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Disclaimer:  I do not own any of the Weiss (and Schwarz) or Saiyuki boys.  Nor the Fullmetal Alchemist, Yukikaze, PeaceMakeer Kurogan, Boku no Koe... basically, I don't own any of the gorgeous boys.  *pouts*  Not unless I post something under 'original fic'.  All I do is torture them with angst and feed them lots of lemony smut until everyone is happy.  Don't even think of taking them from me, I WILL bite *bears fangs*.  You've been warned.

However, Cassandra, Teddy, Mickey and Koyu are my very own creations, lock stock and barrel.  You wanna play w/ them, better ask me first.

Warning: (yes, getting all the fun legal stuff out of the way first)  If you check the ratings below, you might see a trend.  In case you missed the warning on the home page, all of these fics contain scenes of sometimes rather explicit male/male intercourse (and a dash of foul language and violence).  If you are not mature or do not care for those types of situations, by all means leave and go read the nice sanitized fics at  Any flames for being surprised/offended by the content will be laughed at and posted on my ML for a group mocking.