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Tokyo Babylon / X/1999


R Seishiro contemplates ending a rather enjoyable game.


Young Avengers

Twelfth Night

NC-17 Billy doesn't respond well to some things he finds on the internet.
Twelfth Night

Cannonball (updated 31/12)

R (for now) A House of M AU where Billy is the dutiful child of the Magnus royal family, burning himself out as he obeys his grandfather's every command. Half a world away, Teddy strives to start a new life for himself. As Billy's talent grows stronger, he inadvertently draws attention to himself, attention that draws others to Genosha as well. What is the ultimate end game?
Chapter one Chapter two
Chapter three Chapter four
Chapter five Chapter six
Chapter seven



Kateyko Hitman Reborn

Chance Meetings in the Moonlight

R Xover with Weiss - Schuldig discovers something very interesting during a mission one night.
Chance Meetings




The Snugglebunny Company (or Kabuki and I combine our talents and evil minds to come up w/ new ways to torture our favorite bishounen)

Lucia di Lammermoor

R Our very own interpretation on the Italian opera Lucia di Lammermoor


Saint Beast


NC-17 Now it's my turn at the pretty boys, and Yuda is remembering better times
Chapter 1


Boku no Koe


NC-17 Boku no Koe.  Hosaka muses about his Yumi-chan.
Chapter 1



NC-17 Boku no Koe.  Hosaka and Yumi-chan rehearse their latest project.
Chapter 1