bed, arms still wrapped around each other. Jarred by the fall, he lost contact with Aya’s earlobe and settled on kissing his mate’s neck instead. The feel of Aya squirming beneath him was a heady rush, one that would just grow the more potent as they shed their clothes….

He tugged on the hem of his lover’s tunic. "Get this off," he said – or tried to say, the words muffled by Aya’s neck. But Aya seemed to understand him enough to begin to pull at his shirt. Not quite what he’d meant, but he doubted he’d be the only one shirtless for long, so he forced himself away from his lover’s neck so he could sit up and pull off his shirt. Aya’s quickly followed, and they shifted apart so they could get rid of their pants as well. If he wasn’t so aroused just then, Yohji would have been amused by how quickly they could get undressed at this point, but all he cared about was being able to once more settle on top of his mate, skin to bare skin, and anticipate the pleasure to come.

So it was a bit of a surprise to find himself suddenly rolled onto his back, the bed curtains swaying slightly from his impact. In the dim light inside the bed, he could clearly see the desire that darkened Aya’s lovely eyes, could see the intent expression on his mate’s face as Aya settled between his legs.

"Well, I guess that settles who is going to be on top," he joked as Aya merely stared at him for several second. When there wasn’t a response, he frowned and reached out to brush back the hair falling onto Aya’s face. "You all right, Cat?"

"I’m fine." Aya captured his wrist and held his hand still to place a kiss along his palm. "I’ve another present for you."

He arched his eyebrows at that statement. "But you already gave me the sketchpad and charcoal sticks." Not to mention the precious gift of agreeing to model for him. He began to feel a little uneasy at the emotions he felt. Aya’s good humor seemed to have vanished, replaced with a powerful sense of determination and a little trepidation. "Aya-"

"Hush." Aya uncoiled and stretched over his body in a smooth motion, pressed warm lips against his and kissed him passionately enough that he was convinced that the room began to spin around. So sweet and potent, thorough and insistent…. His fingers threaded through his lover’s silky hair in an effort to keep him from pulling away, from ending the exquisitely wonderful kiss but his wrists were grabbed and pushed aside. Worried about hurting his lover, he released Aya’s hair and opened his eyes to stare with concern.

Aya shifted back and gave him a shaky smile. "Yohji… don’t… not right now, all right?" He placed Yohji’s hands on the bed, on either side of his head. "Just relax and be still, please."

A little uncertain what was going on here but willing to obey his mate, Yohji nodded. "Okay. Just tell me when to move."

Aya’s smile was much more steady now. "I will." There was another kiss, a ghost of the previous one, which Yohji none-the-less protested when Aya broke it off. But the feel of his mate’s mouth trail down his neck silenced him, save for a few moans of delight. The delightful contrast of warm, soft lips, sharp teeth and wet, raspy tongue made him close his eyes and arch his neck, almost made him forget about his recent promise. Only Aya’s body pressing down against his, the strong hands holding his still kept him from breaking it.

He didn’t fight being marked, didn’t want to in the slightest. Not with the rush of trust and desire he felt as he bared his neck to those sharp teeth, the sweet pain as they bit gently into his flesh. Aya’s hips rocked against his, the friction mind-blowing as every nerve in his body came alive and thrummed in pleasure at contact. But best of all was that warm, insistent mouth that moved down his neck to his chest, leaving kisses in its wake.

His hands were released, which freed Aya’s to stroke along his body. At first there were teasing, feather-soft caresses along up his arms and down his sides, then the touches grew stronger, more demanding as clever fingers stroked and pinched. He couldn’t help but to arch his back off the bed when Aya’s tongue lapped around his left nipple the same time his right was gently pinched then tugged. More than anything he wanted to touch his mate just then, to grab Aya’s shoulders and haul him either up for a kiss or push him downward, but stopped himself in time. He’d promised to be still, though it was so damn hard to do just that.

Fortunately, Aya must have felt his growing frustration as he lightly grazed his teeth along Yohji’s nipple and then kissed it before moving downward. His breath caught in his throat as he wondered if he was imaging things, if Aya would actually…. A sharp gasp escaped him as Aya’s rough tongue delved into his navel and he opened his eyes, lifted his head enough so he could see his mate.

