Some of these images are of an explicit nature.  Do not click on the links if you are not eighteen years old or older.


Okay, now for some lovely pics.  Many thanks to the great people who have let me post their artwork up here.  Some of these have inspired scenes from my fics, and some of them are based on my little scribbles *huge grin*.  So take a look, and let these fine artists know just how much you like their work!

Lady Gackt

   Oh, I just adore this pic so, the chibis are too adorable.  LG drew it based on my Tarot interpretations for the boys, Aya is Death, Yohji is the Knight of Cups, and Schu is the Magician.  Love the fairytale feel to the pic.

   This pic inspired a scene in OC&W's, when Yohji tries to warm his kitten up in the greenhouse.  I'm totally in love w/ the idea of Aya wearing oversized sweaters, especially when they're falling off his shoulders like this!

    Ah, the legendary popsicle pic.  This was the inspiration to Essence, just love the look on Yohji's face here, and the way Aya is watching his reaction.



    I just love pics when Yohji or Aya are lying in the other's lap, and Kabuki does some great ones.  Here it's Yohji's turn to get all snuggly

    This is a pic Kabuki did for LG and I, because of the Essence fic.  The Kitty-chan shirt is just too great!

    Technically this is based on Kabuki's great fic, 5th Circle, but I just love it so, had to include it here.

    This is one the talented girl did for me that helped to inspire Mad Mission, especially the second chapter.  Oh yum, just love Aya and Schu together.  Mee-row!

    Ah, and here is the first picture of Teddy that I ever got.  Kabuki is just so good to me!  Love the kilt.



    Amazing pic from a very talented but modest artist, who is quite a good writer in her own right, does these amazing original fics.  Here's a drawing she did of Aya, Schu and Yohji together, sorta inspired by an X illustration.  This one is fantastic.

    Young Ran.  Ann might one day do a story based on this pic, but for right now thought it was too cute not to post.

   My first Koyu pic!!!  Love how she draws the boy, yum.

   And where Koyu goes, Teddy has to follow.  Ann did a great job of capturing the boy here.

   Here's a beautiful pic that Ann did after I posted the last chapter of Cathedrals.  Very delicious!

    This is sorta an companion piece to the young Ran above.  I swear I will make her write the idea this is based on, and make her post that as well!



    Yohji and Aya, cuddled on a chair.  Can't get much better than that, and I love the looks on the boys' faces.  In fact I love the looks on their faces in most of Dori's pics!

    Aya................ (coloring by the amazing Bren)

    Tender moment of the boys enjoying themselves. 

    Love the pose in this one, somebody sure does know they are wicked sexy, don't they!

    And in this one as well!  

    This one is so sweet, love the tender moment captured here.

    And this is one the talented lady did, inspired by a discussion about ukiyo-e's on my ML.  Such a cute pic.  

    A new one from Dori.  I just love Yohji's new tattoo!


K!ra Kudou

    The girl has taken it upon herself to do the Tarot cards for the boys, based on my fics.  And from what she's done so far, the set is going to be truly amazing.  Here's Aya as Death.

    And Yohji looking so studly as the Knight of Cups.  *sigh*  I love how she worked the medieval equivalent of a belly shirt in here!

    And now for the latest one, dear Schu all decked out as the Magician.  Familiar and all!

    Now for Yuushi, looking all studly himself. *drools*.

    Sweet Omittchi!  Hee, gotta love a boy in tights.

    Lot of people like Teddy, but K!ra is the first one to tackle Mickey.  Bat and all.  Yum.  Oh, and his little brother too.

    Oh this pic is just too cute! *sigh* just love the look on poor Ayan's face, and the one on Yohji's as well.  Only one thing wrong, think my stack of paper needs to be much much bigger, considering the length of these fics!



    Ah, now for my favorite Schwarz.  Only one pic from Nekojin so far, I just adore sweet Schu-schu's smile.



    The boys enjoying a quiet moment after a little fun in the shower.  Someone looks mighty happy at the moment

    Another sweet moment between the boys, just love to see them cuddle together.

    Love the look on Aya's face here, and the way he's hugging Yohji.  So romantic *smiles*.

    Now this one is just too funny!  The look on Aya's face is priceless!  I get the feeling he lost another bet.

    Hmm, there is just something about the boys as kitties that is too kawaii for words.

    Saved my absolute fave of K˘ji's for last.  Oh my *fans self*.  This pic is absolutely steamy and perfect.


Shi Ryuu

    This pic is just breathtaking!  The best take on Gluhen Aya that I have seen yet, makes me not regret the design change so much!  Everything about the boy is just so sexy!

    *huge grin of joy*  This is a pic Shi Ryuu did just for little ole me, at my request a scene of Aya and Yohji playing in the rain.  I just can't stop staring at it, thank you so much Shi!  It's wonderful!



    Another talented artist, who I hope to see more from.  Just love how Yohji looks all pleased with himself and as if he's not letting go any time soon!

    Another pic from Lynx, this one just of Aya, in a bit of a melancholy mood.  Is crazy fanfic writers must have been torturing him a bit more than normal ^^;;  



    Hmm, a rather sexy picture of Yohji, looking all studly and serious.  Love the shading on this pic, maybe if we ask real nice Forsaken will let me put up one of her Aya pics so we have a matched set!

    Absolutely adore this pic, Aya is just sooo sexy, and it's a bit of a different look for the boy.  

    And another totally drool worthy Yohji pic from 'saken.  So yummy, and I adore the hair.

    Woo-hoo!  A commission from the incredibly talented Forsaken! Such a lovely pic!  Very steamy, no pun intended.  Take a look and drool away.


Crimson Dreamer

    Here's a pic this wonderful artist did for me, based on the costume Aya wore in Samhain.  Gotta love a redhead in leather!



    A pretty sexy looking Schu here!  Poor boy needs a little more attention here!

    And another pic of Teddy. 

That's it for now, hope to add more to the gallery as time goes by, who knows, you might even see one of mine up here one day!




    Some lovely Aya fanart.


PL Nunn 

These are pics that some wonderful people have commissioned, and are either based on scenes from my fics or inspired by them.  You can find PL Nunn's website here.

(pardon, thumbnails will come later, right now, click on the description).


Yohji and Aya in bed.

Steamy scene from Cages, YxA.

Yohji and Aya enjoying a cuddle.

Scene from 'With No Thoughts to Consequences', YxSxA.

Scene inspired by the Other Side arc.  SxAxY.

Yohji.  Aya.  Bathroom stall.  O.O

YohjixAya.  Oh my.


SanzoxHakkai - on poor Jeepu!