The Weiss Kreuz fics (stories that stand alone in the WK universe)

Umami (posted 16/2/14)

PG-13 Aya gets paid a visitor. It's not the first time, and he's not happy about it or how things turn out. 
Chapter 1


Shine a Brilliant Light (posted 16/2/14)

PG-13 A bit of a background on events that leads to Schwarz 'accepting' the mission in Japan.
Chapter 1



NC-17 Yohji PoV.  What happens when Yohji teases Aya a little too much?
Chapter 1



NC-17 Songfic.  Yohji PoV's after a mission.
Chapter 1



Nc-17 Aya gets a tattoo, and another bet takes place.  
Chapter 1



Nc-17  Aya seme fic written for scribblemoose.  Yohji Pov
Chapter 1


Dress Me Up

NC-17 Yohji PoV.  Yohji contemplates adding a little spice to his and Aya's relationship.
Chapter 1


Mad Mission (work in progress, I'll finish it eventually)

NC-17 How would things be if Aya and Schuldig were not hated enemies?
Chapter 1 Chapter 2


Into Temptation (work in progress)

NC-17 Aya decides to teach Yohji a lesson
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3


Scar Tissue

NC-17 WK.  Yohji and Aya muse over the marks their profession leaves on them.
Chapter 1



R  Fic written for Crazy Miko, who got the 500th hit.  Aya's injured and delirious.
Chapter 1


Quiet Time

PG-13 Weiss Kreuz.  Aya tries to enjoy some quiet time.
Chapter 1


White Cross

NC-17 A pirate AU with the WK boys
Chapter 1


Double Trouble **** 29/05/11

NC-17 Crossover with Haru wo Daiteite.  What happens when Iwaki runs into Yohji one day....
Chapter 1