Aya stared back at him, eyes bright with need and clear of pain. He couldn’t look away as his lover continued to trail kisses down his stomach, as his legs were pushed wider apart….


"I know, Yohji. Let me do this." There was a hint of a plea in the words, and between that and the fact that he didn’t feel any pain from his lover made him snap his mouth shut. He couldn’t look away, especially when Aya’s fingers tangled in his pubic hair, as nails ever so lightly scratched against sensitive skin. Then warm air washed over his aroused cock, quickly followed by a leisurely swipe of a tongue.

"Oh… fuck." His head rolled back just then, the long-missed pleasure too intense. So many months… he’d missed this so much, thought this might never occur again…. Despite his mind’s rather determined attempt to shut down, he forced his body to move, for his arms to bend so he could lift his upper body and watch what was happening. He had to make sure that Aya didn’t push himself too far, no matter how incredibly good this felt.

Aya was no longer looking up at him but at the hard cock he held tenderly in his right hand, that he slowly licked from root to tip. He paused at its head, tongue still against Yohji’s flesh before it swirled around, then wrapped his lips around the tip.

Using more willpower than he’d thought to possess, Yohji kept his hips perfectly still, kept his hands from reaching out and tangling in his lover’s hair. His breath caught in his throat as Aya sucked gently, the tip of his cock surrounded by delicious, moist heat that made him shudder in pleasure – and then it was gone.

Once more looking up at him, Aya slipped two fingers into his mouth and sucked on them for a moment. Yohji moaned at the sight, his cock twitching in Aya’s grasp as the fingers were pulled out, glistening with saliva, then brushed against his balls. A whimper escaped him as they trailed downward the same time that Aya began to lick his cock again.

That was it, his brain officially shut down. The feel of that rasping tongue, the slightest scrapes of sharp teeth against the length of his cock and fingers rubbing against his pucker…. "Oh… Aya…. Gods…." He could barely stutter out the words, lost as he was in intense pleasure. There was the slightest bit of unease to taint the emotion, but he could feel Aya’s pleasure wash through him as well.

He couldn’t help it, his hips did jerk when Aya’s finger slipped inside his body. He felt Aya’s startlement and the uneasiness grew stronger, but as he tried to remember how to form words and tell his mate he was sorry, that Aya didn’t have to continue, the teasing, wonderful tongue stroked along his balls. What did emerge from his mouth was too garbled to make any sense, and the uneasiness faded under a spark of amusement.

So what if Aya found him funny right now… his balls were being licked, were nipped at by soft lips and sucked on gently, and the entire time the finger twisted inside his body, was joined by another and then rubbed against that spot-

For a few seconds his sight went dark and he was certain he’d come, the pleasure so strong that his body shook from it. But as he panted from the overwhelming feeling, he noticed a cool, tight band around the base of his cock. He glanced at his mate and moaned in protest as Aya pulled his fingers free.

"Gods, Aya," he managed to stutter out as he ran a shaky hand through his hair.

"I’m sorry." Aya didn’t look at him while he reached for the nightstand.

Yohji sat up and slid his fingers through Aya’s hair, gripped it gently but insistently forced his mate to look at him. "Don’t you dare apologize. Dammit, I’m *tingling* here." He managed a grin before he pulled Aya closer for a kiss. Oh gods, Aya tasted so damn good, tasted like him and the sweet cake and… and Aya, an exhilarating mix that made him want to never end the kiss.

Aya’s left hand clutched at his shoulder as if for support, and he’d have been perfectly content to remain like that… until he caught a whiff of scented oil, until slick fingers once more rubbed against him. A sudden wave of hunger made him growl and fall back onto the bed, his arms around his mate. "Oh, yeah, even better, love," he said as he spread his legs and hooked his heels around Aya’s thighs.

There were a few highly frustrating seconds as Aya took the time to slick himself, breath ragged and emotions a roiling mix of need and love. When this was over Yohji would make it up to his lover for this generous offering, but right now he felt that what they both needed was a nice hard fuck. Aya’s face captured between his palms, he rubbed his lips against his lover’s. "You better not even think about being a tease right now. I need you too damn much."

