Omake (or the wonderful fics written by others based on my storylines/characters)

By Lilla

What weapons will you choose oh brother mine.

PG-13 Teddy and Mickey have to choose their weapons.  Poor Birman
Chapter 1


Videotape: Mission Improbable

PG-13 Several someones want some certain video footage rather badly.  Heh.
Chapter 1


When Teddy met Schully

R Teddy and Schu run into each other, setting off a nightmarish chain of events.
Chapter 1


By K!ra Kudou

The First Mission

PG-13 Teddy receives his first official Kritiker mission.  
Chapter 1



Guest Fics

By Scribblemoose


NC-17 Shin reflects back on his past
Chapter 1


By Ann

The Devil You Know

PG-13 What if Aya/Ran could see the future?
Prologue Chapter 1


By Ebony Nemesis

Cocoon of Lies

Nc-17 What would happen if Aya and Schuldig switch bodies?


By MiniMorr

Silver Rose

PG-13 Ran receives a gift and believes that someone is making fun of him.
Chapter 1


To Protect and Hold

PG-13 A quiet moment when Aya reflects on his feelings for Yohji


Slip of Sanity

PG-13 Oh boy, this is a dark one.  Fair warning.


Between Lovers

R A night and a day with Aya, Yohji and Schu
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Epilogue


A Night on the Town

NC-17 Aya, Schu and Yohji decide to have a night out
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Epilogue


Blood Series


Nc-17 Hmm, I think the title says it best!


Sleeping Angels

R Omi stumbles upon Yohji and Aya during a quiet moment