Final Fantasy VII fics


Start the Game (post Before Crisis) 

NC-17 How Rufus and Reno get together.
Chapter 1


Change the Rules (pre and post Advent Children) 

NC-17 Rufus realizes how much he has come to depend on Reno.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Rules of the Game (post Advent Children)

NC-17 Rufus and Reno play games with each other, never facing the truth.
Chapter 1


Rules of Possession (post Advent Children)

NC-17 Rufus does something to ensure that Reno will not be able to leave him.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Obligations and Manipulations 

 NC-17 Rufus finds out about some of the missions forced on the Turks by his father.
Chapter 1


Shatter the Rules 

NC-17 Rufus comes to an unwelcome realization when Reno protects him from an assassination attempt.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4



 NC-17 Reno can no longer hide certain changes in himself.
Chapter 1


Break the Game 

NC-17 Reno can no longer hide from the truth, forcing things to change between him and Rufus.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 



 NC-17 Rufus and Reno have an argument over Reno's role in the Turks.
Chapter 1


Black Dogs 

 NC-17 Not everyone thinks highly of the Turks or Rufus
Chapter 1



Night Out With the Turks 

R - NC-17 What do the Turks get up to on their nights out?
Night 1
Night 2
Night 3
Night 4
Night 5
Night 6 - (post Shatter the Rules)
Night 7 - Girls Night Out  
Night 8 - Bosses Night Out  
Night 9   
Night 10 - Girls Night Out ... sorta
Night 11   


Final Fantasy VII snippets  

Various ratings Stories set in various parts of the timeline and will mostly be unbeta'ed.
Snippet 1 - Rufus is injured, takes place between Games and Possession - R
Snippet 2 - For Scribblemoose - NC/17
Snippet 3 - set the morning after Rules of the Game - NC/17
It's The Little Things - set after Rules of Possession - NC/17
Sense of Possession - set after It's the Little Things - NC/17
Week - R
How Reno Learns to Pay Attention - NC/17
Recreation - NC/17
Motivation - NC/17
Adrenalin - NC/17 
Peace - NC/17      
Limits - NC/17  
Appearances - NC/17  
Let It Snow - R  
Binding Ties - AU - R  
What Is Owed- NC/17  
crack, plain and simple - R  
Duty Calls (a rather silly fic, all in all) - R  
Figurative Books and Their Deceptive Covers - R  
Price to Pay - R  
Appropriate Behavior I - R
Appropriate Behavior II - NC/17
Auld Lang Syne - NC/17
Five Reasons to Loathe - R
Push - NC17
Baby It's Cold Outside - NC17
Inquiring Minds
Games People Play -  NC17 
Zwischenzug -  NC17 
Orientation - PG-13
Ghosts of the Past - NC17  
Leave Prompt - NC17 ****added 29/12
Wing Prompt - R ****added 29/12
Wine Prompt - R ****added 29/12


Deceptive Appearances 

R How did Reno come to join the Turks?  And what did the Turks think of him?
Veld PoV
Tseng PoV
Rude PoV