Those words stirred forth silver shards in Aya’s eyes and a rumbling purr. Yohji found himself kissed breathless, a rather happy state that he did nothing to discourage as his tongue slid against Aya’s, as his fingers tightened in his lover’s hair. There was a sense of pressure and then sweet, thick warmth pushed inside him, made him gasp in pleasure against Aya’s mouth and rock his hips up.

Aya slowly pushed inside him, filled him with solid heat and bright ecstasy, made his body shake from the sensations and his hunger purr in delight. At first his mate seemed determined to ignore his warning and take it slow, but he wouldn’t have any of that. He broke off the kiss and tilted his head back the same time his fingers dug into Aya’s ass. "Aya," he growled, voice deep and needy. "Fuck me or I’ll beat your ass."

That startled a rare bark of laughter from his mate, quickly followed by what he’d asked for. Aya snapped his hips forward, drove just a little bit deeper inside Yohji but oh fuck it felt so good. Yohji’s eyes drifted closed as he felt Aya’s mouth on his neck, hot and demanding, as Aya thrust inside him faster and faster.

Another mark was left on his neck, the bruised flesh throbbing with pleasure and pain, then Aya pulled away to kneel between Yohji’s thighs, hips never stopping. He grumbled at the loss of comforting warmth but soon forgot his complaint as his hips were yanked forward and up, onto Aya’s thighs. Sparks of ecstasy raced through his blood, pounded through his body in time to his mate’s thrusts. The sensation of a warm, slick hand sliding along his cock, the tight band now vanished, made him choke out Aya’s name and his hands claw at the bed.

So much pleasure, both his and Aya’s, so many sensations and such intense sunlight…. He’d been on the edge before Aya had begun to fuck him and didn’t have a chance in hell of holding out any longer. The orgasm crashed through him, balls drawing up and body clenching around Aya’s cock as it felt as if every nerve he possessed was immolated by the sunlight pouring into him. All he could do was try and remember to breathe once the waves of bliss finally slowed down.

As he became aware of Aya still thrusting inside him, hand still stroking along his cock, he heard his name be cried out and felt another wave of bliss. He reached for his mate and pulled him down for a kiss as Aya shuddered against him and pulses of warmth spurted inside him. He stroked his tongue inside his lover’s mouth until Aya shivered violently and then slowly, dazedly kissed him back.

They both needed the time to gather their completely scattered wits, to remember simple things like moving and breathing slowly. The feel of Aya still inside him, draped over him was wonderful. "I utterly adore you," he managed to say after a few minutes, voice a little shaky and dry.

"Huhn." Aya’s face pressed against his shoulder for a moment, then he shifted about until no longer inside Yohji’s body and curled up at his side. "Happy birthday, Yotan." He sounded a little breathless and very pleased with himself.

Yohji thought about asking Aya if he was sure he had really wanted to do what he’d just done, if he felt he had to do that… and decided it wasn’t worth it. Clearly, Aya had wanted to do it and that was that. He’d accept the offering in the spirit it was meant, in love and trust, and wouldn’t end up ruining things and possibly getting kicked out of a very warm, comfortable bed. "Thank you."

"You’re welcome." Aya pressed a kiss against his shoulder and began to purr. "Almost as good as the cake," he mumbled after a huge yawn.

"*Almost*?!" Yohji sat up in bed and glared at his mate. "The damn cake doesn’t even come *close*." He was about to rant some more over the insult – and then noticed the subtle curve to Aya’s lips and the mostly stifled sensation of amusement.

"Bastard," he muttered as he settled back onto the bed and pulled Aya into his arms. "You know, Cat, I think I liked you better when you didn’t know how to tease." He gave his lover a glare when all Aya did was smile back. "Yep, much, much better."

"Well, the cake was really good," Aya teased as he stretched against him.

Yohji combed back the damp hair falling onto his lover’s face and shifted closer. "But not good enough." Full of energy and determined to tackle this challenge, he sucked gently on Aya’s lower lip for a few seconds. "I’m not going to take second place to a damn dessert, even if I have to work on this all night."

Aya arched an eyebrow but didn’t say anything – not that he could have, with Yohji’s tongue in his mouth. Still, Yohji took that as acceptance of his challenge as he pushed Aya onto the bed and settled on top.

This was definitely going to be one birthday he – and Aya - always remembered, no matter how long they lived.


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