Katekyou Hitman Reborn fics


Chance Meetings in the Moonlight

R Xover with Weiss - Schuldig discovers something very interesting during a mission one night.
Chance Meetings


Of Dream Interpretation  

NC-17 Yamamoto's being plagued with some very realistic, disturbing dreams. The only thing more confusing are Hibari's actions afterward, leaving him to figure out what's really going on. But is everything as it truly seems?
Of Dream Interpretation


The Path Not Taken ***added 29/05/11

PG-13 Dino finds out something surprising and decides to have a chat with Yamamoto.
The Path Not Taken


Cat's Cradle ***added 29/05/11

NC-17 Reborn talks to Hibari and calls him on his sudden 'fondness' of games.  But is that really what is going on?
Cat's Cradle


Thermodynamics ***added 29/05/11

NC-17 Thermodynamics studies and interrelates the macroscopic variables. Yamamoto Takeshi likes to think that he's good at understanding these variables when they relate to people and predicting outcomes. Especially when there's a particular outcome that he wants.


Astraea ***added 16/10/11

PG-13 Takeshi and Hibari have a talk about what they want.